Ziterdes Hunker Down In Mighty Dwarf Fortress

December 2, 2013 by brennon

Ziterdes have decided to go down the right path and release an awesome piece of terrain, the Dwarf Fortress. This is one mighty looking stronghold and could prove the site of a very cool last stand.

Dwarf Fortress

Here are the dimensions...

50 x 59 x 26 cm - 19,6 x 23,3 x 10,2 inch

...so you now have a better idea of just how big this thing is. According to the website it sounds like it comes pre-painted, bar the doors, which could also be a brilliant bonus if you want something sitting on the tabletop as soon as it arrives practically.

Fortress Close Up #1

Fortress Close Up #2

Fortress Close Up #3

Of course being a lover of Dwarf architecture this is one awesome piece and looks like you have enough room to stuff it full of stunty bearded folk on the walls and in the little courtyard too.

You could easily work on fitting some cannons and other assorted artillery in the towers and then line the walls with handgunners to lay down some withering fire.

The gate, being on a rough hewn path, narrow too, is also a nice touch and means that the Dwarfs could hold back a large army with just a few stout warriors. That's the Dwarf way!

It's certainly a nice piece!

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