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Become King Of The Sea In WizKids’ Flotilla


WizKids has announced another new strategy game for you to get your teeth into. Flotilla is on the horizon and has you surviving out on the high seas in a post-apocalyptic world. 

Ankama Do Better Than Hammond In Draftosaurus


Ankama have you creating your own dinosaur theme park in Draftosaurus. 

Mantic Games Now Taking Pre-Orders For Hellboy


Mantic Games are now taking pre-orders for Hellboy: The Board Game.

Big Zappy Guns Power Up For Warlord’s Konflikt ’47


Warlord Games has added two new guns into the mix for use in the Weird World War that is Konflikt '47.

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Finally Gets Digital Sequel!


Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 is finally coming to console gaming! The teaser trailer announcement was launched on Friday by Paradox Interactive and Hardsuit Labs.

Card Game Bali Announces Second Major Expansion


Bali: Villiage of Tani is the second expansion for Bali and introduces new challenges and rewards to the 2017 card-drafting game.

Deliver Parcels Through A Deluge In Turbulences


In Turbulences, you have to fly from town-to-town, picking up and deliver letters while being aware of the weather in the mountains and the surrounding areas.

Outrun The Undead Venetian Horde In Carnival Zombie


Board game publisher Albe Pavo have returned with a Kickstarter to launch the second edition of their highly successful co-op survival game Carnival Zombie!

Malifaux’s Factions Get Their Own Books For 3rd Edition


Wyrd Games are wrapping up the beta for Malifaux Third Edition and have made the announcement that they are taking things in an interesting new direction with the release of a series of faction specific books.

Offend The Offensive In New Cards Against Humanity Parody


Do you enjoy 'edgy' humour? Would you be willing to say the things that no-one else would for the sake of a laugh, but are too busy/boring/dead inside to think of these jokes yourself?

Privateer Press Release New Monsterpocalypse Miniatures


Privateer Press have released a new series of terrific terrors for the hit tabletop game Monsterpocalypse. The announcement sees two new buildings and two new monsters rage onto the streets, causing chaos and destruction in their wake.

Die Hard Is Getting It’s First Official Board Game!


Now I have a board game. Ho-ho-ho.

New Enlightened Starter Posse For Wild West Exodus: Discordant Symphony


We have another of the new starter posses for Wild West Exodus from Warcradle Studios.

Kickstart Masterful Lovecraft Characters By Chapter & Verse


Workhouse Games are on Kickstarter right now presenting their new Kickstarter for a range of Chapter & Verse miniatures for painters, hobbyists, role-players and more.

Art Of War Studios Design Tokens For The Fallout Wasteland


Art Of War Studios has been designing up some great looking tokens for those who are getting stuck into Fallout: Wasteland Warfare by Modiphius.

Pulp Alley 2nd Edition On The Horizon Plus New Supplements


Pulp Alley 2nd Edition is currently on Kickstarter and it's doing great guns.

Uncover The Secret Name In FFG’s Arkham Horror LCG


Fantasy Flight Games have released the first Mythos Pack in The Circle Undone cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game; The Secret Name.

Bad Roll Reveal Punkapocalyptic’s More Disturbing Denizens


Bad Roll are showing off some of the painted minis from their Punkapocalyptic Kickstarter that will soon be up for sale.

TTCombat Rebuild Streets Of Venice With New Carnevale Terrain


TTCombat are returning the streets of Venice to their former glory. Having recently discontinued some of their Carnevale terrain, now they are bringing them back either updated or rebuilt from the ground up.

Knight Models’ Batwoman Chases Archie & Joker’s Bikers


Knight Models has revealed some more new miniatures for use in the Batman Miniatures Game.

Uncover A Pulp Mystery With Popplewood’s Investigators


Popplewood Miniatures and Tony Smallwood have brought a range of Investigators to Kickstarter for those who want to dive into their Pulp adventures on the tabletop.

A Dwarf Mechanic Fixes Gangfight Games Up For Runerunners


Gangfight Games have previewed a new sculpt for their upcoming game Runerunners, a dwarf mechanic who is ready to set things right.

Defeat The Germs In New Game Trouble In Templetown


A new board game is coming to Kickstarter this year from the makers of 2Fat2Fly Games. Become the heroes of the immune system in Trouble in Templetown.

Pulp Adventure Awaits In Temple Of The Golden Heart


Lucid Eye has now put up for pre-order their adventure module for Savage Core known as Temple Of The Golden Heart.

Retro Recall: Werewolf The Apocalypse


Ben embraces his Crinos form and delves into the Umbra as he looks back at Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

New Wild West Exodus Starter Posse: Hour Of The Wolf


The guys from Warcradle Studios chat to us about the new starter posse for the Warrior Nation faction of Wild West Exodus - Hour of the Wolf.

Introduction To Black Sun Part Two – Monsters & Military


Lee of Crucible Crush returns for the second part of his articles series introducing us to the world of Black Sun, which is currently on Kickstarter.

Unboxing The Other Side – The Cult Of The Burning Man


It's 'bring your child into work' day as Sam and Gerry take a look at The Cult of the Burning Man box from Wyrd Games.

CMON Talk Design For Bloodborne: The Board Game


CMON Games have been talking more about the design behind Bloodborne: The Board Game.

Duel Against The Dark Knight In Talisman: Batman – Villains Edition


Talisman: Batman - Super Villians Edition will allow players to become the most maniacal of evil-doers on the mean streets of Gotham!

Chaos Has A Price: Cthulhu Coins Now On Kickstarter


The gathering darkness starts to stretch at the very soul of your consciousness, and you feel your heart falter as the walls close in. A tentacled face looms forth from the abyss, made of horror and macabre. Beneath the slime and wet sludge you hear a terrifying voice beckoning you - "Got any change?"

Arcane Animals Abound In Wizard Kittens: The Card Game


Do you like magic? Do you like adorable kittens? (FYI: If you answered no to either of these questions, we're probably not going to get along).

Wyrd Reveal Misaki’s New Look For Malifaux 3rd Edt.


Wyrd are still working on the latest edition of Malifaux and have just revealed the new look and stat card for the crew master Misaki Katanaka.

Let’s Play: Wild West Exodus – Ambush In The Woods


Justin is joined by Chris and Darren from Warcradle Studios to play a little ambush in the woods with Wild West Exodus.

Indie Thursday: Sci-Fi Terrain Giveaway, Sirens & Spaaace!


Cass, Ryan, and Mel from The Terrain Tutor get together to have a look at the best Indie games this week, plus a massive terrain giveaway from LOOTgames!

Black Library Prepare A Series Of Chilling Tales With Warhammer Horror


Later this month, Black Library will be launching a new range of stories based in the 41st Millennium and the Mortal Realms. However, these stories aren't tales of action and adventure. These are Warhammer Horror.

Tails Of Equestria: Judge Not By The Cover Gets Digital Release


River Horse have released a digital version of their role-playing adventure Judge Not By The Cover.

Explore the Wasteland As Modiphius Announce Fallout Roleplaying Games


Today, Modiphius made the exciting announcement that this year they will be bringing out two new roleplaying games to let you once again explore the unique post-apocalypse world of Fallout.

Petersen Games Brings Colossal Cthuhlu To The Tabletop


We've all been there: you go to all the effort of summoning Cthulhu from the depths of the abyss only to find when he arrives he's far too small to inflict terror and madness on your enemies.

The Chemical Brothers Come To Aristeia!


Corvus Belli have released box images for the latest additions to the Hexadome!

Crucible Crush Release Playtest Rules For Weird Vietnam Game Black Sun


Crucible Crush, alongside Robert Murch, are taking their next game Black Sun to Kickstarter and have now released the playtest version of the rules.

Introduction To Black Sun: Part One


Lee from Crucible Crush Games introduces us to the world of Black Sun, their new game based in a Vietnam War gone weird.

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