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Get Your Wild West Exodus & Mythos Festive Miniatures!


Warcradle Studios are offering up their awesome festive miniatures once again for use in Wild West Exodus and beyond. See what you make of the classic miniatures you'll be able to scoop up from Wayland Games throughout December.

Visit Myskham Town With New Warcradle Scenics Terrain


The pre-painted terrain from the folks at Warcradle Scenics is absolutely great for a variety of different games. The newest set, Myskham Town, would be brilliant for Wild West Exodus and Mythos games but also could easily drop into the likes of Malifaux! They might even be great as a backdrop for Cthulhu-based roleplaying adventures.

Battle Over A Promethean Complex With Warcradle Scenics


Warcradle Scenics has dropped another awesome terrain kit for those looking to play interesting scenarios in Wild West Exodus and beyond. The Promethean Complex looks like it will be a suitably explosive place for a showdown. 

Snap Up Your Warcradle Studios Christmas Miniatures!


Warcradle Studios has now released their Christmas Miniatures for 2022! If you missed out on these in previous years, you can now snap up some fun Christmas-themed miniatures for Wild West Exodus and Mythos. 

A New Book Arrives For Wild West Exodus Fans, Lazarus!


If you're looking to get your head around more of the lore behind Warcradle's Wild West Exodus then take a peek at a new book coming out soon from acclaimed writer Sarah Cawkwell called Lazarus.

Battle Over Buckhorn Ranch For Warcradle’s Wild West Exodus


Warcradle Scenics has been working on a new terrain set for those battling it out on the frontiers of Wild West Exodus. See what you make of Buckhorn Ranch which comes packed with excellent, 32/35mm terrain for use in your Pulpy skirmishes. 

Explore The Black Lake Bayou With Warcradle Scenic’s Terrain


The Black Lake Bayou terrain range from Warcradle Scenics and Warcradle Studios is now going to be available separately for you to snap up! Use these pre-coloured kits in your games of Wild West Exodus, Mythos and maybe even a bit of Malifaux.

EP88 Video Edition: Leagues, Sentinels & The Drunken Master


Explore The Red Oak & Estun Warcradle Scenics Range Soon


Warcradle Studios are also going to be releasing a bunch of their previously bundled terrain during the month of September. We've looked at the Red Oak and Estun Village range previously here OnTableTop but you'll now be able to buy the various kits separately.

WWX Red Oak Town Terrain Available Separately From August


The fabulous Red Oak Terrain from Warcradle Scenics is now being made available separately over on the Wayland Games webstore for the month of August. If you liked the look of these kits, you can now add them to your games.

Unboxing: Wild West Exodus Apex Hellions | Warcradle Studios


In this unboxing, Gerry gets stuck into the Apex Hellions set from Warcradle Studios for use with Wild West Exodus. This offers up some neat flying minions for your Enlightened in this 35mm wargame.

Explore The Black Lake Bayou With Warcradle Scenics In July


Warcradle Scenics has been showing off a neat set of 35mm terrain for you to use in your games of Wild West Exodus and even further afield in the realm of Malifaux! This time, they are heading down to the Black Lake Bayou.

Mount Up With Quantrill’s Raiders Posse For Wild West Exodus


More awesomeness for the world of Wild West Exodus arrives in July. Quantrill’s Raiders Posse is on the warpath, a new set of 35mm miniatures from Warcradle Studios.

Hunt Down Cowards With WWX’s Vengeance Of The Earps Posse


Expanding further into the Dystopian Age from Warcradle Studios, the designers have also released some more miniatures for their 35mm wargame, Wild West Exodus. Here we have the Vengeance Of The Earps Posse.

Ash Waste Nomads Storm Necromunda + CLASSIC Old World Miniatures For Tabletop Games! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Ash Waste Nomads Storm Necromunda + CLASSIC Old World Characters For Tabletop Games, whether you're after the latest insectoid mounts from Games Workshop or want to scratch the retro itch with the denizens of Dunkeldorf we have you covered!

Red Oak Town Expands With Second Set Of Pre-Painted Terrain


The Red Oak Town Set 2 has been announced from Warcradle Studios, expanding the range further in a re-release of iconic Warcradle Scenics models, now with no paint necessary.

French Inbound For DWars & Sky-Bound WWX Hellions This May


Warcradle's pre-orders will be live soon; showcasing a new Battlefleet and reinforcements for DWars and a familair technically-advanced Enlightened unit for WWX.

Squats Are Back In Warhammer 40K Baby! Are You Ready For Their Return? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Squats are back in the world of Warhammer 40K baby! Are you ready for their return to Games Workshop's grimdark Sci-Fi wargame?

Getting Tabled Third Year Anniversary Special: Our Top 10 Games


Getting Tabled Third Year Anniversary Trailer: Tune in April 1st


Visit Retribution In Wild West Exodus With New Terrain Kits


Warcradle Scenics has something awesome for you lined up to release in April. Pre-orders are going live soon for this new Retribution Town Range that could well be the setting for your next big clash in Wild West Exodus.

The Cerulean Infiltrators Sneak Into Wild West Exodus!


More new releases are popping up from Warcradle Studios for April. This time around, the Cerulean Infiltrators are sneaking onto the tabletop with a new set of 35mm miniatures. This is the first time they have been available away from the Wild West Exodus Cerulean Clade Posse.

Travel To Red Oak With New Warcradle Scenics Terrain


Fancy getting stuck into a Wild West Exodus shootout in a brand new town? Well, the Red Oak Town Set is coming up from Warcradle Scenics for the month of March. 

Hit The Skies With The Sickle Gyro Cav For Wild West Exodus


Take to the skies with a brand new set coming to the Enlightened in Wild West Exodus by Warcradle Studios. The latest previews showed off the impressive Sickle Gyro Cav which look as absolutely bonkers as you'd have hoped.

Community Spotlight: Death Korps, Dystopian Gunslingers & Deathwatch Space Marines


We dive into some more painting from you folks today as we explore grimdark universes and some wild investigators from a dystopian frontier.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Avoiding Hobby FOMO!


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we're discussing hobby FOMO and ways that you can begin to avoid it! Do you have any tips?

Unboxing: Dystopian Wars – Kongo Battlefleet Set


Enhance Your WWX Enlightened With Mono-Cav & Strider-Cav


More Wild West Exodus goodness this week for the Enlightened with a new boxed set of Mono-Cav/Strider-Cav becoming available from the folks at Warcradle Studios.

Saving Miniatures With Blood – Glistening Blood Effect to the Rescue!


A look at UR=31E Teslabots: Wild West Exodus. Warcradle Studios


EP70 Video Edition: New Year, Same Hobby


Unboxing: Wild West Exodus – Legendary Irontooth


Unboxing: Wild West Exodus – Raging Bear


Unboxing: Wild West Exodus – Fire Eagle / Great Thunderbird


WWX Union Army Show Case


Beep Boop! Drop The UR-31E Teslabots Into The WWX Union


Warcradle Studios has dropped a new box for those diving into Wild West Exodus. If you're playing as the Union then you can now pick up a set of UR-31E Teslabots. Rather than waste human lives on your opponents, chuck these automata into the mix.

How To Play Wild West Exodus [Starter Set Let’s Play] | Warcradle Studios


Justin and Gerry celebrate finishing off their Global Gunslinger League projects by showing you How To Play Wild West Exodus from Warcradle Studios in this Let's Play.

Unboxing: WWX: Warrior Nation Legendary Cloud Runner


Get Involved & Win Prizes! Finishing Off Your Global Gunslinger League Projects | Wild West Exodus


Justin and Gerry go through their Projects from the Global Gunslinger League for Wild West Exodus and talk about how they found the event, its pacing and the Posses they have built. You can still get involved and win prizes!

Wild West Exodus Union Army Build


Epic Legendary Gustave Eiffel Joins The Enlightened | Wild West Exodus – Global Gunslinger League


Why have one epic character in our games when you can have two? Gerry introduces his own Legendary Gustave Eiffel to his Enlightened Posse as Chris from Warcradle Studios talks about the virtues of including him in your Global Gunslinger League posse for Wild West Exodus.

Going Epic! Legendary Nikolai Tesla Joins The Union | Wild West Exodus – Global Gunslinger League


Justin is joined by Chris from Warcradle Studios once again to show off a big new addition to your Global Gunslinger League Union Posse for Wild West Exodus. Celebrate week six with the Legendary Nikolai Tesla!