Zealot Miniatures Unleash Big Brutish Monsters For Your Dungeon

December 16, 2016 by brennon

Zealot Miniatures has added some big brutish monsters to their collection for use in your Fantasy armies and of course when you head out on an adventure. First, we have the Ogre Brute...

Ogre Brute

This fellow looks like the guardian of some far off dungeon somewhere. You can imagine some evil Overlord giving him a suit of armour and a duty to defend the entrance to his realm. I think this fellow requires red skin and some bronze armour.

Deeper down within the dungeon Tellos the Lesser Demon dwells and could well be a mini-boss for your party to face.

Tellos - Lesser Demon

He has the look of a creature from the world of Diablo which would be a fantastic role-playing world to build. The sense of despair and brutality within that world would give you a fun theme and with monsters like this, vile enemies to face.

What do you think of these two?

"I think this fellow requires red skin and some bronze armour..."

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