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Blood & Plunder



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We take a look at your feedback from last week and get tasked with an interesting challenge!

Community Spotlight: Animal Priests, Piles O’ Corpses & Shipshape Sloops


What has been picked out for Community Spotlight this week?

Tales Of Blood & Plunder – Brethren Of The Coast VS French Caribbean Militia


Tales Of Blood & Plunder – Logwood Cutters VS Spanish Caribbean Militia


Tales of Blood & Plunder: French Caribbean Militia Vs. English Buccaneers


Who are you betting your gold on?

Firelock Games Preview Native American Box For Blood & Plunder


Looking ahead to 2018 we’re going to be seeing the No Peace Beyond The Line range coming to Firelock Games’ Blood & Plunder. With that in mind, they previewed the Starter Box for the Native American Nationality.

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Weekender XLBS: Will SAGA 2 Be Da Bomb & The Perfect Infinity Accessory?


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2nd Edition and Ben loses his
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Monkeys With Guns + New Sculpts For Blood & Plunder Arrive Onshore


Don’t worry. The world of Blood & Plunder hasn’t changed to a Fantasy one. They have just shown off the renders for their very funny objective marker, Honduras, who was created during their Kickstarter campaign for No Peace Beyond The Line.

Tales From Blood & Plunder: French Buccaneers Vs. English Caribbean Militia


Tales Of Blood & Plunder – Spanish Caribbean Militia Vs. English Buccaneers


Firelock Games Show Off WIP’s For The Fluyt In Blood & Plunder


There’s just something so epic about playing your war game on ships! And after seeing the WIP photos of The Fluyt for Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games, there should be no question as to why.

Firelock Games Close In On Final Hours Of Blood & Plunder Kickstarter


Firelock Games are closing in on the final hours of their Blood & Plunder Kickstarter for the expansion, No Peace Beyond The Line. Don’t miss this one!

Weekender: Narrative Death Guard Army & Carnevale Returns!


We’ve got a jam-packed show for you this weekend with
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VLOG: Building A Mega Pirate Gaming Table – Day Two


Weekender: Time Of Legends – Joan Of Arc; What’s It All About?


We’ve got an awesome Weekender lined up for you today as we have Leo from Mythic Games in the studio talking about Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc!

Ship Battles & Boarding Actions In Blood & Plunder


We’re going to be learning about Ship Battles & Boarding Actions in Blood & Plunder.

A Guide To The English In Blood & Plunder


Learn how to use The English in your games of Blood & Plunder.

Raiding From The Sea In Blood & Plunder: Spanish Vs Brethren Of The Coast


Learn how to raid from the sea and up onto the beaches in Blood & Plunder.

A Guide To The Unaligned In Blood & Plunder


We’re turning our attention to The Unaligned who are piratical fellows in Firelock Games’ Blood & Plunder.

Blood & Plunder: No Peace Beyond The Line Kickstarter Launches!


New crews and ships do battle in the expansion to Blood & Plunder called No Peace Beyond The Line. The Kickstarter has now gone live from Firelock Games…

How Commander Levels Affect Blood & Plunder Crews


We take a closer tactical look at Blood & Plunder with Firelock Games and talk about how Commander Levels affect your crews.

Famous Historical Faces Of The Blood & Plunder Period


Learn about some of the famous historical faces
you’ll meet in Blood & Plunder!

A Guide To The French In Blood & Plunder


Learn how to play as The French
in Blood & Plunder!

A Guide To The Spanish In Blood & Plunder


Learn how to play as The Spanish in Blood & Plunder!

How To Play Blood & Plunder


We talk with Mike & John from Firelock Games about How To Play Blood & Plunder.

VLOG: Building A Mega Pirate Gaming Table – Day One


Next week we have the guys from Firelock Games flying over all the way from Florida to showcase their upcoming game, Blood & Plunder.

Welcome To The World Of Blood & Plunder


It’s the start of Blood & Plunder Week here on Beasts Of War!

Weekender: Wolsung Boot Camp Announced Set Sail For Blood & Plunder Week!


A Wolsung Boot Camp announced and Six-Day War battles to fight in this week’s show!

Weekender XLBS: Metal vs Plastic – We have a new Champ?!


Weekender: Future Blood & Plunder Crews + Win Massive RE-LOAD Prize


We chat with Firelock Games
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Blood & Plunder
and much more!

VLOG: Finished! The Mega Pirate Table In All It’s Glory


We’ve now finished work on the Pirate Cove tabletop for use with Firelock Games’ Blood & Plunder that we’ve been working on over the past week.

VLOG: Building A Mega Pirate Gaming Table – Day Five


Firelock Games arrive today and we’re ploughing through the table build for Blood & Plunder with our flocking materials and a swinging bridge for those mischevious swabs to spring across.

Weekender: World Of Darkness Hits Berlin & Battling In Westfalia’s Strongsword


Back in the saddle talking
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VLOG: Building A Mega Pirate Gaming Table – Day Four


Lloyd begins Day Four of his massive Firelock Games Blood & Plunder table build.

VLOG: Building A Mega Pirate Gaming Table – Day Three


As Blood and Plunder looms towards the horizon line Lloyd is furiously stepping up the game to have the table set ready for Firelock Games.

Watch Out For The Dutch In Blood & Plunder Expansion This June


As part of an expansion to their fantastic piratical tabletop game, Blood & Plunder, we’re seeing the Dutch appear on Kickstarter this June from Firelock Games.

Firelock Games Will Return To Kickstarter With Blood & Plunder Expansion


If it’s pirates you want, then it’s pirates you’ll get when Firelock Games return to Kickstarter this June. If this wasn’t exciting enough, No Peace Beyond The Line will bring with it a massive galleon for your table!

Firelock Games Drop A Buccaneer Miniature In The VIG Bag At Adepticon


Firelock Games has added something special to the VIG swag bags at Adepticon this year. Each bag will contain their Buccaneer miniature, inspired by the art of the legendary Howard Pyle.

Firelock Games Previews Native Caribbeans For Blood & Plunder


Firelock Games the creators of Blood and Plunder previewed some new sculpts on Facebook.

North American Pre-Orders Still Open For Blood & Plunder


Firelock Games really blew us away with their fantastic pirate game, Blood & Plunder, last year and it’s now got to the point where you can begin to Pre-Order their factions for release around February this year.