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Wyrd Games Tease Malifaux Witches & Woes For Autumn Time


Wyrd Games has previewed a new kit which is going to be coming out in October and November for Malifaux fans.

Crossover Miniatures Put Their Zeppelin Up For Sale


Crossover Miniatures do a range of 28mm heroes alongside some wonderful MDF kits including a range of pulp airships and terrain.

Mantic Games & Red Scar Announce Kickstarter For Hellboy RPG


Mantic Games, Red Scar and Dark Horse Comics are working together once more on something big and red as they announced that there will be a Kickstarter for Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game launching this summer.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol! She-Hulk, Daredevil, Enchantress & More


Even more Marvel: Crisis Protocol goodness came from Atomic Mass Games over the weekend as they revealed full images for a lot of their new characters who will be releasing throughout the end of 2020 and into 2021.

New Silver Venators Faction Starter Set For Warcradle’s Mythos!


More goodness from the world of Mythos now as Warcradle Studios talked about their new Faction Starter Set for the Silver Venators which is available to pre-order now.

Morgan Earp Becomes Legendary For Wild West Exodus


Another Legendary miniature has been added in to the mix for Wild West Exodus fans. You can now pre-order the Legendary Morgan Earp for use with your Lawmen in this quirky Weird Wild West game by Warcradle Studios.

The Punisher & Taskmaster Join Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Atomic Mass Games has revealed two new miniatures for Marvel: Crisis Protocol this week. On top of the X-Men and Brotherhood Of Mutants that we saw yesterday, we also have The Punisher and Taskmaster from the wider world of Marvel.

Catch Up On The FFG In-Flight Report; Star Wars, Marvel & More


Last night, Fantasy Flight Games held their In-Flight Report which was a rundown of all of the new products they have coming up over the next few months and into 2021.

The X-Men Get Previewed For Marvel: Crisis Protocol!


Atomic Mass Games has revealed what everyone was looking forward to this week! The X-Men are coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol with a whole host of new packs for both Xavier's X-Men and Magneto's Brotherhood Of Mutants.

Mantic Tease The Umbrella Academy Game On The Horizon


Mantic Games are on a roll it seems when it comes to their comic book licenced games. Previewed this week, we got a first look at one of the miniatures from The Umbrella Academy game (we assume?) that is on the horizon.

Knight Model’s New Batman & Harry Potter Releases For July


We have talked about a fair few of the previews for both the Batman Miniatures Game and Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game over the last week and now we're bringing all of that together to give you the catalogue of new releases Knight Models have added to their webstore.

Knight Model’s Clock King Pops Up To Challenge DC’s Heroes


Another pretty odd villain joins the rogues' gallery from Knight Models for the Batman Miniatures Game and general DC universe

Knight Models Hire Soldiers Of Fortune Reinforcements


The Soldiers Of Fortune from Knight Models' Batman Miniatures Game are getting some reinforcements this weekend in another preview from social media.

Knight Models Preview Thomas Wayne Batman Miniature


Knight Models has put together a preview video for their upcoming model, Thomas Wayne, for use in the Batman Miniatures Game.

Z-Man Drop More Details On Pandemic Legacy: Season 0


Z-Man Games has been talking more about what you can expect from Pandemic Legacy: Season 0.

Decorate The Post-Apocalypse With Mantic’s Terrain Crate


Mantic Games are going to be releasing their new wave of Terrain Crate options soon for those who are in search of ways to decorate your Post-Apocalyptic tabletops.

Wyrd Games Show Off Their “Miss” Malifaux Miniature For 2020


Some news this week from Wyrd Games as they get set up for their Gen Con Sale later in the summer. They have revealed their new Malifaux "Miss" miniature for 2020, with Miss Guided who works as an Alt Fuhatsu on the tabletop.

Lucid Eye Announce A New Death Dealer & More


Four new miniatures are now available for you to pick up from Lucid Eye for their Fantasy, Weird and iconic ranges. We lead the way with the new Death Dealer miniature which is based on another piece of iconic Frank Frazetta art. 

Deep-Cut Get Eldritch With Arkham Horror Gaming Mat


Deep-Cut Studio recently added a cool new mat into their collection with an Arkham Horror Design.

Vaesen, The Nordic Horror RPG Now Available For Pre-Order


Fria Ligan has now made the Nordic Horror Roleplaying game Vaesen available for pre-order. Dive into a creepy world of myth and legend made real featuring absolutely amazing artwork.

Minions & Monsters Invade Gangfight’s Blackwater Gulch


Gangfight Game Studio has now added their latest selection of miniatures from the Minions & Monsters Kickstarter onto their webstore.

Get Funky With Malifaux’s Nightmare Edition 1988


Wyrd Games has been looking to get set up for their Gen Con Sale. The big Nightmare Edition set for this year is a little retro but a little futuristic too. This new set for Malifaux 1988 shows off an alternative take on the deadly Mei Feng crew.

Visit A Wintertime Wasteland With Riot Quest On Kickstarter


Privateer Press are diving into more goodness for the world of Riot Quest with a new Kickstarter for their next Starter Set, Wintertime Wasteland.

Footsore North America Go Diving & Engage In Winter Warfare


Footsore North America has been showing off a selection of new options for those playing both Modern and Pulp games.

Z-Man Tease Prequel Board Game Pandemic Legacy Season 0


Z-Man Games has teased the next entry in their Pandemic Legacy series of games. Rather than being a follow on to Pandemic Legacy Season 2, Season 0 (as it's subtitled) is going to be a prequel which takes you back before a virus spread like a wildfire across the globe. 

Smashing Skeletons & Wasteland Survivors From Crooked Dice


Crooked Dice has been working on a bunch of new 7TV releases for their Post-Apocalyptic range and also the burgeoning Fantasy collection too.

Antediluvian Bring A Mosasaurus To Their Lost World Range


Antediluvian Miniatures has been showing off a new dinosaur for their Lost World collection. This time we're trying to stay out of the water as the Mosasaurus is out and about!

Join Mr Ears On An Adventure In Lost World Exodus


Warcradle Studios has been showing off another fun miniature for the future of Lost World Exodus. Here we have the rather sniffing looking Mr Ears for The Enlightened and Soul Hunters. 

Join The Brotherhood Of Belial In Warcradle’s Mythos


Warcradle Studio has opened up pre-orders for yet another set within the creepy world of Mythos. This time around we have the Brotherhood Of Belial Starter Set which features some strange and twisted individuals. 

Hogs Of War The Miniatures Game Coming To Kickstarter


Stone Sword Games had great success with Hogs Of War: The Card Game back in 2019, based on the classic video game from way back in 2000.

Check Out Four New Character Sets From Studio Miniatures


Studio Miniatures has added a few new releases into the mix for those looking to play around with all manner of different characters in their games.

HeroClix Battlegrounds: Avengers Vs Masters Of Evil


Wizkids have previewed their upcoming set for Marvel HeroClix Battlegrounds: Avengers Vs Masters Of Evil. Which I think we can all agree is one hell of a title for a set. The Avengers team up to take on a set of their mightiest foes in a jam-packed starter set for Heroclix. With everything you need to get into playing Heroclix, Avengers Vs Masters of Evil, contains two teams of pre-painted miniatures pitted against each other across the streets of America.

Dust 1947 Announce The Future Of Infantry


Dust Studios have previewed the first of the new style of infantry boxes for Dust 1947. Due out in September the first release will be a mercenary squad box to flesh out the range which currently only has one option for infantry. This new box set will allow you to field three new unit options, or if you pick up a second that expands to seven which I think we can all agree is a big improvement over one choice.

Fogou Models Adobe Buildings A Wretched Place Of Scum & Villainy


You may be aware that I'm a fan of Fogou Models and their fantastic range of resin buildings for dark age gaming, the fact that I can also sneak some of them onto Star Wars tables is an added bonus. Well they've launched a new range of buildings and they've swapped the Celtic drystone buildings for Adobe mudbricks. These are scaled for 28mm and are perfect for a host of games and time periods, from the bronze age of Troy through to colonial warfare, desert warfare in world war 2 or a planet in a galaxy, far, far away.

Unboxing: Wild West Exodus – Dead Or Alive Posse


Today we unbox the Dead Or Alive Posse miniatures for the skirmish wargame by Warcradle Studios, Wild West Exodus.

Bad Roll Games’ Punkapocalyptic Runs Amok With Late Pledges


In a world ravaged by the struggle to survive and the fight for resources The Amok are being unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Bad Roll Games have late pledges now open for their newest faction for Punkapocalyptic.

Stealth Or Shoot In Pegasus’ Desperados Roleplaying Game


With the newest game in the series (Desperados 3) now available on all manner of digital platforms, Pegasus Press has released a new pen & paper variant which is entirely FREE to download.

Build A Monsterpocalypse Cityscape With New Terrain Options


Privateer Press has been showing off a few new terrain packs for those playing games of Monsterpocalypse, their fantastic monster-based wargame of destruction and domination.

Glass Cannon Unplugged Bringing Frostpunk To The Tabletop


Glass Cannon Unplugged are going to bringing the PC strategy game, Frostpunk, to the tabletop with a new board game popping up on Kickstarter this Autumn.

Argo’s Tripod & Pulp Heroes Coming Soon From Crooked Dice


Crooked Dice has been showing off some funky new miniatures will be released for 7TV and Pulp fans very soon.

Wyrd Preview Poisoners & Twisted Beasts For Malifaux


Wyrd Games has been previewing more characters and creatures which are going to be making their way into the world of Malifaux soon.

Face New Monsters In Hellboy: The Board Game Expansions


Mantic Games showed off their Giant Robot Hellboy yesterday which was very cool but we also got to see three new expansions added onto their webstore for Hellboy: The Board Game too. 

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