Visit Myskham Town With New Warcradle Scenics Terrain

May 24, 2023 by brennon

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The pre-painted terrain from the folks at Warcradle Scenics is absolutely great for a variety of different games. The newest set, Myskham Town, would be brilliant for Wild West Exodus and Mythos games but also could easily drop into the likes of Malifaux! They might even be great as a backdrop for Cthulhu-based roleplaying adventures.

Myskham Town Set - Warcradle Scenics

Myskham Town Set // Warcradle Scenics

Myskham is a town full of mystery and intrigue and you'll find all sorts of fascinating individuals walking its cobbled streets through the roiling fog. There are some brilliant terrain pieces as part of this collection and some standout elements that I wanted to highlight here. One of my favourites is The Elder Sign.

The Elder Sign - Warcradle Scenics

The Elder Sign // Warcradle Scenics

The Elder Sign is a drinking establishment where every patron within gives you a surly look when you open the door. It's most certainly a place for locals but you might find a few helpful folks within who could offer you some advice when touring the town. Just watch what gets dropped in your drink when you're not looking and make sure to not annoy the locals!

Another of the big buildings in the set is the Myskham Fire Station which might find itself being your place of refuge should things go badly during your adventures and investigations.

Myskham Firestation - Warcradle Scenics

Myskham Fire Station // Warcradle Scenics

It might be abandoned right now but perhaps you could set up a ghosthunting agency within it and aid them in their endeavours? It should be noted that all of the buildings that Warcradle have added to this collection have full interiors which are also coloured and ready to use in your games. All you'd need is a bit of extra scenery and they'd be playable once you've glued them together.

I also like the uniform and slightly uncanny Myskham Town Houses that you get in this set. You only have one copy in this set but you could easily pick up more when they become available separately and turn them into a full street!

Myskham Town House - Warcradle Scenics

Myskham Town House // Warcradle Scenics

As you'll have noted from the full preview image at the top of this story, there are a few more extra bits and pieces included to help set the scene during your games. As well as The Elder Sign, Fire Station and Town House, you also get a Subway Station, Automobiles and the Urban Scatter that you might end up diving behind in a fight.

The Warcradle Scenic range is perfect for, well, setting the scene. I love the idea of using these pieces for something Mythos/Malifaux based. You could set up a larger table than normal and then play out a couple of different linked narrative scenarios that take you from place to place in the town. That means that your adventure would all feel connected and you'd always be eager to see what's inside the next building.

I feel like it's the kind of set-up that would be fun for a Games Master to be involved with as they could drop all sorts of secrets into those building interiors!

Will you be visiting the town of Myskham from Warcradle?

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"I love the idea of using these pieces for something Mythos/Malifaux based..."

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