Unboxing: Blood & Plunder – 2 Player Starter Set | Firelock Games

January 18, 2023 by avernos

We get stuck into an unboxing of the mega-sized 2 Player Starter Set from Firelock Games for their hit Historical wargame, Blood & Plunder. Blackbeard faces off against Maynard in a clash between the Royal Navy and his Pirates!


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Get Yourself The Blood & Plunder: 2 Player Starter Set

The set comes with everything you need to play Blood & Plunder. You have two crews of salty sea dogs plus the heroic Blackbeard and Robert Maynard. You'll also get a ship for each faction and all of the tokens, templates, 2D terrain and such that you need. It's a superb set that comes in all-new plastic!

Are you going to be picking up this 2 Player Starter Set for Blood & Plunder?

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