Assemble Your Aegis VII Mechanised Combat Unit From Zealot

February 22, 2017 by brennon

Zealot Miniatures has added a cool new Sci-Fi creation to their webstore for those of you looking to have the most hi-tech gadgets on the battlefield. See what you think of the Aegis VII Mechanized Combat Unit.

Aegis VII #1

Here's the fluff on this particular bad ass piece of technology...

"For a wise military investment, this quarter chose to upgrade your mechanised capabilities with the dynamic durability of the Aegis VII mechanised combat unit. Towering above regular foot soldiers, it is an imposing presence on any battlefield, which presents a distinct tactical advantage to any military commander.

The base unit can be widely configured with our patented weapon module attachments, which allows the Aegis VII to be loaded to excel in any combat situation. With external components built from 83% nano-fiber durasteel, you can be assured of higher survivability, making the Aegis VII is practically impenetrable by standard small arms fire."

This model stands at around 54mm tall and can be used alongside other 28mm models as a big support unit. Using mechanised support on the battlefield is better than losing your actual troops right?

Aegis VII #2

The model was sculpted by Francesco Antonio Pizzo and the paint job you see here was by Adam Skinner. The model can also be assembled in all manner of different ways due to the nature of the kit which gives you each part individually, allowing you to set it up however you see fit...

Aegis VII (Components)

While the Agis VII doesn't come with any weapon options there are spaces available on the forearms and shoulders for you to mount weapons. I'm sure you can appeal to the sense of Greater Good amongst your fellow soldiers and grab some weapons from the bitz box.

What do you think of the Agis VII?

"Using mechanised support on the battlefield is better than losing your actual troops right?"

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