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Freebooter Call On Some Pomp & Ceremony This Autumn


Freebooter Miniatures has been talking about some new releases for Freebooter's Fate over the last couple of months.

Magical Creatures Are Summoned Forth By NeverRealm Industry


NeverRealm Industry has been showing off some of the new summoned creatures that will be coming to the tabletop soon with an Essen SPIEL release this year.

Help Or Hinder Sharkey’s Ruffians With New Hobbit Releases


Forge World has released some new miniatures for those looking to recreate the fight to save The Shire from Sharkey in your games of Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.

Hobgoblin Hobbies Launches Manyrings Treeman Kickstarter


Hobgoblin Hobbies has now taken to Kickstarter to fund the release of their mighty treeman, Manyrings!

Hunt Tanks & Scout Ahead With More Flames Of War Releases


Battlefront Miniatures has been showing off some new releases for Flames Of War. Again, this is another trilogy of German releases which allow you to try and hold back the Allies as they power up off the beaches and deeper into mainland Europe.

More Halfling Terrain Goodies Coming From TTCombat


TTCombat is building on their collection of Halfling terrain which will compliment their Fantasy Realms range with a Blacksmith Set arriving this weekend.

Bearded Thenns & Cruel Blackguard Join CMON’s A Song Of Ice & Fire


CMON has been showing off some of the new additions to both the Free Folk and Bolton line-ups for A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

Sine Nomine Brings Dark Age RPG Wolves Of God To Kickstarter


Sine Nomine Publishing helmed by Kevin Crawford has taken to Kickstarter to bring the new roleplaying game, Wolves Of God, to the tabletop. Prepare for adventures in Dark Age England.

Raging Heroes Show Off Stylish Demons & Tribal Warriors [NSFW]


Raging Heroes has been sharing some of the awesome painting by their community on a number of the different miniatures they have been creating over the last few months.

Ancient Lair Close In On Final Days For Campaign Medal Kickstarter


Ancient Lair is closing in on the final few days of their Kickstarter to bring their array of Campaign Medals to your tabletops as rewards for your heroes beating those epic tales in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Artel W’s Lilith The Demoness Comes To Take Your Head


Artel W Miniatures has added an infernal new mistress into the mix for those looking to bring a bit of Chaos to the tabletop. Check out Lilith The Demoness who is one of the newest releases.

Stonemaier’s Twitchers Head To Europe In Wingspan Expansion


Stonemaier Games are adding to their celebrated game, Wingspan, with the addition of a European Expansion which will be coming to tabletops soon. 

Ms. Marvel Brings Her Flexible Set Of Skills To Marvel Champions


The next expansion for Marvel Champions: The Card Game is going to be for the awesome Ms. Marvel who we've been seeing pop up a lot in Marvel-related content recently.

Grey For Now Send A New Set Of Ashigaru Scouting Ahead


Grey For Now Games is adding more awesome Feudal Japanese goodness to their Test Of Honour range soon with the releases of the Ashigaru Scouts Set. 

Victrix’s Norman & Persian Plastics Prepare For Battle


Victrix Limited has been keeping us updated on the progress of their new plastic ranges starting off with the Unarmoured Norman Infantry who are going to be making up the bulk of your invasion force.

Lucid Eye Unleash A Band Of Pig Faced Orcs On Your Heroes


Lucid Eye has now released a new massive set of plastic miniatures for you to use when building warbands or perhaps encounters in your roleplaying games.

Monolith Talk About Going Beyond With New Venture


Monolith has been chatting about their take on the gaming world currently and their new venture which is looking to change things up. This is what they call Monolith Beyond...

Needy Cat Working With Atlantis On New Skirmish Game!


Needy Cat Games has been working with the folks from Atlantis Miniatures to bring a new skirmish game to the tabletop which features creatures and characters from their expansive collection.

Durgin Paint Forge Start Sculpting Inneath’s Fae Elves


Durgin Paint Forge are turning away from Dwarves and Humans for a while and looking ahead to the Elves of their Fantasy world, Inneath.

TTCombat Construct A Happy New Halfling Hamlet


TTCombat has been showing off some new terrain for use in your Fantasy games.

Ossiarch Bonereaper Lords Previewed For Age Of Sigmar


Games Workshop has been talking more about the Ossiarch Bonereapers, the newest army to join the Grand Alliance Of Death in Age Of Sigmar.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Preview Their Curious Cats


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has been previewing a few more miniatures coming your way as part of The Curious Cats Of Crumptown Kickstarter which is going to be popping up towards the end of October.

Relive The Clash Between Beowulf & Grendel With Otherworld


Paul Muller has sculpted up some awesome takes on Beowulf & Grendel from the epic Anglo-Saxon poem which has ignited the imaginations of many for centuries.

Pound Your Foes With Reaper’s October Bones Black Model


Make your home in the Underdark with a new model from Reaper Miniatures for Bones Black.

Knight Models Celebrate 10 Years On Hagrid’s Flying Motorcycle


Knight Models are celebrating ten years in business with the introduction of a special miniature for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game.

Star Hat Taking Pre-Orders For Duck Quest As Backerkit Launches


If you missed out on the Star Hat Miniatures DuckQuest Kickstarter you can now join in with the launch of the Pre-Order and Backerkit system. 

Deep Cut Bring Their O12 Mat To The Tabletop For Infinity


Deep-Cut Studio has introduced a new officially licensed mat into the mix for those playing Infinity.

Atlantis Miniatures Design Fighting Fantasy Legends Characters!


Atlantis Miniatures has been designing some awesome looking characters based on the old artwork from Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

A Massive Haul Of Flames Of War Goodies For German Players


Flames Of War continues to expand and grow with the releases of a whole bunch of new options for the Germans and those building D-Day-style forces.

Forge World Reinforce Their Horus Heresy Era Dark Angels


Forge World has been reinforcing the Dark Angels back in the annals of history during The Horus Heresy.

Wendy’s Serves Up A Feast Of Legends In RPG Form!


Okay this is somewhat out of left field for everyone but there is no way I could skip past this madness. For those in the US the name Wendy's will be well known, outside of the States it doesn't have much of a brand that I'm aware of, but their latest advertising campaign is right up our collective strasse.

The Assault Group Yeomanry Are A Fowl Bunch On Chickstarter


The Assault Group (TAG) are currently running a campaign to increase the forces of the Halfling menace with their Chickstarter II

Kev White’s Emo Assassin Is Looking For His Dog


The Hasslefriesian, Kev White, has been showing off his current WIBP (you'll have to ask him what the B stands for) and this time it's a rather dapper gentleman. Smartly dressed in a bespoke suit striding forward with a purpose this Boogeyman is not someone you want to cross.

Northstar Are Intercepting A Worthy Road Warrior


Nick at North Star has partnered up with Mark Copplestone to produce something that is truly delightful, possibly unnecessary, but 100% needed. In partnership with Mark Copplestone, North Star will be making a small range of 20mm metal figures to go with Gaslands Refuelled.

Reaper Minis Aren’t Fat They’re Big Boned As Kickstarter Hits


Assuming you've not been living under a bridge you will know who Reaper Minis are, purveyors of miniatures for tabletop games they were one of many companies supplying a variety of tabletop miniatures,

Peter Dennis Throws Civilians Into the Fray In Little Wars


Peter Dennis is a recognisable name in the industry, many rulebooks and miniatures boxes are adorned with his artwork, but what many don't know is that Peter is a miniature maker in his own right. 

Footsore Miniatures & Games Showcase A Troll Druid


Footsore Miniatures & Games have recently expanded their base ranges and opened a showcase section that contains figures that normally wouldn't have a home among their usual historic fare.

Pendraken Miniatures Reinforces Rome’s Enemies


Pendraken Miniatures  have shown off their latest 10 mm releases for ancient battles. These Dacian and Sarmatian horsemen are the final packs for the range that Pendraken will be offering up within the next week.

Flatpack Forces & Their Goblin Begin Their Hunt


Flatpack Forces have come up with a novel idea for a competition. They have 101 goblins available to first 101 people who contact them, they will be shipped worldwide and then you can take a photo of your tiny menace in weird places getting up to weird things.

Steve Jackson Games Teases Car Wars 6th Edition


Steve Jackson Games have been teasing some test prints and designs for Car Wars 6th edition.

Creative Sculpt Studios Have A Beast Of A Kickstarter


Creative Sculpt Studio is the brain child of Paul Smith, a sculptor for hire in the Oldhammer school, and he has brought his own blend of greenstuff and madness to the Beasts of Chaos Kickstarter campaign.

Blitzkrieg Miniatures Big Release Of Small Armour


Blitzkrieg Miniatures have just released a host of small armoured fighting vehicles on the world, in this case three for the allies and three for the axis.

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