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CMON’s Kick Ass Board Game Going Straight To Retail


The CMON team has decided that the Kick Ass: The Board Game project, based on the hit comic book, is going to be going straight to retail rather than via the medium of Kickstarter.

Knight Models Tease New Dark Nights Metal Range Coming In June


Knight Models are expanding on their DC collection with some more alternative models for you to consider. They are going to be looking at the Dark Nights Metal collection and these twisted takes on some famous heroes and villains. 

Burn In Designs Preview Their New Prison Complex


Burn In Designs are continuing to build some stunning pieces of terrain for you to use on the tabletop as they previewed their Prison Complex kit on Facebook. 

Lucid Eye Show Off With Hypnocrats & New Savage Core Warriors


Lucid Eye has been showing off more of The Hypnocrats for their expanding The Plot Device world and will be introducing them to their webstore soon.

Pulp City’s Supremes Get Their New Faction Boxes


The first two faction boxes for the superhero skirmish game are on their way, starting with the sinister Necroplane (above) and the revolutionary A.R.C.

Explore The Plantation Manors By Sarissa Precision


Sarissa is taking you into the depths of the swamps and across broad open fields with two of their new terrain pieces.

Battle Foam Add New Gaslands Foam To Their Webstore


Battle Foam has teamed up with the Gaslands crew to bring you a range of new Foam to keep your post-apocalyptic machines safe…well until you want to unleash them upon the tabletop at any rate!

Broken Toad Brings The Butcher’s Brisket To Life


Fans of the fantasy sports world, Guild Ball by Steamforged Games, will be happy to hear that Broken Toad is bringing another new bust to the collection on June 25th.

Solomon Kane Launches On Kickstarter & Funded!


Mythic Games Kickstarter for their new game Solomon Kane has gone live and it’s already funded!

The Hucksters Are You’re Answer To All Your Shopping Needs In Malifaux


You can buy almost anything in Malifaux if you know the right place to look. The Hucksters are the latest Malifaux Monday preview from Wyrd Games and they can get you what you need- for the right price.

Dracula’s America Gains Forbidden Power In New Supplement


North Star and Osprey are heading into the swamps of America’s south in the new narrative supplement for Dracula’s America; Forbidden Power.

Japanese And German Armoured Officers Lead the Attack In Konflikt 47


Warlord Games have released some new officer figures for the Japanese and German forces in Konflikt 47, using the latest in heavy armour to protect them on the front lines.

Craft New Bases With Green Stuff World Rollers


You might know of the Green Stuff World Rollers which can be used to pattern whatever material you tinker with to make bases.

Let’s Play: Wolsung – Theatrical Premiere Scenario


It’s time once again to break out the fantastical game of high-paced action and magical adventure; Wolsung. I’m joined with Lukasz from Micro Art Studio and we’re diving into the Theatrical Premiere scenario.

New False Witnesses Join The Guild In Wyrd’s Malifaux


Wyrd believes that sometimes you just need someone to corroborate a story- passionately. Have a look at the False Witnesses for the Guild of Malifaux.

Lucid Eye Introduce New Wild Characters To The Plot Device


Lucid Eye has looked towards one of their other games this week as they show off another of the models coming out for The Plot Device and The Hypnocrats.

CMON Ramping Up For Cthulhu: Death May Die Kickstarter


It won’t be long until Cthulhu: Death May Die hits Kickstarter and investigators will get a chance to “shoot Cthulhu in the face!” Check out the first investigator and the meddlesome Cultist on their way.

Let’s Play: Fanhunter Assault


Today we’re joined again with David Esbri of Devir Games to play some of the fan favourite comic book heroes, Fanhunter Assault.

New Victims Step Into Betrayal At House On The Hill In Upcoming Upgrade Set


WizKids have announced that a new upgrade set is on its way for the board game Betrayal At House On The Hill, bringing all new characters (and potential traitors) to the mysterious mansion.

Fight As The Konflikt ’47 Italians With Defiance Supplement


Warlord Games has now opened up pre-orders for the new Konflikt ’47 supplement, Defiance. This sees you bringing the Italians into the mix for their Weird World War game…

Unboxing: Wild West Exodus – Wayward Eight Posse


Today we’re joined by Darren and Roberto from Warcradle Studios to talk about the Wayward Eight Posse faction for Wild West Exodus.