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3 Colours Up: Painting A Tiger 1 – Part Two // Weathering


Today I’m back to finish off the wonderful Tiger 1 from Flames of War!

Age of Sigmar: Stormcast Eternal VLOG – Part 7


It’s time to charge! Well, at least paint the Gryph Charger along with some small details that I could no longer ignore. 

Terrain Challenge: The End Is Nigh – Progress Report


Come and join us for a round-up of what has happened so far as part of the End Is Nigh Terrain Challenge for this summer!

Community Spotlight: Cygnar Boys In Blue, Malign Sorceries & A Sharp Practise Foray!


We’ve got some Warmachine, Age Of Sigmar and Sharp Practise today in Community Spotlight!

3 Colours Up: Painting The Age Of Sigmar Purple Sun Of Shyish


Today I’m painting the fantastic new spell models from Games Workshop and the Malign Sorcery box.

Hobby Night Live – Celestial Genesis Painting Masters Invitational Awards [Catch Up Now]


Make sure to come and join us this Friday as we get stuck into a special live-streamed session of Hobby Night Live!

Celestial Painters Interview – Antonio Peña


Sam talks to Antonio Peña about his chosen model for the Celestial Painting Competition and more…

Community Spotlight: New Stormcast, Ancient Leviathans & Magical Potter Students


We’ve got great looking Stormcast, Harry Potter Students and an epic walker to check out this week in Community Spotlight.

3 Colours Up: Painting A Tiger 1 – Part One Camouflage


Today I’m taking over the 3 Colours Up set and painting one of my favourite tanks and one I’ve seen myself in the Bovington Tank Museum, the Flames of War Tiger 1.

Celestial Painters Interview: Sergio


Sergio Calvo breaks down the doors of the office (…err, through Skype) to talk about his entry into the Celestial Miniatures painting contest.

Celestial Painters Interview: Fabrizio

2 weeks ago 2

Sam catches up with award-winning painter Fabrizio Russo to talk about his entry into the Celestial Miniatures painting contest.

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]

2 weeks ago 7

Come and join Ben, Ryan and John for the Hobby Hangout today here on Beasts Of War.

Celestial Painters Interview – Enrique “Emuse” Velasco

2 weeks ago 4

Enrique Velasco is one of the painters who took part in the awesome Celestial Painting Competition and Sam has been talking to him about his work, motivations and showing off more of his amazing work!

Community Spotlight: Animal Priests, Piles O’ Corpses & Shipshape Sloops

3 weeks ago 5

What has been picked out for Community Spotlight this week?

Celestial Painters Interview: Francesco Farabi

3 weeks ago 2

Francesco Farabi from Bellerofonte Art Studio joins Sam for an interview on his stunning entry into the Celestial Miniatures Painting contest.

3 Colours Up: Painting Brown Horse Fur


Today I’m back in the Hobby Lab and I’m excited to show you how to paint short hair on the most elegant of animals, the Horse from Warlord Games.

Celestial Painters Interview – Sergey Chasnyk

3 weeks ago 3

Sam chats to Sergey Chasnyk about his work as a painter and his time spent working on his project for the Celestial Painting Competition!

Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 8


Time to furnish the space station and talk a bit about narrative! 

Celestial Painters Interview: Aleksandra & Marko

4 weeks ago 6

Aleksandra Cvetanovski and Marko Miladinovic are professional artists from Serbia and they’ve taken some time to talk about Aleksandra’s impressive entry for the Celestial painting competition.

Win 4Ground’s New Sci Fi Modular Terrain


Comment with your best idea to play a movie franchise on this terrain and your favourite quote from that franchise.

Community Spotlight: Plaguefleets, Hive City Saloons & Quirky Fantasy Characters

4 weeks ago 18

We’ve got some awesome new projects, each with their own themes and ideas, to check out this week…