Unboxing: Masters Of The Universe: Battleground | Archon Studio

May 13, 2024 by avernos

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Gerry takes a look at Archon Studio's 2 player starter set for Masters of the Universe: Battleground. As it returns to Gamefound for a new campaign we thought it was a great time to check out this skirmish boardgame based on the classic cartoon.


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With a mountain of releases already covering four factions from the game Gerry takes a look at what you get in the Starter Set for Masters of the Universe: Battleground. All your favourite characters from the classic cartoon/toy selling animation are here to fight out battles for control of Castle Greyskull and the world of Eternia! An intriguing blend of deck building and miniature skirmish game this will have you screaming "By the Power of Greyskull!" into your friends face as you take their toys off the table.

Who is your favourite character and why is it Skeletor?

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