The Undead Shamble Forth For Xmas In Zenit’s Kensei

December 19, 2018 by brennon

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Zenit Miniatures has unleashed more of the Kensei undead horde in the run-up to Christmas. This time around they're bolstering the ranks of the shambling and spooky starting off with this creepy looking Geisha!

Geisha - Zenit Miniatures

You could imagine this lady being one of those slighted by someone in the village. Maybe things turned evil and she was cast out, left to die. She was then returned to life by malevolent spirits and now stands at the front of a band of similarly slighted unfortunates, looking to take their revenge upon the living.

In a movie, you could see the characters seeing her more human looking side first, only for the oozing green eye socket to be revealed and she turns around to scare the living daylights out of people.

Matched alongside her, and perhaps one of those in her thrall, we have the Yumi Kuro-ite Mounted Hero.

Yumi Kuro-ite - Zenit Miniatures

Perhaps he was the Geisha's first victim, the man who cast her out from the village and left her for dead? She found him and scared him quite literally to death before summoning him back from the beyond to watch over her silent soldiers. Perhaps, some of those soldiers were these Ashigaru?

Yumi Ashigaru - Zenit Miniatures

These warriors all come with the longbows that you associate with Japanese warfare. These soldiers have clearly not lost any of their skill in death, a nice alternative to the normal shambling zombies.

Creatures From The Beyond

Undeath doesn't just strike the world of men and it looks like this Oni might have seen better days too.

Undead Oni - Zenit Miniatures

Maybe at one time, this Oni was one of the guardians of an ancient temple laid low by insurmountable forces. Now he looks for someone to serve once more, ripping down the trappings of the nearby temples to use as a weapon, demonstrated with that flail!

I think this is an awesome miniature and I think you could do some great things with this when it came to painting. I'd love to see the bright colours given even more contrast compared to the wasted and torn areas of the body.

Lastly, we have the very weird Mekurabe.

Mekurabe - Zenit Minaitures

These creatures are the embodiment of those souls that were cut down before their time. In Japanese folklore they haunted a man named Kiyomori, rolling round in front of his abode and forming into a mountain of eerie faces, all glaring down at him with inhuman eyes.

He was able to banish them with an unruffled grunt (got to love warlords...) but I could see these terrifying most opponents who end up having to face them.

What do you think of the new releases?

"Maybe things turned evil and she was cast out, left to die..."

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