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Explore The House Of Danger From Z-Man Games


Z-Man Games has gone straight for the nostalgia factor with their latest game that’s up for pre-order now – Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger.

Z-Man’s Lowlands Floods Out For Pre-Order


Z-Man announced that Lowlands, a new board game where you must tend your farm in the face of floods, is now up for pre-order.

Z-Man Set Sail And Announce Anchors Aweigh!


Z-Man have announced a new board game has appeared on the horizon. It’s time to cast off with Anchors Aweigh!

Z-Man Games Announces Acquisition Of Love Letter


Z-Man Games have announced that they have acquired the popular card game Love Letter.

Z-Man Expand Carcassonne With Bridges, Castles & Bazaars


Z-Man have announced that the eighth expansion for Carcassonne is now up for pre-order, bringing with it Bridges, Castles, and Bazaars.

New Edition Of Epic History Of The World Board Game Lands This Year


Z-Man Games will be bringing an epic new version of History Of The World to the tabletop this year in an update to the classic game of conquest, cunning and civilisation.

Weekender XLBS: Will SAGA 2 Be Da Bomb & The Perfect Infinity Accessory?


Lloyd gushes over news of SAGA
2nd Edition and Ben loses his
mind over some stunning minis.

Z-Man Games To Remaster History Of The World


Z-Man Games are going to be bringing the classic History Of The World by Gary Dicken, Steve Kendall, Phil Kendall to the tabletop once more with a remastered version.

Z-Man Games Announce Pandemic Survival Series 2018


Z-Man Games has announced another twist on the world of Pandemic continuing into 2018. See what you think of the Survival Series.

Pandemic: Rising Tide Announced By Z-Man Games


A new version of Pandemic has been announced by Z-Man Games. The new take on the game, Rising Tide, sees you fighting against flood waters in the Netherlands rather than battling diseases.

Weekender: Chaos Space Marine & Grey Knight Codex Chatter With GW’s Jes Bickham


Join us for some awesome tabletop goodness this weekend!

Z-Man Games Announce Magnificent New Game


Z-Man Games announce Majesty: For the Realm, a new game from designer Marc André.

Weekender XLBS: First 40k Battle Impressions & Genesys, A Cool New FFG RPG!


Welcome to a relaxed chat with us
on Weekender XLBS with
Lloyd, Az Justin and Ben.

Learn More About Z-Man’s Pandemic Legacy Season 2! [Spoilers]


While some gamers will want to know what lies ahead for the follow up to Z-Man’s massive success, Pandemic: Legacy, some might not so SPOILER WARNING in advance!

Eurazeo Annual Results Give Insight Into Board Game Giant Asmodee


The investment group, Eurazeo, recently posted their 2016 annual results, which is of interest to us gamers as Eurazeo hold a controlling investment in board game giant, Asmodee.

Z-Man Games To Release Pandemic: The Cure Expansion At Essen Spiel’


Do you have what it takes to take on the baddest of the bad diseases and get things under control? Z-Man Games is releasing the first expansion for Pandemic: The Cure- Experimental Meds at this year’s Essen.

Weekender XLBS: What Makes For The Best Mega Gaming Battles?


Welcome to our slice of Sunday Weekender fun on XLBS. We’ve got a funny story from Warren to kick things off and talk on big Mega Battles!

Scrap The Diseases & Add Cthulhu To Z-Man’s Pandemic


It looks like we’re going to be getting a new version of Pandemic with a Cthulhu twist from Z-Man. It seems like it was going to be inevitable that this happened and I have to admit that Reign Of Cthulhu looking rather good from what we’ve seen so far…

Pandemic: Legacy Board Game Coming This October


If you’ve ever wanted to take on the challenging gameplay of Pandemic in a new and interesting way then what better mechanic to use than that of the Legacy engine (previously used with RISK: Legacy). I can see this being a fantastic and tough tabletop task from Z-Man…

Head Back To The Stone Age With New Tabletop Episode!


Tabletop is back again with a rather heavier game than normal. This time they’re heading back in time to do some worker placement with Stone Age.

Defeat Diseases On The Move With New Pandemic App!


See what you think of the new Pandemic App that is coming to iDevices today!