Defeat Diseases On The Move With New Pandemic App!

October 3, 2013 by brennon

One of the best board games out there is Pandemic by Z-Man Games. This game will crush you and really make you work for your victory but it's well worth your time! Now this brain teaser of a game is coming to the digital realm with a new App!


Pandemic Board Game

Above you can see the board game layout of the newest edition, it's certainly a lot better looking than the one I have! If you want to check out some more details about the game then watch the video above.

The game sees you playing as members of a team trying to stop deadly diseases spreading around the world in a, well, Pandemic! It's a lot of fun and is very, very co-operative.

The app is going to be available today (October 3rd) and while it can be played solo it can also be played with other people by just passing it along. This looks nicely polished and it's good to see an official Pandemic game out there now.

I reckon you should check this one out!

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