Announcing the Hook from Zombiesmith

October 11, 2011 by beerogre

The Hook are the new cute alien race from the fertile minds at Zombiesmith. See what you think of the models and a little of the background of this new range.

These creatures call themselves after the symbol of their god. They are all devotees of the Hard God, no matter what other differences they may have. In the first light of morning, when the sun's beams strike the hook directly in a dazzling display, every Hook is gathered in the glen, whether they be orange of skin, or green, or blue, or any of a dozen hues. Beyond the glen they will scrabble and fight each other, but it is law that none may strike another within sight of the Hard God. Once the sun has risen above the steep walls of the defile the Hook retire to their holes and crevices, for they are made of mud, and the sun will crumble them if they stay outside. At dusk, though, they spill from their hiding places to scour the Lands for three things, and three things only. Eggs, other Hook, and things to kill. Being mud they have no need for food or other, base concerns like reproduction or wealth. All a Hook has to occupy itself is the hunt, and they engage in it gleefully from dusk until the rising of the sun, when they all return to the glen for morning devotions.

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