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Kromlech’s Iron Reich Orcs Pile Into Their Headkrasha Transport


Kromlech have released a new transporta halftrakk to carry the greenskins of the Iron Reich, the Headkrasha.

Gamemat.Eu Bubble Up Their Pre-Painted Chem Zone Terrain

6 recently published images of their upcoming pre-painted Chem Zone Terrain.

Boba Fett Movie In The Works By James Mangold


James Mangold, the Director behind the rather superb outing for Wolverine that was Logan, is going to be at the helm of the new Boba Fett movie spin-off.

Bandua Wargames Produce Two New Imperial City Mats


Bandua Wargames has released two new game mats onto their webstore. Their focus is on an Imperial City with the first showing it off in full, ancient machinery churning away in the background and the second lost in a winter storm.

The Doctor Arrives To Rock Battlefront’s Open Day


On the 30th of June, Battlefront will be hosting their UK open day. But it’s not just the Battlefront team who will be in attendance, as a certain Time Lord is ready to rock the party.

Games Workshop To Launch New Warhammer Adventures Book Series


Games Workshop and Black Library this week announced that they would be working with Cavan Scott and Tom Huddleston on a range of books, Warhammer Adventures, designed to introduce younger readers and gamers into the world of Age Of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000.

Celestial Painting Competition – Week #2 Judges Comments


We’re back for Week #2 as we look at more progress and see how the painters are getting along.

Defend Your Downed Sci-Fi Ship With Blotz’s New Terrain


Blotz is a terrain maker which I hadn’t heard about until today. But, they drew my attention with this new terrain for your Sci-Fi games. Maybe you’d find a place for this on a Star Wars: Legion table?

GameCraft Are Tournament Ready With New Legion & Bolt Action Trays


GameCraft Miniatures has two new Tournament Trays for you to check out on their webstore. The first of these is for use with Bolt Action models.

Diemension Games’ Beautiful Celestial Miniatures Now Available


Dimension Games has now opened up their webstore offering you a chance to get your hands on three of their amazing Celestial Miniatures range.

VLOG: Painting Star Wars Legion Snowtroopers For Tabletop


If you haven’t seen we recently unboxed the newest addition to Star Wars Legion, the Snowtroopers & General Veers. Now it’s time to Paint ’em.

Boss Nass Leads The Gungans Into Star Wars: Destiny


Fantasy Flight Games has dropped more teasers for the new Way Of The Force expansion to Star Wars: Destiny. This time the focus was on the Gungans led by Boss Nass.

Puppets War Go Full Tilt At Alien Cavalry


Puppets War have published a couple of previews, including an update on their upcoming alien cavalry, now wielding long lances.

Ouroboros Miniatures Preview New AI Busts For Kickstarter


You might remember that Ouroboros Miniatures were on Kickstarter not long ago funding their CP_New Skin project which sought to create a wonderful Cyberpunk bust. Well, they are now back with three new projects.

Modiphius Announce Star Trek Adventures Starter Set


Modiphius are making it easier than ever to delve into their world of Star Trek Adventures with a new Starter Set which is on the horizon.

Unboxing: Star Wars Legion – Snow Troopers & General Veers


Today John and myself are looking into the new expansions for Star Wars Legion from Fantasy Flight Games, today we’re looking at the awesome Snow Troopers and General Veers.

Plast Craft Offer Up New Miniatures Only EXO Pledge


Plast Craft Games has offered up a new Pledge Level for wargamers and miniature gamers.

Build Your Own Tombworld With 3D Alien Worlds’ Terrain


3D Alien Worlds really love their Necrons. With that in mind, they have designed a range of 3D Printable Terrain that would be a perfect fit for someone looking to build their own Tombworld.

New Warhammer 40K Harlequins Codex Available This Weekend


Games Workshop, after a weekend of massive news, has settled down to let us know that Codex: Harlequins is coming to Warhammer 40,000 this weekend.

The Dronescourge & More Strike In Warlord’s Beyond The Gates Of Antares


Warlord Games has released a whole bunch of new awesome stuff on their webstore for Beyond The Gates Of Antares. The story moves forward with a new supplement for the game, The Dronescourge Returns!

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