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GF9 Expands Battlefield In A Box Range With Hextech!


Gale Force Nine has announced a new addition to their Battlefield In A Box range. A new partnership has come together as they have worked with Thunderhead Studio to produce a new fully painted Sci-Fi terrain for use in your smaller-scale mech games like BattleTech, Steel Rift and the like!

New Siege Of Cthonia Book For Warhammer: The Horus Heresy


Warhammer: The Horus Heresy also got a little bit of a preview as part of the Adepticon coverage. A new book, The Siege Of Cthonia, is the return of Games Workshop's Black Books for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy and charts the fate of the Warmaster's home planet.

Gallowfall! Squats Vs Beastmen In New 40K Kill Team Boxed Set!


Whilst the big battles of Warhammer 40,000 are being fought out by the Imperium, deep within the Gallowdark we're seeing a smaller conflict play out. The Leagues Of Votann are going to be clashing with Fellgore Ravagers in Games Workshop's Kill Team.

Lion El’Jonson Returns To Warhammer 40K In Arks Of Omen


Valrak was right. The Lion has returned to Warhammer 40,000 with a brand-new miniature from Games Workshop. A new Primarch for the forces of the Imperium now joins his Battle Brother as they look to take down Vashtorr and the other forces of Chaos that have amassed as part of the Arks Of Omen series.

10th Edition Warhammer 40K Announced! Free Rules & More!


It will come as no surprise to a lot of folks that a new edition of Warhammer 40,000 has been announced by Games Workshop at Adepticon. 10th Edition is on the way offering up their streamlined take on grimdark Sci-Fi wargaming.

Unboxing: Stargrave – Side Hustle | Osprey Games

1 day ago 4

Gerry gets stuck into a new Unboxing for Stargrave. The Side Hustle Card Deck from Osprey Games is a perfect way for you to mix up your objectives in this 28mm Sci-Fi skirmish game.

Ahsoka Tano Miniature Leaps Into Star Wars: Legion Soon


A fan-favourite character from the Star Wars universe might be coming to Shatterpoint later this year but they will also be leaping into Star Wars: Legion too. Ahsoka Tano is going to be getting an Operative Expansion soon for use during your Sci-Fi battles.

Indie Of The Week ... 18 UPDATES!

2 days ago 11

Check out our Indie Of The Week picks from each OnTableTop Weekender! Whether it's a great Sci-Fi wargaming range, a new Fantasy epic or something for the discerning Historical wargamer, you'll be able to find our weekly segments within!

Did You Miss Archon Studio’s Grizzly 28mm Wolverine Tank?


Archon Studio recently released one of their most sought-after 28mm plastic kits. The Wolverine Tank was made available at the end of February and I thought it would be handy to remind folks that if you didn't snap it up, you might want to scoop it up for your Sci-Fi armies, grimdark or otherwise.

Corvus Belli Drop More Details Of REM Racers, Coming Soon!


Corvus Belli has dropped some more close-up details of the Remotes and the various Pilots that you're going to be able to pick up and play when you give REM Racers a shot. This new, family-weight board game is going to be coming to retail soon.

The Steel Legion Fight Back Into Warhammer 40K Soon!


As well as offering up options to play out the battles happening as part of the Arks Of Omen series, Games Workshop has also put together some new Made To Order offerings for Warhammer 40,000 and the Steel Legion Of Armageddon.

T’au & Orks Clash In New Warhammer 40K’s Arks Of Omen


Games Workshop are moving the Arks Of Omen storyline forward with the pre-orders for Farsight going live this weekend. You'll be able to dive into a new Warhammer 40,000 clash between the T'au Empire and the Orks and take a step away from the Imperium and Chaos battle for a moment. 

Commander Dante Gets A Primaris Upgrade For Warhammer 40K


Games Workshop have revealed a better look at the new miniature for Commander Dante of the Blood Angels. He is going to be soaring into your games of Warhammer 40,000, looking to stick it to Chaos!

Bakunin Observance Themed Week: Demo Game – Bakunin VS Military Orders | Infinity

1 week ago 0

You can now get your hands on the new Bakunin Observance Action Pack and more for Corvus Belli's Infinity. In this video, get stuck into a demo game where the Bakunin Observance Action Pack goes up against the Military Orders of PanOceania.

Community Spotlight: Lumbering Monsters, A Busty Dredd & Grimdark Assassins


We have a look at some fantastic Moonstone miniatures, a stunning bust for the mighty Judge Dredd and also a deadly grimdark Assassin.

Bakunin Observance Themed Week – Action Pack & Beyond | Infinity

1 week ago 0

You can now get your hands on the new Bakunin Observance Action Pack and more for Corvus Belli's Infinity. In this video, the folks at Corvus Belli talk about where you can go next with your new Bakunin Observance miniatures. It's time to take this Action Pack to Infinity and Beyond!

Bakunin Observance Themed Week – Unit Profiles | Infinity

1 week ago 1

You can now get your hands on the new Bakunin Observance Action Pack and more for Corvus Belli's Infinity. Dive into the Bakunin Observance once more as Corvus Belli go through the Unit Profiles that you'll get to play with when diving into these new miniature sets!

Armour Battlegroups Join TTCombat’s Dropzone Commander


TTCombat has fired up pre-orders for a new set of Armour Battlegroups that you can drop into your games of Dropzone Commander. There are options for all of the factions that come with a selection of neat vehicles and more for bolstering armies. 

Bakunin Observance Themed Week – Concept Designs | Infinity


You can now get your hands on the new Bakunin Observance Action Pack and more for Corvus Belli's Infinity. See how the Bakunin Observance and more came to life with this Concept Design video!

Tyranids Clash With Terminators In New Warhammer 40K Teaser


Games Workshop dropped a new teaser over the weekend pointing towards something interesting happening with Warhammer 40,000. Could we be seeing a return to Space Hulk or will this classic match-up end up being part of Kill Team or Boarding Actions?

Awaken Realms Announce New Nemesis Board Game, Retaliation!


Awaken Realms has recently announced they are going to be diving back into the world of Nemesis with a new Gamefound campaign coming later this year! Nemesis: Retaliation puts you on the offensive and has you hunting down dangerous alien foes in this Sci-Fi board game.

Bakunin Observance Action Pack – Faction Spotlight | Infinity


Learn more about the Bakunin Observance with this Faction Spotlight video! It's always fun diving into the fluff and background for Corvus Belli's Infinity!

Ashwood Stranger Claims Bounties In Necromunda Soon


Games Workshop has added a new character into the mix for those looking to deliver justice in the Underhive and across the Ash Wastes of Necromunda. Ashwood Stranger is preparing to hunt down no-good criminals and serve up vengeance in his own way. 

Bakunin Observance Action Pack Unboxing | Infinity


You can now get your hands on the new Bakunin Observance Action Pack and more for Corvus Belli's Infinity. Dive into the recent Unboxing of what you have coming!

Infinity’s Bakunin Observance Bundle Pre-Orders Live Now!


Pre-orders are now live for the new Bakunin Observance Bundle tomorrow! 9th March starts off the pre-order period for the new Action Pack, Dire Foes Pack and Exclusive Miniature that you can use in your games of Corvus Belli's Infinity!

The Stalwart Minka Lesk Joins The Fight In Warhammer 40,000


Games Workshop has shown off a new 28mm miniature coming to their grimdark world of Warhammer 40,000. Previously at the forefront of many Black Library stories, Minka Lesk is ready to lead the fight for the Astra Militarum with a new miniature!

Games Workshop To Start Recycling Old Plastic Sprues!


Games Workshop has announced that they are going to be starting to recycle plastic sprues and more at their high street stores. You can bring your official plastic sprues, old miniatures and paint pots to your local store and throw them into their sprue bins. 

Pre-Order New Dark Angels Vs Vashtorr Set For Warhammer 40,000!


Games Workshop are going to be taking pre-orders for the newest Arks Of Omen book this weekend. Warhammer 40,000's unfolding story continues with Vashtorr besieging The Rock and battling against the forces of the Dark Angels on their home turf. 

New Infinity Bakunin Action Pack Revealed By Corvus Belli!


Corvus Belli has dropped their new reveal trailer for a brand new Action Pack for Infinity AND a host of additional miniatures coming in the run-up to Adepticon.

Farsight Battles Snikrot In Latest Warhammer 40,000 Preview


Games Workshop held a little open day this past weekend and showcased some new miniatures for Warhammer 40,000. Commander Farsight and the T'au Empire are going to be battling against the forces of Snikrot and his Orks as the Arks Of Omen series continues. 

Commander Cody Joins The Fight In Star Wars: Legion Soon


Atomic Mass Games dropped another preview for Star Wars: Legion this week. Clone Commander Cody is going to be getting a new Commander Expansion for use in your Clone Wars-era battles in the Sci-Fi world of Star Wars.

Community Spotlight: Deadzone, The Alamo & Terminator Wargaming Reborn!


Join us this week for a look at some Deadzone as well as a battle at The Alamo and also the resurgence of The Terminator in miniature game form.

Atomic Mass Games Talk Gameplay In Star Wars: Shatterpoint


Atomic Mass Games has been talking more about gameplay for their upcoming Star Wars miniatures game, Star Wars: Shatterpoint. We're still yet to see any gameplay videos but we do have some new articles looking at squad building and gameplay basics for this new game.

A New Material & Event Exclusive Miniature For Infinity In 2023


Corvus Belli dropped a few more announcements over the last day or so concerning the future of Infinity! We start with the news that they are going to be working with a new material for some of the miniatures in their range.

Let’s Play: BOT WAR | Traders Galaxy


It's here! Join us for a Let's Play of BOT WAR from Traders Galaxy. In this game, we show you how to play BOT WAR and run through gameplay basics for this 10mm Sci-Fi miniatures wargame. 

Corvus Belli Announces New Board Game, REM Racers!


Corvus Belli has dropped a reveal trailer for their new board game that will be hitting retail soon. REM Racers is set within the world of Infinity and has you playing as those trying to push their Remotes to their limits and get over the finish line in a fun and funky racing affair!

Kromlech Preview The Return Of Their Cyber Samurai Sci-Fi Range


Kromlech has been showing off some of the updated bitz that are going to be coming to their webstore soon to support their Cyber Samurai! You'll be able to craft a legion of augmented futuristic Samurai for use in your Sci-Fi wargames very soon.

3D Print Valkyries, Priests & Sacrifices For Wargames Atlantic


Wargames Atlantic have been showing off a whole host of 3D Printable miniatures for their Atlantic Digital offering over on MyMiniFactory. There are plenty of interesting options once again that cover Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Historical wargaming. 

Protect The Skies With Artel W’s Darting Ospreys Warriors


Artel W Miniatures haven't quite launched these new miniatures into the skies of grimdark Sci-Fi worlds yet but the new Darting Ospreys are looking very nice. If you're eager to add to your Space Elf armies then watch out for what Artel have planned.

New Hulking “Lawtomata” Crush Crime In Necromunda Soon


Want to lay down the law in Necromunda? If the Palanite Enforcers can't subjugate the crowd then they might want to call on their hulking Sanctioner Pattern Automata to do the business for them. You have thirty seconds to comply...

Bring The Talent Of Asajj Ventress To Star Wars: Legion Soon


Previewed earlier this month, we're soon going to be seeing the deadly Asajj Ventress making a name for herself on the tabletop in Star Wars: Legion. A new Atomic Mass Games Operative Expansion is on the way for this killer apprentice in the service of the Sith and the Separatist Alliance. 

Explore Immortal Tombs With Warcradle Scenics’ New Set!


Warcradle and the Warcradle Scenics crew have been showing off some amazing new Sci-Fi terrain for you to explore with your grimdark armies. This time around, your forces are delving deep into Immortal Tombs!

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