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Grab Your Quar Infantry Boxed Sets From Wargames Atlantic


This Quar's War is great fun and we had a lot of fun with it recently. So, it was great to see the ZombieSmith and Wargames Atlantic plastic sets now made available separately for the Crusaders and the Coftyrans! You can now expand your forces to include more quirky soldiers.

Unboxing: Fortune And Glory Revised Edition | Flying Frog Productions

1 day ago 1

Gerry dives into the mammoth new Revised Edition of Fortune And Glory that is up for pre-order from Flying Frog Productions. If you're a fan of event-style board games with a Pulp adventure vibe to them, Fortune And Glory should be in your collection.

Salute 2024 Live Blog! ... 44 UPDATES!

3 days ago 179

Welcome to the Salute 2024 Live Blog where we're going to be delving into all of the awesomeness from companies and clubs here down in London at the ExCel Centre.

A New Global Campaign Coming To Wyrd’s World Of Malifaux


Wyrd Games has announced that a global campaign is on the way for those wanting to impact the ongoing storyline within the Malifaux universe. Echoes Of The Breach - Fractured Futures is going to be kicking off 17th April and runs until 31st May.

Snap Up A Special Hellboy: The Board Game Booster At Salute


Mantic Games has a special playable booster coming to Hellboy: The Board Game this weekend for Salute. This new set will be available at their booth but also online on the Mantic Games webstore. 

Investigate Cosmic Horror In Cubicle 7’s The Laundry RPG


You can now dive into the Kickstarter for the new edition of The Laundry Roleplaying Game from Cubicle 7, based on the work by Charles Stross. Battle against cosmic horrors and other supernatural entities in this updated roleplaying game which makes use of their C7d6 system. 

Battle Over PWork Wargames’ New Industrial Terrain Kit


PWork Wargames has added a brand new piece of Sci-Fi terrain to their collection for use in your 28mm to 35mm wargames. See what you make of this new Industrial Set which features a funky crane.

Modiphius Release New Fallout TV Show Hollywood Heroes Pack


To celebrate the launch of the new Amazon TV series for the Fallout universe, Modiphius has released a special pack of miniatures for these "Hollywood Heroes" which can be used in Fallout: Factions or Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. 

Pre-Order Revised Edition Of Flying Frog’s Fortune And Glory


Flying Frog Productions is bringing a classic board game back to the tabletop with a Revised Edition. Fortune And Glory, a board game of world-spanning Pulp adventure is available to pre-order right now, packed with all sorts of extra goodies.

Let’s Play: This Quar’s War | ZombieSmith & Wargames Atlantic

1 week ago 8

Ben and Gerry dive into a Let's Play of This Quar's War from ZombieSmith and Joshua Qualtieri using the new Clash Of Rhyfles plastic set from Wargames Atlantic.

5 Tabletop Wargames I’d Love To Return To – What’s On Your List?

1 week ago 22

Ben discusses five games that he either completely missed out on or regrets not playing more of. What's on your list and are there some games here that you're mad you missed out on?

Cohors Cthulhu: Tactics Wargame Coming To Kickstarter Soon


Modiphius are going to be bringing their wargame version of Cohors Cthulhu to Kickstarter in June. Tactics is a 28mm scale solo and cooperative game where you will be battling eldritch and mythos horrors in the depths of Ancient history. 

Quest With The Chase Family & Pulp Figures


Pulp Figures has put together a new release for you to snap up, perfect for your classic cartoon adventures. I can already hear the theme tunes (both the classic one and the remake!). See what you make of Team Chase.

Community Spotlight: Silver Bayonet Sepoys, City States & Salute!

2 weeks ago 2

In this week's Community Spotlight, we pick out some great ideas for The Silver Bayonet, a growing army for The City States and also the crafting of a big gaming board for Salute 2024.

New Egyptian Unit Joins The Silver Bayonet Miniatures Range


A new expansion for The Silver Bayonet is on the horizon and as your Napoleonic Horror journeys head to Egypt, North Star Military Figures have come up with a new Egyptian Unit for you to use on your daring adventures. 

Check Out Olmec Games’ Spring The Drowned Earth Releases!


Olmec Games has been showing off the new The Drowned Earth releases coming out for Spring. There are some great characters in the mix for their Post-Apocalyptic 32mm scale skirmish game that cover different factions. There are even some cool new dinosaurs in the mix!

Deep Horrors & Technology Merge In New Carnevale Miniatures


TTCombat has revealed some more awesome sets of 32mm miniatures for their fantastic skirmish game, Carnevale. The streets and canals of Venice are once again alive with eldritch horrors from the deep and contraptions dreamt up in the minds of crackpot inventors.

Unboxing: Altar Of The Dead Gods – Terrain, Rules & More | PWork Wargames


Gerry dives into an unboxing of the awesome new skirmish game from PWork Wargames. Altar Of The Dead Gods takes Horror, Fantasy and a touch of the Lovecraftian to create an awesome skirmish miniatures game!

The Scarlet Scourge Cometh With New Crooked Dice 7TV Releases


The Scarlet Shocktroopers and their various masterful overlords are coming to dominate Pulp tabletops in games like 7TV and beyond. Crooked Dice showed off some fun new releases for the month of April that you'll be able to pick up next month at the likes of Salute.

Indie Of The Week


Check out our Indie Of The Week picks from each OnTableTop Weekender! Whether it's a great Sci-Fi wargaming range, a new Fantasy epic or something for the discerning Historical wargamer, you'll be able to find our weekly segments within!

CMON Take Pre-Orders For Marvel: Multiverse RPG Starter Set


CMON are now taking pre-orders for the Marvel: Multiverse Roleplaying Game over on Gamefound. The Deluxe Starter Set is available right now featuring everything you need to get started in tabletop roleplaying within the Marvel universe.

Community Spotlight: Star Trek’s Away Missions, Gundam & Mutant Heroes!


This week, we dive into painting of superheroes, mighty Gundam and also some excellent Star Trek icons who are off on their newest Away Missions!

Spider-Foes Clash With New Web Warriors In Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Atomic Mass Games has two new sets for you to pick up for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. There is a strong focus on the clash between Spider-Foes and Web Warriors ahead of a May release this time. We start with the Web Warriors and a new set featuring Gwenom & Scarlet Spider.

New Vampires & Visions Of Heaven For TTCombat’s Carnevale


TTCombat have added two new sets to their 32mm miniatures game, Carnevale. You'll be able to drain the blood from your foes and call on the power of the heavens with these new sets. 

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day With PWork Wargames New Sale


PWork Wargames are celebrating St Patrick's Day with a sale over on their webstore that covers all things green. You can check out their selection HERE.

Dystopian Wars – Building & Painting The Titanic Sisters | Part 4

1 month ago 6

In this final part of Painting The Titanic Sisters, John finishes off the historical trio with the last of the sisters, the Britannic. Designed as a hospital ship during World War I, she now gets a new chance to return to the tabletop in Dystopian Wars with the miniatures from the Fortune And Glory Starter Set for Dystopian Wars.

Community Spotlight: Ancient Cthulhu, A Black Coach & Bot War’s C.O.I.L.S!


We dive into some Ancient Cthulhu adventures on the tabletop, a nightmarish form of transport and some amazing Bot War painting on some small scale miniatures.

Lucid Eye & Space McQuirk Join Forces For Savage Core Monolith


Lucid Eye are now working with Space McQuirk on a new game set in the Savage Core called Monolith. McQuirk (of classic Warhammer fame) is going to be creating the rules for Monolith whilst the miniatures come from Lucid Eye and Steve Saleh. 

The Laundry RPG Returns To Kickstarter Soon With Cubicle 7


The Laundry Roleplaying Game is going to be returning to Kickstarter soon with a new project by Cubicle 7! Prepare for a roleplaying game of cosmic horror, computers and covert action based on The Laundry Files by Charles Stross.

Battle Across Arid Plains With PWork Wargames New Gaming Mat


Want to battle it out on a new landscape with a hint of desolation to it? See what you make of PWork Wargames' new Gaming Mat for the Arid Plain. It looks suitably awesome for all kinds of rugged wargames out in the badlands.

Unboxing: This Quar’s War: Clash Of Rhyfles | Wargames Atlantic & ZombieSmith


Gerry dives into an unboxing of the awesome new 28mm plastic kit from Wargames Atlantic for This Quar's War: Clash Of Rhyfles. This new Starter Set is a great way for someone to dive into playing the game that originally released from ZombieSmith. 

Community Spotlight: Dystopian Creations, Napoleonic Hunters & Hulk Smash!


We dive into some more amazing Dystopian Wars painting, an impressive bunch of characters for The Silver Bayonet and a stunning paint job on Hulk!

Pre-Order New Heroscape Sets From Renegade Game Studios


The return to Heroscape from Avalon Hill is now available to pre-order from the folks at Renegade Game Studios. There are three sets for you to snap up as part of the wave one pre-orders, offering up larger and smaller entry points into Heroscape for newcomers and veterans alike. 

Verrotwood: The Old West Folk Horror Rules Now Available


Mike Crutchett's Verrotwood: The Old West is now available, giving you another set of awesome Folk Horror rules for you to dive into and have fun with. 

Dystopian Wars – Building & Painting The Titanic Sisters | Part 3


John paints up the RMS Olympic which saw service in World War I under the name HMT Olympic and now finds a new lease of life as part of the Fortune And Glory Starter Set for Dystopian Wars alongside the rest of the Titanic Sisters. This time, we're diving into dazzle camouflage!

Community Spotlight: Masters Of The Universe, Vox Machina & A Wolfy Diorama


We explore some awesome villains and some epic heroes before diving into an epic diorama that showcases a deadly werewolf attack!

Unboxing: Dystopian Industrial Set | Warcradle Scenics


We dive into an unboxing and review of the new Dystopian Industrial Set from Warcradle Scenics which is an awesome set of 6mm to 15mm scale terrain perfect for the likes of Armoured Clash (coming later this year), Legions Imperialis, BattleTech, Dropzone Command and more.

Build A New World In Hasbro’s Upcoming Life In Reterra


Ken Gruhl and Eric M. Lang are working with Hasbro on a new board game coming later this year, Life In Reterra. Dive into, as they call it, a (re)building game where you're looking to build a society out of the world that was, now overgrown and reclaimed by nature. 

Mutant Martial Artists Battle In Crooked Dice’s City Streets


Crooked Dice has some awesome new miniatures for you to scoop up for use in your games of 7TV and beyond. Some Mutant Martial Artists have busted their way out of the sewers and they're getting ready to keep the streets clean!

Build A Fish Man Force With RavenClaw Miniatures’ 28mm Range


Badger Games has now made the range of 28mm metal Fish Men miniatures available from RavenClaw Miniatures. If you're looking to set up a Sci-Fi or Fantasy adventure then these could well be great villains or potential allies for you to come up against. 

Batman The Animated Series Minis Return From Knight Models!


Knight Models are bringing back some ace miniatures from their Batman range as well as some interesting sets for those looking to expand their 35mm range. One of my favourite collections they did back in the day was for The Animated Series and thankfully, that is returning!

Dive Into Dark Fantasy Naval Wargaming With Blight Seas Fleet


Shrike Studio is coming to Gamefound very soon with a campaign to bring their brand new miniatures game of Dark Fantasy naval combat to life on the tabletop. Blight Seas Fleet is hoving into view soon with some awesome miniatures and fun rules for you to dive into.

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