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Dystopian Wars – Building & Painting The Titanic Sisters | Part 3 [7 Days Early Access]

6 days ago 3

John paints up the RMS Olympic which saw service in World War I under the name HMT Olympic and now finds a new lease of life as part of the Fortune And Glory Starter Set for Dystopian Wars alongside the rest of the Titanic Sisters. This time, we're diving into dazzle camouflage!

Community Spotlight: Kitbashing Bugs, An Undead Horde & Riders Of Rohan!

7 days ago 3

In this week's Community Spotlight, we have a peek at some kitbashed Tyranids, a shambling Undead Horde for The Old World and some Riders Of Rohan charging to ruin.

OnTableTop Industry Awards For 2023

2 weeks ago 14

Join us for the OnTableTop Industry Awards For 2023 where we are honouring the best tabletop games and products from last year. UPDATED: links to all the companies now in the the description, congratulations to all the winners!

Dystopian Wars – Building & Painting The Titanic Sisters | Part 2

2 weeks ago 6

John continues working on the Titan Class Heavy Conveyor Ship from the Fortune And Glory Starter Set for Dystopian Wars and blends them with his first Historical love, the Titanic and her sister ships.

Community Spotlight: Myconid Mysteries, Godtear Warbands & WW2 Winter Germans

2 weeks ago 3

We dive into an awesome diorama project, some immense painting on the characters of Godtear and an ace set of Winter Germans for World War II wargaming.

Brave Nuka-World In Fallout: Factions! New Modiphius Game Hits The Target #OTTWeekender

3 weeks ago 52

It's OTTWeekender time! Modiphius seems to be on to a slamdunk with the new Fallout: Factions skirmish game set in the Post-Apocalyptic world of Fallout. Grab your Raiders and customise them as you get stuck into a battle over Nuka-World with your friends.

Community Spotlight: A Fistful Of Lead, Chosen Men & Samurai 7!

3 weeks ago 1

We get a look at the Wild West on the tabletop in a battle report, a dashing take on Mr Sharpe and some Gundam/Samurai awesomeness from the far future.

Community Spotlight: Two Civil Wars & Some New Beginnings


Join us as we dive into some awesome Civil War goodness, one from history and another from the grimdark future! We also have someone getting restarted in their hobby so we're giving them a push to dive in deep!

Community Spotlight: Testy Ronin, Soul Drinkers & A New Hope?


We dive into some fun in the era of the Samurai, a bit of tinkering in the grimdark with some Soul Drinkers and also a twist on Star Wars on the tabletop.

Community Spotlight: Ravaged Star, Kislevites & Paper Craft Napoleonics


Get a peek at some awesome new painting projects from the community as we look into Ravaged Star, The Old World and a bit of Napoleonics!

Episode 120 Cip: George is surprised.


EP101 Video Edition: Surprises for George & The Bruce


Community Spotlight: CodeBlade, House Bolton & A Druidic Diorama!


We dive into some awesome Fantasy projects this time around including a stunning diorama. We also have a look at some Cyberpunk goodness and project that draws from a variety of creators.

Community Spotlight: Solo Dark Age Wargaming, ShatterPunk & Project Cornetto!

2 months ago 5

We dive into the first Community Spotlight of the year with a look at some solo wargaming, a bit of alternative Star Wars hobby and an immense The Walking Dead project!

Unboxing: The Fanatic Mega Paint Set | The Army Painter


Justin takes a look at the brand new revamped Warpaints range from The Army Painter as he unboxes and tests the new formula in the Fanatic Mega Paint Set. If you're after a bumper box of paints to tackle all of those Christmas gifts then this could be the one for you!

Cult Of Games 2023 Community Awards | OnTableTop


Join us to celebrate the OnTableTop Community as we dive into the Cult Of Games 2023 Community Awards. Please sit down, break your paints out and get stuck into some hobby as we go through some of the best projects and the community members who have brought them to life.

Unboxing: Late Roman Horse Archers | Victrix

2 months ago 0

Gerry gets ready for the fall of Rome with Victrix's new set of dark-age cavalry as he takes a look at the Late Roman Horse Archers. A perfect set of mounted warriors for your dark age games like SAGA for example.

Community Spotlight: The Umbrella Academy, Frostgreen & Mighty Ships For Cruel Seas


In this week's Community Spotlight, we have a look at The Umbrella Academy, some greenskins in Frostgrave and a mighty ship inspired by the Cruel Seas.

Community Spotlight: Tiny Tanks, Creeping Dead, And Massive Mechs!


Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great-looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...

Painting 15mm Infantry & A Big Reveal! Swedish Army Build For World War 3: Team Yankee – Part 3


John dives into his dream Cold War 15mm army for World War 3: Team Yankee by Battlefront Miniatures. In Part Three, John finishes off his Swedish Army by painting up the infantry and getting all of the bases finalised. This comes together with a full army showcase as John gets ready to face off against a new foe!

Community Spotlight: 02 Hundred Hours, Solar Auxilia & A Gnome Army!


Join us for Community Spotlight where we're looking at some games of 02 Hundred Hours, an awesome Solar Auxilia Army brought to life at high speed and some awesome Gnomes!

Community Spotlight: Horus Heresy Brutality, IDOLS Of TORMENT & The Bronzecast!


Join us for Community Spotlight where we're looking at the last days of The Horus Heresy, some impressive terrain and more for IDOLS Of TORMENT and a fun way to paint Stormcast Eternals.

Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Legions Imperialis Review | First Impressions


Warren has got his hands on the new Warhammer: The Horus Heresy - Legions Imperialis boxed set and dives into his first impressions of warfare on an epic scale during this immense civil war. Was he wrong about his initial thoughts and has this set convinced him to give the game a go?

Dystopian Wars – Commonwealth Miniatures Review (December 2022)


Big Tabletop Gaming Black Friday 2023 Deals List [Updated]


We're doing it again this year. We're going to be putting together a big list of all of the Black Friday Deals that are available for you to snap up from the tabletop gaming world over the next week or so.

Tackling Four-Tone Camouflage! Swedish Army Build For World War 3: Team Yankee – Part 2


John dives into his dream Cold War 15mm army for World War 3: Team Yankee by Battlefront Miniatures. In Part Two, against his better judgment, John tackles the iconic four-tone camouflage scheme that the Swedish have on their vehicles. Learn how to paint it yourself and see this force as it hits that "table ready" level.

Community Spotlight: Knights Of The Round Table, Rituals & Squats


In this week's Community Spotlight, we quest with some Knights Of The Round Table, try out a non-combat games with Ritual 28 and look into the far future with some Squats!

A 2000 AD World You Might Have Missed! ABC Warriors Gets New Tabletop Miniatures Game! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this episode, we're diving into the awesomeness that is the new ABC Warriors miniatures range from Warlord Games for their newest entry in the 2000 AD collection.

Unboxing: Scylla Legion 2.0 Miniatures | DakkaDakka.Store


Gerry takes a closer look at some of the awesome new 32mm scale Sci-Fi miniatures that you can get from DakkaDakka.Store as part of their Scylla Legion 2.0 Kickstarter. We show off some of the 3D Prints from the campaign, showcasing what you'd get once stuff has been printed off!

Community Spotlight: Doomed Warbands, Ruins & A Cursed City


In this week's Community Spotlight, we have a look at some Grimdark goodness with a Doomed warband, some excellent Ruins and adventures into the Cursed City.

MiniWarGaming’s Epic Sci-Fi Passion Project; Dave Shows The Love Behind Ravaged Star! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! In this episode, we do a proper deep dive into the awesomeness that is Ravaged Star with the epic MiniWarGaming Dave. We learn about the lore, rules, miniatures and more for this Sci-Fi epic from the MiniWarGaming team which has become something of a passion project.

TerrainFest 2023 Winners Announced & Winter Hobby Challenge Revealed!


After a month of terrain making, we have cut down the massive amount of projects that you created to choose our winners for TerrainFest 2023. Join us as we go through some highlights from TerrainFest 2023 and announce the winners who have walked away with some great prizes!

Community Spotlight: A Tiny Cemetery, 6mm Napoleonics & Dropfleet Ships


In this week's Community Spotlight, we dive into a look at some tiny terrain crafting from you folks plus a look at some epic spaceships!

Build Your Scylla Legion With New DakkaDakka.Store Kickstarter


DakkaDakka.Store are back on Kickstarter with another 3D Printing Kickstarter that will allow you to build a pretty badass army for your 28mm to 32mm scale Sci-Fi wargames. The Scylla Legion are on the warpath with a 2.0 update that introduces a bunch of new bits and revamped accessories that can make some sneaky traitors!

Unboxing: Dystopian Wars – Fortune And Glory 2-Player Starter Set | Warcradle Studios


Justin dives into the new 2 player Starter Set for Dystopian Wars, Fortune And Glory, and has a look at what it offers for newcomers diving into this awesome naval wargame from Warcradle Studios.

Community Spotlight: Wild West Gangs, Trench Offensives & Dragon Dioramas


We dive into some gunfights in the Wild West, a bit of a Trench Offensive in World War I and a diorama showcasing a deadly Dragon attack!

Unboxing: Birdsung – The Dark Crusade | Westfalia Miniatures


Gerry gets stuck into an unboxing of the soon-to-be Kickstarted Birdsung: The Dark Crusade miniatures from Westfalia Miniatures on 1st November. Get a look at these stunning 32mm Fantasy miniatures sculpted by the talented Boris Woloszyn.

Check Out Some Awesome Projects From TerrainFest 2023!


With TerrainFest in full swing, we thought we would dive in and showcase some of the projects that have caught our eye so far. TerrainFest has been going great and we've seen some excellent work popping up across all genres and in many different forms. 

Community Spotlight: Xenos Rampant, The Macau Incident & A Royal Rumble(slam)


In this week's Community Spotlight, we have a look at projects focused on Xenos Rampant armies, a Black Seas scenario and also a brilliant Royal Rumble!

Help A Good Cause & Get Epic Miniatures With SolGood Creations’ Battle Cries


SolGood Creations has been working over the last few years on bringing together some amazing creators to produce fantastic 3D Printable miniatures. In addition to the excellent miniatures for your Fantasy and Sci-Fi wargames, they have also been using the money to help good causes, especially in Ukraine via Kickstarter.

Project Complete! Building A True Wargamers Warhammer 40K Table! TerrainFest 2023 #4


In this fourth video, Justin talks about completing the project and finishing off the final bits and pieces on the terrain to really make them pop. How would you have painted this terrain for your own games?

Cult Of Games XLBS: Designing A Time Warping Wargaming Table


Join us for Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we dive into some future plans and ideas that Warren has for more contests and challenges throughout the end of 2023 and the start of 2024 plus the projects that he'll be diving into. Ben also discusses why he hates glitter with a passion!

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