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Let's play CLASH of Spears video…

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    Ok, I misrepresented this a bit… there is no Gerry on this video..


    but it is a video of a full game of CLASH of Spears. A smallish game, a full game would probably have one or two extra units and maybe another character per side…

    This probably takes place during the Samnite wars, the Romans are fighting the Samnite-Campanian state…

    Romans have , two units of hastati and two of velites.. Samnites/Campanians have, Campanian hoplites, Samnites, tribesmen and even hired some balearic slingers ( spoiler alert, they were not having a good day.. )

    In the blog post you’ll see some of the tables referenced in the video so you can follow, but this is just a gameplay example.. promise to do actual turials before release..

    ok.. enough, the moment of truth.. let’s see if you like it… we even did the deployment phase that I know people are curious about.. It was Alvaro against Me ….

    CLASH of Spears gameplay – video !




    That’s okay I was there in spirit and weirdly must have sensed this coming as I was talking about clash of spears today


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    Nice video. I think this is going to be a huge success  . I’m not a huge fan of skirmish  games but this one has me and a lot of gamers I know interested



    May Baal Hammon hear you !!!


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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