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Unboxing: Funky Skull Figures | Flags Of War

1 day ago 3

Get stuck into an unboxing of some of the awesome Funky Skull Games 28mm miniatures that are part of the Funky Pops range by Flags Of War. This set includes adventurous teenagers and duelling seadogs inspired by old-school cartoons and movies.

North Star Preview The Next Wave Of The Silver Bayonet Minis!


The Silver Bayonet will soon be welcoming a new wave of miniatures, opening up the options for those that want to throw more unique miniatures into your warbands. See what North Star Military Figures has been working on.

Fight Through Brutal Cities Modern Ruins & New Releases


Brutal Cities has been showing off their new selection of terrain options for fighting out battles on Modern battlefields and also your Near Future battles too. This is a neat set of 28mm MDF terrain that can be used in a variety of different ways. 

X-Men Suit Up This Winter For WizKids’ Marvel Age Of Heroes


As 2-5 players are challenged to recruitment, bringing the likes of Jubilee, Wolverine and Lockheed into a series of missions for justice.

Leave Tokyo & Cooperate To Fight The King Of Monster Island


Taking similar themes, and moving the Monster from the city and taking the fight back home to Monster Island.

Fight From The Elder Tree In Trippy Fatal Forest STLs


Roots of Revenge: The Fatal Forest is up on Kickstarter, showcasing their multi-platform terrain with paths, cover and stepping stones amongst the roots!

Knight Models Celebrate 10 Years Of Batman With Anniversary Minis!


Knight Models are celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Batman Miniature Game with some neat Anniversary Miniatures. A new set is available featuring the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder. 

Wyrd Add Upgrade Limitations Alongside New ‘Witness’ Keyword


Wyrd have given Malifaux players a little insight into two new Masters available. Making way for the Arcanists & Ten Thunders with the new keyword, Witness.

Carnevale Frigates & Event Exclusives From TTCombat!


TTCombat has been showing off some impressive new terrain kits for Carnevale that are going to be available to purchase this weekend! The factions of Carnevale are going to be taking to the high seas with some beautiful ships.

An Introduction To The Lore, World & Factions Of Malifaux!

2 weeks ago 20

In a universe of fun-loving redneck Gremlins and native magically enhanced beings like The Neverborn, are you ready to hold fate to a deck for some Malifaux low-model-count crews? Free gives us an introduction to the factions and lore of Wryd's awesome skirmish game.

Malifaux’s Guild Celebrates Dia De Los Muertos This Halloween


Wyrd has announced its new and upcoming Rotten Harvest box sets bringing the drop-dead gorgeous Mexican theme of Dia De Los Muertos,

Hold Tight In A Savage Party Game Of Survival On Kickstarter


In Savage: A Game of Survival players are tasked to endure the apocalypse, making it out alive as their main goal.

Pokemon Mini BOOster Packs As Trick-Or-Treat Gifts!


The Pokemon Company are putting their ghostly pocket-monsters to the forefront this Halloween, bringing a cheeky alternative to trick-or-treat gifts.

WWX Red Oak Town Terrain Available Separately From August


The fabulous Red Oak Terrain from Warcradle Scenics is now being made available separately over on the Wayland Games webstore for the month of August. If you liked the look of these kits, you can now add them to your games.

Unboxing: Wild West Exodus Apex Hellions | Warcradle Studios

3 weeks ago 1

In this unboxing, Gerry gets stuck into the Apex Hellions set from Warcradle Studios for use with Wild West Exodus. This offers up some neat flying minions for your Enlightened in this 35mm wargame.

Dystopian Wars August Releases! The Black Wolf Is On The Prowl


A new set of Dystopian Wars releases have been lined up by Warcradle Studios for the month of August 2022! The Black Wolf is on the prowl at the head of a brand new Battlefleet Set that should set your foes aquiver! 

Rewrite Destiny On The American Frontier In 3000 Scoundrels


3000 Scoundrels that will place players at the head of recruitment, building up a posse of skilled characters and tweaking with tech to tailor the Frontier.

Malifaux Goes Medieval As 2022 Nightmare Editions Announced!


We're taking to the walls of a stronghold atop a roaring steed, wielding axe and bow in the upcoming limited edition boxes. 

The Grimdark Trench Crusade Miniatures Range Hits Kickstarter


The artwork of Michael Franchina mixes with the sculpting of James Sherriff as part of this new project, Trench Crusade, which is now up on Kickstarter. The aim is to create a fascinating range of 32mm scale miniatures for your grimdark wargames.

Harlequin Rose Joins The Birchwood Range By Lucid Eye


Lucid Eye has been showing off a brand new miniature for their The Beast Of Birchwood collection. This is a range which is a little bit weird and features some rather quirky 28mm miniatures. This can certainly be said of the new Harlequin Rose.

Get Creative With Object Source Lighting In Wyrd’s Summer Comp!


Looking to try your hands at a different style of painting? Wyrd painting contests are always a hoot. This year bringing the City Nights Painting Challenge!

Peter Porker Arrives In Marvel Champions With Spider-Ham Expansion


Giving good old Peter Parker a little rest from fighting, stepping into the Anthropomorphic Multiverse and for some cartoon-heavy hitting!

Cyberpunk & Fantasy Combo Shadowrun TTRPG Live On Humble Bundle!


Surviving through Shadowrun? Catalyst Game Labs have placed magic, cybernetics, horror and mystery to Humble Bundle for the next 17 days!

Sort Out The Mess With Marvel: Damage Control From WizKids


With Ms Marvel coming to an end this week as part of the expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, we are getting a new board game from WizKids that deals with one of the "threats" she faced in the series! Sort out the mess the superheroes leave behind with Marvel: Damage Control. 

The Big Bad Wolf Comes To Malifaux For The Month Of July


Wyrd Games has been showing off some of the brand new miniatures that are landing during the month of July. We start with some Twisted Alternatives for use with Malifaux and the Big Bad Wolf!

Kill Supes Or Take On Zombicide’s Undead With CMON’s The Boys Sets


CMON has dropped a pretty fascinating new pre-order on their webstore this week for Zombicide. The Boys and The Seven from the hit Prime show can now be snapped up to use in your games of undead mayhem and destruction. Seems pretty apt that they'd been in a game filled with blood and gore.

Statuesque Miniatures Head Back To The Bottom Of The Garden


Statuesque Miniatures are going to be Left At The Bottom Of The Garden once more with Chapter Three of this storybook-esque campaign arriving on Kickstarter on 26th July.

Celebrate Cthulhu’s 40th Anniversary With Special Starter Set


Chaosium has now released its special edition starter set. Bringing a fresh starter set with new artwork and updates to Cthulhu-loaded contents. 

Community Spotlight: Malifaux Pigpens, Spring Cleaning RISK & Done Is Better…


Lovely muddy pigpens, a look at "getting things done" and then a neat way of getting together a small scale army thanks to a thrift shop purchase! Some great ideas for folks to sink their teeth into.

Crooked Dice Summons Forth The Mighty Dagon For 7TV!


Crooked Dice has added another sneaky new miniature to their releases for this month. Dive into a Lovecraftian adventure in 7TV with the towering Dagon that has been summoned forth by a band of plucky Cultists.

Open-World Exploration Comes In Arkham Horror Expansions


Fantasy Flight have announced their next duo of expansions, in new and open-world adventure, taking players all across the globe, in The Scarlet Keys. 

Xenos Rampant & Pulp! Wargames Coming Soon From Osprey


Osprey Games has been previewing some more of their upcoming 28mm wargames that are planned for October and November of 2022. Sci-Fi and Pulp goodness awaits starting off with, well, Pulp!

The Fox Sisters Climb Aboard Vagrantsong At Gen Con!


Wyrd has announced that Vagrantsong is expecting a new ghosty passenger on board, at Gen Con this year. With a new Haint, or three - The Fox Sisters.

Steampunk Adventurer (Marquita Mendoza) Painting Tutorial | Raging Heroes


John builds on his 3D Printing VLOG from last week by showing off how to paint the 32mm Steampunk Adventurer, Marquita Mendoza from Raging Heroes' June Release on Heroes Infinite. 

Survive Until Dawn Hunted By Hungry Drop Bears!


If you enjoy being scared out of your pants, and are brave enough for a stroll through the Australian Bush, Drop Bears by Platypus Industries is on Kickstarter.

Community Spotlight: Zona Alfa, Eagle Dioramas & Steampunk Battles


In this week's Community Spotlight, we dive into a Zona Alfa collection plus an awesome diorama. There is even a fun Victorian Sci-Fi Battle Report to sink your teeth into.

New Mutant Monsters Drop Into Fallout: Wasteland Warfare


The folks at Modiphius have been showing off a few more monstrous releases coming to Fallout: Wasteland Warfare in the near future. The radiated woods and plains of Fallout's America are home to all sorts of beasties including some hefty Super Mutants!

Head Down To The Verrotwood, A New Grimdark Fantasy Game


Verrotwood is a brand new grimdark Fantasy skirmish wargame coming from the mind of Mike Crutchett. I more or less stumbled on this whilst scrolling through social media and I was immediately taken by the style of the game. I had to know more!

The Winter Guard Are Coming To Marvel: Crisis Protocol!


The Winter Guard, Russia's answer to The Avengers, are going to be hitting the tabletop soon from the folks at Atomic Mass Games. Will you be using them as a team in your games of Marvel: Crisis Protocol or will you split them up amongst the rest of your collection?

Foe To The Fairy Folk: Gwyll Spores Into Malifaux


Stepping away from last week's announcement from deep into the caves, and into the woods with a new sinister foe for the Autumn Queen, Titania - Gwyll. 

Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs Of Night City Now On Kickstarter!


CMON has now gone live with Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City. Bringing brutal gang warfare across the neon concrete jungle of Night City.

New Starter Set Announced For Fallout Role Playing Game


Modiphius Entertainment is encouraging more players to get down and dirty across the Wasteland. Bringing a new entry point into the Fallout RPG.

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