Dystopian Wars – Building & Painting The Titanic Sisters | Part 2

February 15, 2024 by johnlyons

John continues working on the Titan Class Heavy Conveyor Ship from the Fortune And Glory Starter Set for Dystopian Wars and blends them with his first Historical love, the Titanic and her sister ships.

Part Two Building Titanic and Sisters in Dystopian Wars

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In Part Two of this series, John tackles priming all three of the completed miniatures and then goes on to paint the Titanic. The Titanic is a great starting point as she is arguably the easiest of the three iconic ships to bring to life.

Paints Used...

The Army Painter

  • Bright Gold
  • Demonic Yellow
  • Dark Tone
  • Matt Black
  • Matt White
  • Platemail Metal
  • Soft Tone
  • Speed Paint: Caribbean Ocean


  • Grey Seer Spray
  • White Scar Spray
  • Contrast Apothecary White


  • Black Grey
  • Flat Earth
  • Tan Yellow

This is going to come together into an awesome hobby and painting series exploring the introduction of majestic Historical ships into the Steampunk world of Dystopian Wars.

What do you think about this new project?

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