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KLUKVA Miniatures Finish Off A Trio Of Sci-Fi Outlaws


KLUKVA Miniatures has finished off their trio of awesome Sci-Fi Outlaws which might be familiar to fans of Overwatch. 

Z-Man Games Announce War With The Evil Power Master


Building on another classic story, the team at Z-Man Games has announced War With The Evil Power Master as their next Choose Your Own Adventure game. 

Unboxing: X-Wing Second Edition – Resistance Conversion Kit

2 days ago 4

Today the US team are looking into Star Wars, X-Wing Second Edition Resistance Conversion Kit from Fantasy Flight Games.

The Teams Of CoreBall: Space Sharks

2 days ago 1

Justin is joined by BigChildCreatives and Burning Games to talk about the teams in Coreball, today we're talking about the Space Sharks.

Anvil Industry Follow Three New Commissars Into Battle


Anvil Industry has shown off three new Commissar models in different styles for you to include amongst your Imperial armies.

Terraforming Mars: Turmoil Expansion Now On Kickstarter!


Terraforming Mars: Turmoil takes players back to the Red Planet and the struggle for control and survival in this harsh and unforgiving landscape.

3 Colours Up: Painting Stone Templar Part Two – Shading

3 days ago 0

Welcome back to this multi-part series where Romain will be taking one of the Primaris Marines in Warhammer 40k from Games Workshop and painting it to suit the style of the Stone Templars as inspired by our resident painter, John.

Create Advanced Space Cities With New Sci-Fi Elven Terrain


Miniature Scenery have released an Elven Table Bundle to create an immortal, planetary utopia on your tabletop!

Community Spotlight: Despoilers, Sleek Soldiers & Gotham Villains


Come and check out more of the awesome work from our community members this week.

Speed Along In ZEN Terrain’s Upcoming Airboat


ZEN Terrain has been playing around with all sorts recently and one of their upcoming pieces is this rather neat looking Airboat.

Star Wars: Destiny Spark Of Hope Announced By FFG


Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new expansion to Star Wars: Destiny.

GameMat.Eu Customise Your Tabletop Objectives


GameMat.Eu is looking to provide you with another option when it comes to your tabletop Objective Markers.

The Doom Of Molech Descends On Adeptus Titanicus


Games Workshop announced a new supplement coming for those playing Adeptus Titanicus this week.

Tramways: Dystopian Expansions Is Out Of This World!


The Earth as you know it today no longer exists! Dominated by machines, the remaining humans have only two solutions: Stay on Earth and be enslaved OR flee to new horizons: the Moon and Mars. 

Help Humanity Achieve The Singularity In Sarah’s Vision


Europe 2163 AD: Automated transport systems, flying cars, unlimited energy, seamless information flow...

Scribor Monstrous Miniatures Release new Elven Figures


Scibor Monstrous Miniatures are bringing the ethereal and immortal to the tabletop with three new elven releases.

Fight Across A Yu Jing Installation With New Deep-Cut Mat


Deep-Cut Studio has designed another of their Infinity mats for you to bring to the tabletop.

Are You Looking Forward To Corvus Belli’s Infinity: Defiance?


We covered this as part of the AdeptiCon Live Blog but we wanted to crack this out to everyone once again to ask if you're interested in Corvus Belli's new dungeon crawler, Infinity: Defiance?

Let’s Play: Core Space – Rescue Ganeek


The green skinned civilian Ganeek is in need of rescuing and it's up to the traders to get him out to the Core Space.

3 Colours Up: Painting Stone Templar Part One – Base Coating


Welcome to this multi-part series where Romain will be taking one of the Primaris Marines from Warhammer 40k from Games Workshop and painting it to suit the style from our resident painter John's Stone Templar chapter.

WYSIWYGames’ War For The Planet Of The Apes Now On Kickstarter


Check out the trailer for the new game coming to Kickstarter soon!

Community Spotlight: Mad Orc Racers, Undead Dinosaurs & Smegheads!


We're delving back into the awesomeness that is Community Spotlight to look at your amazing hobby and painting work!

Ghar Outcasts Begin Their Gates Of Antares Rebellion


Warlord Games has unleashed a band of Ghar Outcast Rebels for those looking to build up their diminutive Sci-Fi force in Beyond The Gates Of Antares.

Retro Recall: Cyberpunk 2020


Ben talks about having his brain fried by this new role-playing game his friends found called Cyberpunk 2020.

The Companies Behind CoreBall


Justin chats with the guys from Burning Games and Big Child Creatives, the talented teams behind upcoming sci-fi miniature sports game Coreball.

Quell Rebels & Patrol On Dewbacks In Star Wars: Legion!


Fantasy Flight Games might be heading to The Clone Wars soon for Star Wars: Legion but in the meantime, you still have new options for those who love the classic trilogy.

Pint-Sized Roli Runseeker Joins The Victoria Miniatures Cast


Victoria Miniatures has designed a new miniature that you can choose as your 'Miniature Of The Month'.

Brutal Chaos Characters Take Command In Warhammer 40,000


Games Workshop is making sure that you have more command options when it comes to playing games with your Chaos Space Marines in Warhammer 40,000.

The Hunt Begins As Forge World Reveal New White Scars


The White Scars of the Horus Heresy featured prominently in the new book Malevolence. Now, Forge World have two new additions to their armies up for pre-order.

Salute 2019 Live Blog! ... 49 UPDATES!

2 weeks ago 2278

Welcome to the Salute 2019 Live Blog where we're going to be delving into all of the awesomeness from companies and clubs here down in London at the ExCel Centre.

Artel W Tease New April Miniatures Releases


Artel W Miniatures have kicked off their spring season with a preview of two wonderful women to add to your tabletop!

Let’s Play: Adeptus Titanicus


Start your battle engines, it's time for Cad from 4Ground to join Justin in the cage as they play Adeptus Titanicus from Games Workshop.

Micro Art Upgrade Their Infinity Objective Room


Micro Art have revealed the new design for their Objective Room, providing a new terrain piece for your games of Infinity.

FFG Showcases New TX-225 Combat Tank For Star Wars: Legion


The Galactic Empire has always recognized the ability of advanced weapons to sway the masses.

Choose Between Riches And Reputation In Among Thieves


In Among Thieves, players must work together to extort information from high-level employees in one of the largest corporations in the world. Balance your honour and your greed to ensure you're leaving with the most cash and a solid reputation as an honorable thief!

Making Your Own Epic Miniatures: The Grand Finale!


Four years after he first set out to make his own mini, DeadDave's model is finally finished and making its way to Salute. 

Bandua Lay Down 40K Objectives & Organise Your Painting Station


Bandua Wargames has been working away on a couple of new releases for you to get stuck into.

FFG Announce New Star Wars: Armada Expansion For 2019


The galaxy is at war. The Galactic Civil War rages across the stars, nowhere more fiercely than the lawless Mid and Outer Rim.

Community Spotlight: Chaotic Creations, Pesky Pan & Grizzled Viking Veterans


Come and join us for another look at some wonderful work by you folks in the community!

Aristeia! Welcome Alternate Full Metal Skin For Kozmo!


Corvus Belli has dropped a few morsels concerning what's coming up next for Aristeia! The update points to Kozmo getting herself a rather awesome new skin.

Let’s Play: War For The Planet Of The Apes


Justin is joined in the studio by Martin and Laurent from WYSIWYGames to show off Planet of the Apes: The Miniatures Board Game.

Paizo Take You Into Space Soon With Starfinder Beginner Box


Paizo will soon be releasing the Starfinder Beginner Box for those who want to delve into this role-playing game set during a distant future. 

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