Zenit End March With The Swing Of A Samurai Blade

March 23, 2013 by brennon

Zenit Miniatures are rounding off the end of March with some more releases for their Far Eastern game of Samurai, Kensei. Check out the miniatures below...


"The Kensei is a duelist who over many years of practice and dedication has reached spiritual perfection through use of the sword. He is a master of the tea ceremony and other arts like handwriting. The Kensei spends many hours in meditation and has reached the point where he is almost considered a Saint and only kills when absolutely necessary, without resentment or pain."

Yumi Samurai

The Yumi Samurai are trained with bows from an early age making them highly compentant in the art of archery. Perfect for a bit of ranged support when your fighting out your games of Kensei.

Do you like the look of these March releases?

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