Onyx Path Kickstart Pugmire Card Game Fetch Quest


Onyx Path Publishing have launched a kickstarter for Fetch Quest, a co-operative card game set in the world of Pugmire.

Kromlech’s Iron Reich Orcs Pile Into Their Headkrasha Transport


Kromlech have released a new transporta halftrakk to carry the greenskins of the Iron Reich, the Headkrasha.

Gamemat.Eu Bubble Up Their Pre-Painted Chem Zone Terrain


Gamemat.eu recently published images of their upcoming pre-painted Chem Zone Terrain.

Artel W Go Back To Fantasy With Elf Warrior Options


Artel W Miniatures is going back to Fantasy for a bit with some awesome bits for their Elf Warrior.

Atlantis Miniatures Prepare Us For An Ogre Invasion


Atlantis Miniatures has a special Kickstarter on the way for fans of Monsters. They’ve done Giants, Dwarves and much more…and now they turn their hand to Ogres!

Boba Fett Movie In The Works By James Mangold


James Mangold, the Director behind the rather superb outing for Wolverine that was Logan, is going to be at the helm of the new Boba Fett movie spin-off.

Meet Stonehaven’s Fantasy Adventurers For 2018


Stonehaven Miniatures are back on Kickstarter with a new range of Fantasy Adventurers for your dungeon delving. As always, they have some typical, and some atypical races for you to check out.

The Army Painter Show Off New D&D Themed Brush Set


The Army Painter continue their range of Dungeons & Dragons products with some themed brushes for those looking to get started painting their Heroes and Monsters. Here is the Nolzur’s Marvellous Brush Set which will be out later this year […]

Hold Off Invaders With Brother Vinni’s Arabic Archers


Check out Brother Vinni’s new Arabic Archers as they get ready for some swashbuckling adventures.

Wild Berserkers Coming To Footsore Miniatures’ Dark Age Range


Footsore Miniatures will be smashing aside shield walls and breaking into monasteries with their new range of Viking Berserkers which have been painted up very nicely by the talented Darren Linington. 

Para Bellum Wargames Launch Conquest Website


Para Bellum Wargames has now launched their website for Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings, giving you an insight into the world and much more. 

Reclusive Phoenix Adds More Monsters To Slumbering Oblivion Range


Reclusive Phoenix has changed and tweaked the Kickstarter campaign for his range of Slumbering Oblivion miniatures to include a host of new monsters and more.

Courage & Prudence Models Previewed For Mythic’s Solomon Kane


If you were paying attention to Facebook earlier this week we played some games of Solomon Kane which we’ll be bringing to you in the near future.

Warriors Of The Faith Join Avatar Of War’s Roster


Avatars Of War has two new heroes for you to drop into your Fantasy games. Each of these particular ladies has the power of faith behind them.

The Farrow Get Added To Privateer’s MiniCrate Next Month


The newest miniature for the Privateer Press MiniCrate has been detailed. You will be able to get your hands on the Farrow Brigand War Valkyrie in June if you get your subscriptions in.

Wyrd Go Ape For A Mystery Preview


Wyrd have posted another piece of concept art as a mystery teaser of something to come.

The Reckoners Pledge Manager Opens for Late Backers


The Pledge Manager for The Reckoners, the recently Kickstarted board game based on Brandon Sanderson’s series of books, is now open, letting people get their late pledges in.

Shadespire Warbands Soon To Be Available


Games Workshop has announced that their range of Shadespire Warbands are going to be available this weekend without their additional cards and whatnot, allowing you to just use them as is for alternative paint schemes OR just for those who want to use them in Age Of Sigmar.

Search Ancient Ruins In Lost Cities: Rivals


Another version of Lost Cities is on the way from Thames & Kosmos. The new game subtitled Rivals will see you delving into ancient cities in search of treasure but a few more mechanics take the challenge up a notch. 

Endless Quest D&D Books Return Later This Year!


Wizards Of The Coast are visiting a golden oldie later this year as they look to bring back their Endless Quest Gamebooks in September thanks to Penguin Random House. You will be able to take on quests solo in these exciting adventures, playing as core Dungeons & Dragons classes.

Bring The Grim Viking World Of Iskloft To Your RPG Sessions


Jarl DM, who runs a blog and Youtube Channel has taken to Kickstarter with his supplement for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons which takes his Grim Viking world of Iskloft and brings it to life.