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Ten Games To Watch Out For At Essen SPIEL ’18


Ben takes a look at ten games and expansions that he's interested in checking out at Essen SPIEL '18. If you've spotted something you think should be on our watchlist let us know in the comments below!

GameMat.Eu’s Necropolis Terrain & Mat Now Available


GameMat.Eu has now released their new Necropolis Terrain & Mat for you to use in your horrifying games set in the grimdark future. 

KLUKVA Unleash Dad Of Boi & Builds Their Team Of Heroes


KLUKVA Miniatures has now added a selection of pre-order options onto their webstore.

Obey The Law Or Face Artel W’s Riot Control Squad


Artel W Miniatures has designed a new set of tough law enforcement officers of the far future. Here we have the LEU: Riot Control Squad.

Albedo Combat Patrol ACP164 With Sally 4th


Today Sally 4th have joined the studio to talk about their new kickstarter game Albedo Combat Patrol.

Kromlech Build New Mighty Edifices For Their Hive City


Kromlech has been working away on more buildings for their Hive City. The Bits Of War collection expands!

Games Workshop’s Speed Freeks Race Onto Their Webstore Next Week


Games Workshop are bringing the Speed Freeks to the tabletop this weekend as this new boxed game goes up for pre-order.

Let’s Play – The Edge: Betrayal In The Motherforest

2 days ago 2

Pawel from Awaken Realms joins Justin in the studio to continue their campaign in The Edge.

FFG’s KeyForge Gets November 15th Release Date


Fantasy Flight Games has announced the date that launch parties will kick off for their new and frankly insane card game, KeyForge. November 15th will be the date when you'll be able to get your hands on it at your local stores.

VLOG: Space Hulk Table #2

4 days ago 12

Welcome to part two of my Space Hulk table Vlog! Let me show you how far I have gotten so far and some thoughts on how I have been constructing the kits. 

Fallout Wasteland Warfare Faction Chat: Brotherhood Of Steel


Let's fanboy over the coolest faction in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - The Brotherhood of Steel!

Corvus Belli’s Infinity 3rd Offensive Reveal Trailer Hits


The new reveal trailer for Corvus Belli's Third Offensive Expansion has been popped up onto the internet. Come and take a peek at what the future of Infinity holds.

A Roster Of Racers Hit The Tabletop Soon For Games Workshop’s Speed Freeks


A lot of people are excited to see the release of Speed Freeks, the new Space Ork game from Games Workshop and this week saw a full preview of pretty much all of the vehicles you'll be seeing in this set and your games of Warhammer 40,000.

Throw An Astronomical Event In UFO A Go-Go!


Host a party of galactic proportions in this new card game from Akupara Games! In UFO A Go-Go, players must host a party so epic that the entire galaxy wants to come - basically my Halloween plans, then!

VLOG: Space Hulk Table #1

5 days ago 18

Hello everybody! Welcome to the first part of my new vlog series where I get stuck into making an awesome table layout for Space Hulk!

Let’s Play: The Edge – The Hunters & The Prey


Welcome to the first episode in a ten part series where Justin and Pawel from Awaken Realms go head to head in The Edge, Faceless vs Reborn campaign booklet.

Warlord Games Meet Doctor Who’s Ancient Time Lords


If you didn't know already, Warlord Games has been working on Doctor Who miniatures for a while now and with the new series beginning on the BBC it's neat to see them still adding to the range with some Time Lords soon.

Roleplaying The 80s With Tales From The Loop – Part Three

6 days ago 5

Creating custom scenarios is very simple and, if your group takes control of describing your story collaboratively, they can be very fun, creative and interesting for storylines within your games.

Jump Into The End Times For The Punkapocalyptic Kickstarter


Bad Roll Games' Kickstarter to produce a starter set for their post-apocalyptic skirmish game Punkapocalyptic has begun counting down its final hours.

FFG Detail The Specialists Supporting Your Army In Star Wars: Legion


Fantasy Flight Games talked about the new Specialist Sets coming to Star Wars: Legion during Gen Con this year but this is one of the first times we get a proper look inside the boxes at what these new characters can do for your army.

Rule The Sky With Galactic Scoundrels


Sabotage, cheat, lie and betray your way to galactic domination in this space-western sci-fi adventure from Little Rock Games.

Fallout Unboxing: Brotherhood Of Steel Core Box


The guys from Modiphius show off the beautiful minis in the Brotherhood of Steel Core Box for Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

Privateer Announce Special Level 7 Omega Protocol Kickstarter Edition


Privateer Press has announced that they are going to be working on bringing back Level 7 Omega Protocol with a new edition, exclusive to Kickstarter. 

Kill Team Commanders Expansion Coming Soon From Games Workshop


Games Workshop continues to build on the success of Kill Team with a new expansion for the game called Commanders.

Privateer Press Send Monsterpocalypse Stomping Into Stores


Privateer Press have released their hotly anticipated game Monsterpocalypse into stores, letting you play out your monster vs giant mech fantasies. 

Raging Heroes Take Us To Church For Their Cathedral Prototype


Raging Heroes are working on finishing the products for their WarStages Kickstarter, and have revealed new images of the prototype for their Small and Large Cathedral.

Hunger Games Kickstarter Expansions & Stretch Goals

1 week ago 4

The Hunger Games Board Game has hit Kickstarter and we've got the stretch goal miniatures in the studio!

Fantasy Facades Bring Flat RPG Worlds To Life Now On Kickstarter


There is a campaign going on right now for a set of terrain pieces called Fantasy Facades by a new company called Bannerless Builds.

Space Hulk Tactics Hobby Challenge: Create A Project For A Chance To WIN

1 week ago 12

OnTableTop is teaming up with Cyanide Studio, Focus Home Interactive, and Games Workshop, the folks behind the new Space Hulk: Tactics video game, to bring you a new Hobby Project Challenge!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Launches On Kickstarter!


Pledge allegiance to the Mockingjay or crush the rebellion under President Snow's boot in this new Hunger Games area control board game from River Horse.

Engage In More Encounters With New Scythe Deck Expansion


In the summer of 2018, Scythe creator Jamey Stegmaier asked fans to design new events to be added into the 1920s alt-historical board game.  Now he has selected his favourites and compiled them into a new encounter deck.

Deep Cut Lay Out A New Mat For The Drowned Earth


Deep Cut Studio has now released a new official mat which can be used for The Drowned Earth. Check out this cityscape, reclaimed by nature. 

Comment & Like To Win Yourself Some New Necropolis GameMat.Eu Terrain


GameMat.Eu has previewed one of their new projects! The Necropolis is going to be a new set of pre-painted terrain and a new mat too.

Roleplaying The 80s With Tales From The Loop – Part Two


In this article we're going to discuss a variety of resources that can be used to create your adventures and make them more interesting.

Corvus Belli Tease New Infinity Expansion, Third Offensive


Corvus Belli is teasing a new expansion for the world of Infinity. The Third Offensive is coming later this month.

Kromlech Erect A Mighty Arch In Memory Of Victories Past


Kromlech has created a massive piece of terrain which would work as the centrepiece of a tabletop for a game like Warhammer 40,000. Here we have the Imperial Triumphal Arch.

Play Fetch With New Warhound Titans For Adeptus Titanicus


Adeptus Titanicus is expanding this weekend with more new models from Games Workshop.

GameMat.Eu Open Up Ticket Sales For Prague Open 2019!


GameMat.Eu is hosting their Prague Open 2019 wargaming event next February (16th-17th), featuring two days of intense gaming for Warhammer 40,000, Age Of Sigmar, Blood Bowl and Kill Team. 

Crush The Creatures Of The Iron Valley in The Boldest


The forgotten creatures of the forest awoke from their slumber and nobody knows for sure what is lurking in the Iron Valley.

Sally 4th Releases New Albedo Combat Patrol Range


Sally 4th has now released their new Albedo Combat Patrol which has anthropomorphic soldiers battling it out in the far future. 

Let’s Play: Flicky Spaceships

3 weeks ago 3

Buckle up as we blast off with Flicky Spaceships, a dexterity based board game for all the family from Room 17 Games.

Osprey Working With Dayglo & Cornwell On Upcoming Judge Dredd Game


Osprey Games are going to be working with two famous 2000 AD artists on their upcoming Judge Dredd game The Cursed Earth. 

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