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Painting Tips Perfect For ANY Ork Kit | Kromlech Deffstomper 40K Project


We're back with the second part of our Gerry Can Kromlech Deffstomper 40K Project as he shows off hobby and painting tips that would suit ANY Ork Kit

What Was Revealed At Fantasy Flight Games’ In-Flight Report 2021?


Fantasy Flight Games has dropped the new In-Flight Report at GenCon this year for 2021. What got revealed? Well, here is a little commentary on what we thought of some of the announcements from this year's event.

Kromlech Drop More Teasers For Orktober 2021! Bikes, Mechs & More


Kromlech is firing things up for the Sci-Fi awesomeness that is Orktober 2021. We're still a month out but Kromlech has dropped a bunch of new trailers and teasers showing off some of the new kits that you're going to be able to snap up. 

Deep-Cut Defend A Craftworld With Newest Game Mat


The folks at Deep-Cut Studio have been showing off a new gaming mat which is available in a range of sizes and materials. Either play as a dying race looking to defend their ruined homeworld or an invading force looking to despoil an ancient planet with their Craftworld mat.

Unboxing: Classic Fantasy Lizardmen | Wargames Atlantic

1 day ago 6

Gerry unboxes another of the Classic Fantasy wargaming miniatures sets by Wargames Atlantic. This time around we're delving into the 28mm plastic Lizardmen set!

Community Spotlight: Bolt Action Battles, Battletech & Beast Snagga Orks!


We get a look at a rather unique battle report, some Battletech for John and a bunch of bright and poppy (also angry) Orks!

All Prospectors Revealed For Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid


Corvus Belli has revealed more of the Prospector miniatures which are going to be popping up for the various corporations in Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid. We've seen a couple of them already but this week we got the reveal for the other two. Here are the ones we missed!

FFG’s KeyForge Takes A Hiatus But New Set Coming!


Fantasy Flight Games has announced that KeyForge, their unique card game, is taking a hiatus. Both the pandemic and an unfortunate problem with a broken algorithm have forced the game to take a break but it will be returning in the future.

Quarantine 37 First Impressions: Zombies, Bugs & Solo Play | Stargrave

2 days ago 11

Packed with Plague Zombies, Bugs and rules for Solo Play, we take a peek at what's included as part of Quarantine 37, the first big expansion for Stargrave by Osprey Games!

The Best Alternative RPG World Yet? Degenesis! | SIXMOREVODKA Game Interview


Gerry interviews Liam from SIXMOREVODKA about the world and background behind Degenesis, their Primal Punk tabletop roleplaying game. Learn about what makes this the best alternative RPG world yet.

Suit Up In Your Van Saar Servo-Suit For Necromunda


Games Workshop has previewed another very impressive-looking miniature for us in Necromunda. Van Saar get all of the nicest technology and their new Servo-suit is very impressive indeed. 

Check Out Eldfall Chronicles’ Pledge Manager, Don’t Miss Out!


Freecompany did nicely on Kickstarter when looking to fund Eldfall Chronicles but you can still get your hands on the game and its miniatures! Eldfall Chronicles is now available via their Pledge Manager until 8th October 2021. 

Mantic Games Fire Up Pre-Orders For Deadzone 3rd Edition!


Mantic Games has been firing up pre-orders for the newest edition of their Sci-Fi skirmish game, Deadzone. Third Edition is on the way with a brand new Starter Set PLUS loads of options for those who are veterans of the game. 

Yue Minerals Fire Up Their Infinity TAG Raid Prospector


Corvus Belli has shown off another of the Prospector miniatures which is going to be available as part of the core box for Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid. Here we have the option from the folks at Yue Minerals.

Atomic Mass Preview The Shadow Collective For Star Wars: Legion


Atomic Mass Games fired up MiniStravaganza yesterday and one of the big reveals was a new range of miniatures for Star Wars: Legion. If you've watched through The Clone Wars animated series then you'll be very eager to see these characters hitting the tabletop!

40K Kill Team Painting Tutorial – How To Paint A Death Korps Of Krieg Veteran


John shows you How To Paint a 28mm Death Korps Of Krieg Veteran from the newest Warhammer 40K: Kill Team boxed set, Octarius. 

Smash Ya Foes Wiv A Big Orky Squeeg From Wargame Exclusive


If you want a neat alternative miniature to lead your boyz into battle then have a peek at this new Sci-Fi Ork from Wargame Exclusive. Here we have the Ork Boss With Squeeghammer who looks far too happy with his job. 

Corvus Belli Preview Infinity Releases October 2021!


Some more stunning miniatures are coming out from the folks at Corvus Belli for Infinity this October. We have new support options for Code One as well as additional characters you can throw into your regular Sci-Fi games of Infinity too. 

Five Dune Titles To Explore On The Tabletop!


If you have caught the Dune bug, and are looking to explore what's beyond our reach and witness the outpour of Dune on the tabletop, whether it be a board game or RPG - there are certainly a good few choices to dip into. 

Unboxing: Iron Commissar & Alternative Head Options | Wargame Exclusive


We get stuck into another unboxing from Wargame Exclusive. This time around we're looking at the Iron Commissar miniature and some alternative head options for your other Commissars.

Meet TAG Raid’s Minescorp Prospector & Watch A Demo Game!


Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid is coming to Kickstarter pretty soon from the folks at Corvus Belli. This Sci-Fi board game features some pretty awesome looking TAGs already but we also got a peek at another coming to the tabletop. Meet the Minescorp Prospector.

Snag Limited Edition Solphia Miniature From Raging Heroes!


The folks at Raging Heroes have put together a limited edition deal for those who are looking to buy miniatures from them right now. If you spend over ninety-nine Euros with them over on their webstore then you'll get the mighty Solphia, The Covert Guardian added for free.

Kromlech Unleash The Odyssian Knight On Sci-Fi Battlefields


Kromlech has been tinkering away on a new release for those who like a bit of kit-bashing. Fancy making your grimdark knight look a little more unique? Well, you can now pick up the Odyssian Knight from their webstore. 

Save Planet Earth As Your Own Autobot In Transformers RPG


Renegade Game Studios have been busy! With RenegadeCon just passed by, there were some incredible RPG announcements, and now players can enrol into their own Autobot team and take control of bringing down the devious Decepticons in the Transformers RPG. 

The RPG Company That Blew Our Minds! | SIXMOREVODKA Designer Interview


Join us for a Designer Interview with the team from SIXMOREVODKA. You might remember them as the RPG company that blew our minds with Degenesis as part of Indie Of The Week!

Unboxing: Imperial Prowler & Mechanic Adept Cepo | Wargame Exclusive


Two familiar-looking droids are up for unboxing as we look at the 32mm Imperial Prowler & Mechanic Adept Cepo from Wargame Exclusive for your grimdark Sci-Fi wargames.

Community Spotlight: Elven Fleets, Five Parsecs From Home & Gladiators!


We take a look at some excellent painting for gladiatorial combat on the tabletop, some mighty Elven ships and finally a bit of Five Parsecs From Home!

Face Down Plague Zombies From North Star In Stargrave!


We showed off some of the pre-orders that were available from North Star Military Figures last week for Osprey Games' Sci-Fi skirmisher, Stargrave. Well, we now got peeks at the Plague Zombies which are going to be shambling out of the shadows to hunt your crew!

Da Orks Iz Back For Warhammer 40K Dis Weekend! Waaagh!


The big green boyz are back for Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 this weekend. Pre-orders are going live for the Codex alongside a new Combat Patrol set and lots more for those who missed out on the launch box.

Galactic Transmission Issue #2 Now Available From Traders Galaxy


Well in July Anthony released the first of Traders Galaxy's digital magazines with the promise that it would become a regular bi-monthly if people wanted it, and it seems like the masses have spoken and the brand spanking new second edition of Galactic Transmission is now available. So let's take a look at what people can expect from issue 2. 

StudioLevel Website Launch Makes It Simple To Build Your Table


Over the past few years, StudioLevel has run eight Kickstarters for a variety of terrain sets and game aids and now they have launched their own website and store so the catalogue is available for people who missed out to get their hands on some lovely bits of resin, or something more bespoke.

Dropzone Commander Painting Tutorial – PHR Enyo Heavy Walker


We're back with a simple painting tutorial that will help you paint up your Enyo Heavy Walkers from the PHR faction in TTCombat's 10mm wargame, Dropzone Commander.

Hardcore Are A Leaf On The Wind With New Crew Miniatures


Hardcore Miniatures has built on their Rogue Trader Crew with a selection of brand new characters for you to throw into the mix. If you're heading out into the depths of space and your aiming to misbehave then you might want to get a closer look at these Sci-Fi miniatures.

Kromlech Fire Up Their Summer Sale This Week!


Kromlech has now fired up their Summer Sale which gives you up to 20% off a fair selection of their range. It's like Christmas has come early, especially if you're in the mood to pick up some new terrain!

Community Spotlight: Bits N’ Bobs, Eternal Crusaders & Beaky Bobby!


We get a look at a mix and match of different things in this week's community spotlight plus some Black Templars and a return to Moonstone. It was inevitable!

TTCombat Build New Modular Sci-Fi Orc Fortresses


TTCombat has been previewing some of their new Sci-Fi terrain which is going to be landing this weekend. The focus is on some fun new Orc stuff starting with the modular Orc Sektor. 

Roll Out New Droid & Clone Support Vehicles For Star War: Legion


Atomic Mass Games are focusing on a few new releases for Star Wars: Legion to bolster the forces of the Separatists and Republic during The Clone Wars.

Stargrave: Quarantine 37 Miniature Pre-Orders Now Live!


North Star Military Figures are now taking pre-orders for a selection of metal miniatures to use in Osprey Games' Sci-Fi skirmish wargame, Stargrave. Quarantine 37 is coming this September featuring shambling Plague Zombies and more.

Fight As A Guardian In D&Destiny Roleplaying Game Fan Project


Velvet Fang has been working away on an awesome fan project which brings together the 5th Edition rules of Dungeons & Dragons and the over-the-top action of the Destiny video games. Dungeons & Destiny features reworked and tweaked mechanics for playing as badass Sci-Fi Guardians!

Warhammer+ Launches 25th August – Will You Be Signing Up?


Games Workshop is going to launching Warhammer+ this week on 25th August. This will give you a chance to watch their new Warhammer Animations like Hammer And Bolter plus fix your peepers on their own shows and a back catalogue of digital content.

The Mighty Thunderjaw Hits Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game


For those who have been hitting the Hunter's Lodge as part of the Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game campaign, you will be delighted to know that Steamforged Games has announced the date for the next expansion coming to the title, and this beast is no small feat. The Thunderjaw expansion is on its way, now available to pre-order. 

Meet The God-Busta Coming This Orktober From Kromlech!


Kromlech are getting ready for another immense Orktober this year and they have revealed one of the HUGE kits which is going to be available in a few month's time. See what you make of the God-Busta! It seems suitably Orky AND the video is excellent.

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