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Get A Dose Of Old School Swedish RPG With Modiphius’ Fantasy!


Modiphius is getting stuck into some old school gaming with options to pick up the new English rules for Fantasy!, one of Swedens best selling roleplaying games available in both print and digital mediums.

Armies Of Kings Of War’s Uncharted Empires Detailed & More


Mantic Games has been chatting more about the new Uncharted Empires book coming to support the new edition of Kings Of War. 

Deep-Cut Add More Pre-Crafted Trees Into The Terrain Mix


Deep-Cut has been showing off some of the New Trees being added into the mix for those wanting to get down to tabletops and play rather than build.

Knight Models Discuss Plastic For The Batman Miniatures Game


Knight Models has been discussing the process they have been going through when it comes to developing the materials used for the different models in the Batman Miniatures Game. 

Rebellion Unplugged Working On Sniper Elite: The Board Game


Rebellion Unplugged is a new branch of the video game publishing company which is looking to bring their properties to the tabletop.

Add New Monitor Ships Into The Mix For Dropfleet Factions


TTCombat has a handful of new ships which are coming out for all of the Dropfleet Commander factions.

Ransack A Dragon’s Lair With New HQ Resin Terrain Set


HQ Resin has now released their Dragon's Lair onto the Hexy Store.

P-P-Pick Up New Age Of Sigmar Mortal Realms Partwork


Games Workshop has been chatting about a new partwork which is going to be available here in the UK and (bizarrely) Spain.

Knight Models Introduce The Joker’s Goons To Gotham’s Streets


Knight Models has given us some rather fun previews of the new Gangers who are going to be fighting for The Joker in the Batman Miniatures Game and its upcoming 3rd Edition.

Durgin Paint Forge Sculpt Up A Stylish Elf Warrior


Durgin Paint Forge is back with another awesome preview of their Lost Court collection, a range of Elves which will be popping up in the world of Inneath in the near future.

Survive & Scavenge In The Near-Future In Zona Alfa Soon


Osprey Games have lots more planned for the future as they also are taking pre-orders right now for Patrick Todoroff's Zona Alfa which is going to be coming out in Januar 2020.

NeverRealm Preview Their New Sci-Fi Project, Deathmatch!


NeverRealm Industry, famous for their work on the Fantasy game Summoners and it's weird and wonderful creations, has been talking about a new game they have in the works too called Deathmatch.

Relive A Classic With Stone Sword’s Hogs Of War: The Card Game


Stone Sword Games are a newer company out there who have taken to Kickstarter with a game which already has a special place in my heart.

Play Out A Murder Mystery With Modiphius’ Death On The Cards


Modiphius has now released their new card game which is very different from everything else they've done recently. Here we have Agatha Christie's Death On The Cards.

New Godsparks & More Coming In Ragnarok: The Vanir Expansion


Osprey Games has popped up previews for a new expansion which is dropping in December for Ragnarok.

Lucid Eye Preview Their Sneaky Bug-Eyed Goblins Coming Soon


Lucid Eye has been showing off some cute (and maybe creepy) looking Goblins which are popping up soon for those who want to explore Fantasy worlds.

Sarissa Precision Build More Of Their Russian Terrain Range


Sarissa Precision has been showing off some new terrain for those who want to build up the Eastern Front throughout the ages.

Knight Models Explore Shooting In Batman 3rd Edition


We're back with another look ahead to Batman 3rd Edition as Knight Models talk about shooting in the game and what has been tweaked for that.

PHALANX Games’ 1941: Race To Moscow Now On Kickstarter


PHALANX Game has now launched the Kickstarter for 1941: Race To Moscow.

4Ground Craft Up New Tiles For Necromunda’s Grimdark Gangers


4Ground has been showing off some of the work they have been doing on a new range of bases and tiles for those who want to add some style to their Necromunda gangs. 

Crooked Dice Prepare For New Pulpy Kickstarter Campaign


Crooked Dice are preparing for a new Kickstarter campaign which goes live today.

I Am Groot! The Guardians Pop Up In Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Atomic Mass Games has shown off some previews of the next wave coming for Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

Ecclesiarchy And Inquisition Made To Order


From this coming weekend, 23rd November, for one week only a host of Imperium miniatures will be available through Games Workshop's made to order feature.

Brushstroke Youtube Channel Launch


Brushstroke is a well known name on the site and now he has a youtube channel as well.

Fantasy Flight Games Releases For A Galaxy Far Far Away


Fantasy Flight Games have new releases available for both Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: Legion.

Wargames Illustrated Stake Their Claim to Van Helsing


Wargames Illustrated have shown off Decembers Giant In Miniature and this time it's a Dr Van Helsing, who is striking a very familiar pose to me.

Knight Models Reveal The Impact Of Objectives In Batman 3rd Edition


Continuing our ongoing series of sneak peaks for Knight Models upcoming 3rd edition of the Batman Miniatures Game we are going to take a look at how objective cards will impact your games of Batman.

Infinity Defiance Enters Its Last Day On Kickstarter


Unless you have been hiding out on a rock on the other side of the galaxy then you probably already know that Corvus Belli have a Kickstarter running for their Infinity based space ship crawler Infinity Defiance. But as they enter the final 24 hours we're going to take a quick look at what you can get for your game as they make their final push, and let me tell you some absolutely massive unlocks have occurred over the weekend.

Hardcore Orc Boyz Storming The Tabletop


Hardcore Miniatures have a set of six sci-fi Orc Boyz on pre-order for release in December, and while they're on pre-order there are three bundle deals with big savings. 

Wargames Atlantic Scout Out Some Elves


As their Halflings start to ship Wargames Atlantic have previewed their next fantasy kit that they are working on and it's a staple of the genre.

Final 42 Hours for Rocket Pig Games’ Monstrous Kickstarter


If you are a fan of the 3D print side of the hobby and are into your fantasy gaming or roleplaying with miniatures then here is a Kickstarter you should seriously take a look at and you'll have to be quick if you want to grab it as there will be no pledge manager. Rocket Pig Games is moving into the final two days of it's Kickstarter.

Knight Models Talk Character Objectives For Deadshot


Ramping up towards the release of the Batman Miniatures Game 3rd Edition we have another sneak peak from Knight Models. This time one of everyone's favourite guns-for-hire is out for blood, Deadshot.

Warlord Games Black Friday Deals Launch


It's that time of year again and companies are breaking out the big deals, so it's an ideal time to grab a bargain and Warlord Games have several

Knight Models Have Deadshot In Their Sights For 3rd Edition


Showcasing another (anti)hero for the Batman Miniature Game we get to see what Deadshot has under the mask from Knight Models. This marksman and tactician boasts he never misses the mark and the miniature looks dead on also.

4Ground Black Friday Sale


Black Friday starts early this year for gamers with 4Ground Publishing putting up a 25% discount code out. 

Claymore Castings Get Ready To Loose English Bowmen


Claymore Castings has previewed eight new English longbowmen for release in December. These will be released in two packs of four to supplement the two existing packs of archers 

Knight Models Are Taking A Walk In Gotham


Knight Models have been giving us more details on their return to Gotham for the third edition of the Batman Miniature Game and this time they're walking us through movement.

RN Estudio’s Fantasy Team Bring The Rumble Of Celthunder


RN Estudio have a human fantasy football team on Kickstarter right now with a decidedly Celtic feel. The Celthunders are a mix of male and female players that will be produced in resin at the end of the campaign.

Antediluvian Miniatures Scottish Knights Have Got Off Their High Horse


Antediluvian Miniatures have been showing off more of Matthew Bickley's amazing work on their 14th century Scots and this time around it's the first of a set of dismounted knights.

Fantasy Flight Games Challenge the Wainriders In Lord Of The Rings LCG


Exciting news for fans of the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games. The third adventure pack for the Vengeance of Mordor Cycle is racing onto your tables in 2020. 

Aenor Miniatures Ogre & Orc Warband Unleashed


A fearsome band of orcs have appeared on Kickstarter from a French company Aenor Miniatures, and I have to say that I'm blown away by these misunderstood monsters. 

Man The Ramparts With Flatpack Forces Kickstarter


Flatpack Forces are running their first kickstarter campaign right now for some fortifications, and by some I mean an awful lot.

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