Learn the Way of the Samurai with Kensei & Zenit Miniatures

July 9, 2012 by brennon

Zenit Miniatures are a Spanish company well known for their Nemesis game but what if I said the word 'Samurai' to you? Well, check out some of the models from their new game Kensei...

Samurai with Katana

Kuge Hero

Archer Ashigaru

Buke Hero

These models are 30mm scale and are for a game based on the history and mythology of feudal Japan. There will be three factions to begin with, the Sohei, Buke and Kuge.




Spear Ashigaru

While there are no definitive rules as yet, being still in Beta and testing, you can learn a bit more about the game on the Kensei Miniatures Wargame Facebook page...

Hymukai Color Map

Of course with this being in 30mm it takes it a little way away from using other miniature lines but you could still mix in some Wargames Factory Samurai somewhere.

So what do you think of the models so far?

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