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Grab Some Grub With Antenocitis At Ho Lee Fooks


Antenocitis’ Workshop has added a superb new building to their terrain collection for use in Infinity.

Stream Archives: Painting Adeptus Titanicus Part Four


Join me as I’m painting up the titan of the Adeptus Titanicus in Part Four of an all week live stream.

AEG Close In On Final Hours For Thunderstone Quest Back To The Dungeon Kickstarter

2 days ago 2

There are but a few days left on the Kickstarter campaign for Thunderstone Quest by AEG!

KLUKVA Miniatures Receive Finished Lady Speedster


KLUKVA Miniatures has received their finalised Not-Tracer miniature from Piotr Kupper.

Stream Archives: Painting Adeptus Titanicus Part Three


John me as I’m painting up the titan of the Adeptus Titanicus in Part Three of an all week live stream.

Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid Hits Kickstarter From Renegade!


Renegade Game Studios are on Kickstarter right now funding their new game, Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid.

CMON Unveil Heroes & Villains From Starcadia Quest


CMON has begun their previews for Starcadia Quest, their new game coming to Kickstarter 28th August 2018.

Gaia Bosses Take Command From Bad Squiddo Games


Bad Squiddo Games has a new release for the Ghosts Of Gaia collection. With their gangs looking for leadership they turn to the Gaia Bosses to lead the way.

Deep Cut Create A New Mat Fit For Adeptus Titanicus


Deep Cut Studio is getting just as excited about playing Adeptus Titanicus as the rest of us and so have created this awesome Titanicus Mat for you to use in your games, all scaled to the massive walkers of the grimdark far future.

Frank Herbert’s DUNE Games Coming To The Tabletop


Gale Force Nine and Modiphius announced this week that they are going to be working on a range of tabletop games for Frank Herbert’s well-renowned Sci-Fi series, DUNE.

Games Workshop Revamp A Classic With Upcoming Speed Freeks!


Games Workshop is going to revamping yet another classic from their earlier years.

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Sponsored With Pax Transhumanity


The latest offering from Matt Eklund at Sierra Madre games proves that Ayn Rand is alive, well, and designing board games as Pax Transhumanity argues that the future is for sale.

Pick Up Aren & His Playthings For Dark Age


Whilst this set has been out for a while we didn’t actually get to talk about it when it did! Aren & His Playthings was one of the latest sets to release from CMON for Dark Age.

Stream Archives: Adeptus Titanicus Part Two

5 days ago 3

Join me as I’m painting up the titan of the Adeptus Titanicus in Part One of an all week live stream.

New Laser Towers & Cargo Crates Drop From Micro Art Studio


Micro Art Studio has a few new products in their collection this month for those that play Star Wars: Legion.

Unboxing: Firefly Adventures – Brigands & Browncoats


Justin and Ryan unbox one of Justin’s picks from Gen Con 2017: Firefly Adventures – Brigands & Browncoats by Gale Force Nine.

Infinity EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: ALEPH Rebots


We have another awesome sneaky peek for you today from the folks at Corvus Belli. Here we have the ALEPH Rebots…

Grab Your Free Genestealer Cult Necromunda Download


Forge World and Games Workshop has provided a free download for including Genestealer Cults in your Necromunda games.

FFG Go Back To The Clone Wars In Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire


Fantasy Flight Games are stepping back in time to the Clone Wars with a new Era Supplement for Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire.

Space Wolves Clash With Genestealer Cultists In Tooth & Claw


Games Workshop has another boxed game for Warhammer 40,000 for you to check out.

Adeptus Titanicus Unboxing: Rules Set & Warlord Titan

1 week ago 31

We’re looking at the contents of the Rules Set and Warlord Titan for Games Workshop’s new titan battling game Adeptus Titanicus.

FFG Update KeyForge Rulebook With Bundles Of Background


You can currently download both the Quick Start Rules and Full Rulebook for KeyForge.

Battle Foam Collect Together New Necromunda/Kill Team Foam


A large array of new Foam options and Carry Cases have been offered up from Battle Foam for those who are playing games like Necromunda or Kill Team. 

Brother Vinni Tune In With Their Radioman Release


Brother Vinni has released another 35mm model for their Sci-Fi collection. Here is their Radioman figure that you might want to snap up as a hobbyist or painter…

Join The Great Wargaming Survey 2018!


The Great Wargaming Survey from Wargames Soldiers & Strategy is now live!

Micro Art Design The Kokkyo District For Your Infinity Games


Micro Art Studio has designed some new terrain for those looking to create the Kokkyo District on the tabletop in games of Infinity.

Super Star Destroyers Come To FFG’s Star Wars: Armada


Fantasy Flight Games unveiled another new ship for Star Wars: Armada at Gen Con last week. Here we have the mighty Super Star Destroyer which is going to be destroying planets and decimating entire fleets.

GameMat.Eu Release New Kill Team Worthy Double-Sided Mat


The team at GameMat.Eu has put together their Fallout Zone & Quarantine Zone mat designs into one Double-Sided Mat

Adeptus Titanicus Levels Entire Cities With Its Arrival This Weekend


Games Workshop will be putting Adeptus Titanicus up for pre-order on their webstore this weekend. This massive game of Titans and Knights battling each other across entire cityscapes is looking very snazzy indeed.

Tiny Epic Mechs Previewing At Gen Con


It’s not the size of the gun that matters – it’s what you do with it that counts.

Munchkin + Warhammer 40K; Has Science Gone Too Far?


“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” – Jurassic Park

Community Spotlight: Epic 40k, DUST Walkers & Praetorian Imperial Guard

2 weeks ago 11

We’re back with another round-up of awesome community projects from the forums and project system today!

Steamforged Games Announce Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game


Steamforged Games has announced a partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe and Guerrilla to produce a board game based in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Let The Wookie Win! New Star Wars: Legion Releases Announced


Star Wars: Legion expands in the near future with a look towards allies on both sides of the galactic conflict.

Space Marine Adventures & BlitzBowl Land At Gen Con


Games Workshop is bringing two new boxed games to Gen Con this year.

FFG Announce Richard Garfield’s New Card Game, KeyForge


KeyForge has been causing quite the storm over at Gen Con.

Unboxing: Spellcrow – Shock Troopers

2 weeks ago 4

Today John and Justin open a box of Shock Troopers Miniatures from Spellcrow!

Gen7: A New Frontier For Plaid Hat Games


Fans of Dead of Winter will be ecstatic to hear that Plaid Hat Games have released a new Crossroads format game, and it’s out of this world.

Hite Studio Create Alien Interiors With Bio-Craft Kickstarter


Hite Studio is closing in on the final hours for their Bio-Craft Terrain Kickstarter which brings an array of new options to the tabletop for someone wanting to create alien-inspired interior landscapes on the tabletop.

House Cawdor & Easy Turf Wars Coming To Necromunda This Week


Games Workshop is expanding on the grimdark world of Necromunda this week as they add House Cawdor into the mix for your gang wars beneath the girders and sewage pipes of the Hive Cities. You will find them inside this […]

New Post-Apocalyptic Terrain Landing Soon From PlastCraft Games!

3 weeks ago 21

PlastCraft Games has given us a preview of some of the new Post-Apocalyptic ColorED Terrain which is coming out soon.

Follow Privateer Press’ Brewgrosh From Concept To Miniature


One of the many reasons that Gen Con is truly the Best Four Days In Gaming includes the brilliant use of gaming related theming all weekend long!