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Community Spotlight: Starship Battles, Looted Walkers & Fantastical Terrain


We’re seeing the development of awesome games, terrain and more in this weeks Community Spotlight.

Gamemat.Eu’s Gothic Ruins Appear in A Small Set


Gamesmat.Eu has released a small set of their Gothic Ruins terrain, more suitable for those battles fighting out across a smaller tablespace.

Hobby Hangout Livestream


Lance is out of the office today, but that’s OK because Justin has stepped in as a replacement Lance for today’s Hobby Hangout.

Broken Toad Brings The Butcher’s Brisket To Life


Fans of the fantasy sports world, Guild Ball by Steamforged Games, will be happy to hear that Broken Toad is bringing another new bust to the collection on June 25th.

Celestial Painting Competition Update – Judge’s Comments!


We check out a final look at the miniatures from the Celestial Painting Competition. The figures are finished and we get a few quick Judges remarks!

Community Spotlight: Gaslands Vehicles, Farstriding Stormcast & Hive Terrain


We’re back with another look into the Projects at what YOU have been doing this week!

Star Wars: Legion General Veers // Stream Archives


Join John today as he’ll be striking up the brushes from the dusty wasteland of the Hobby Lab

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


Today we’ll be looking through your Projects and forum topics in this weeks Hobby Hangout.

Community Spotlight: Deathly Shades, Classic Beholders & Blood Rage Monsters


We’re back with another great Community Spotlight packed with monsters!

3 Colours Up: Painting A Baroque Pattern


Today I’m back in the Hobby Lab to show you how to paint the beautiful pattern of Baroque.

Celestial Painting Competition Week #3 Interview!


We have a range of judges commenting on the work throughout the competition but for today we’re back with an interview about things are going so far!

3 Colours Up: Painting A Greek Shield


Learn how to paint shields worthy of the Spartans of old!

Community Spotlight: Armoured Hunters, Polish Soldiers & A Spiffing Spitfire


Celestial Painting Competition – Week #2 Judges Comments


We’re back for Week #2 as we look at more progress and see how the painters are getting along.

3 Colours Up: Painting Beige Animal Fur


The painting tutorial you didn’t know you needed!

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch up now!]


VLOG – An Experiment In Resin Casting


Today I’m rediscovering some issues with the Resing casting from last episode.

Team Yankee’s Chieftan Tank // Stream Archives


Today John’s back in the Hobby Lab to paint up some tanks, yes you heard it here… Tanks!

Community Spotlight: Goblin Pirates, Special Operatives & Sci-Fi Healers


Celestial Painting Competition – Week #1 Judge’s Comments


We stop in with the Judges for the Celestial Painting Competition picked by BoW who give their thoughts on the progress so far by these talented artists…

Painting Cygnar Warcaster // Stream Archives


John’s up to his usual antics live on Stream today.