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Clash Of Steel & Achtung Panzer! Badass Tank Battles Take Over The Tabletop #OTTWeekender

4 days ago 62

It's OTTWeekender time! We're doing John a favour and getting very excited about all the tank-based wargaming in both 15mm and 28mm that you can currently explore on the tabletop. We'll be talking Gale Force Nine's Clash Of Steel and Achtung Panzer! from Warlord Games. However you like your tank battles, they have you sorted.

Monolith Announce Ancient Egyptian Mythic Battles: Isfet!


Monolith has announced a new Kickstarter campaign coming later this year that expands the Mythic Battles game range. They have explored Ancient Greek and Viking mythology and are now turning their attention to Ancient Egypt with Mythic Battles: Isfet.

GF9 Announce New Gamefound Projects – Conan & More!


Gale Force Nine has announced that they will continue their relationship with Gamefound across three new projects that will be popping up throughout the year. This begins with The Adventures Of Conan starting in April 2024.

OnTableTop Industry Awards For 2023

1 week ago 14

Join us for the OnTableTop Industry Awards For 2023 where we are honouring the best tabletop games and products from last year. UPDATED: links to all the companies now in the the description, congratulations to all the winners!

A Song Of Ice & Fire Skirmishes Await In CMON’s Tactics


CMON are currently on Gamefound right now with their new take on the universe of A Song Of Ice & Fire. With their new Fantasy skirmish game, A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tactics hones in on the smaller clashes between iconic characters and their retinues on the tabletop rather than the larger battles.

New Sci-Fi Crossroads Game From Plaid Hat, Wandering Galaxy!


Plaid Hat Games are going to be returning to Kickstarter soon with a new Crossroads Game which this time takes to the stars. See what you make of Wandering Galaxy!

Save France In The Cats Of Mont Saint Michel From Raybox Games


Raybox Games are going to be taking to Gamefound soon with a new game that uses their Paths Unknown system. The Cats Of Mont Saint Michel has you diving into an adventure in revolutionary France as you battle the Red Crimson Cardinal. The twist is you're lovely felines and your enemies are dastardly rats!

Kemet: Blood & Sand Returns With New Features This Year


Kemet: Blood & Sand from Matagot is going to be returning to crowdfunding later this year with a new project aiming to add even more features to this iconic "dudes on a map" board game. 

REM Racers! New Board Game Now Available From Corvus Belli


REM Racers, the fun and relaxed board game from Corvus Belli set in the Infinity universe is now available to snap up on their webstore. Dive in with your family and have some fun as you race around the track trying to beat your rivals.

Japanese Legends Come To Restoration Games’ Unmatched


Restoration Games has a new entry into the Unmatched series popping up this year. Sun's Origin will see Japanese legends battling against each other on the tabletop using the awesome Unmatched mechanics.

Using AI To Make Real Miniatures Into HeroQuest Monster Cards! | #Dungeonalia


Warren has been diving back into HeroQuest but wanted to add unique monsters from his collection into the mix for his avid adventurers to battle against. With that in mind, Warren shows off how to use AI (Midjourney) to make HeroQuest Monsters, build cards for them and eventually drop them into your games.

Snatch The Loot In Ludonaute’s Wild West Kids Express


Ludonaute is going to be releasing a new version of their board game classic, Colt Express. This time around, it's a family version called Kids Express where you're trying to get the look back off some dastardly varmints! 

Frosthaven – Reviewing The Behemoth Of Board Gaming


After a year of play, Ben dives into an attempt to review the behemoth of the board game world, Frosthaven by the folks at Cephalofair Games.

Judging The New 40K Kroot Miniatures! Will They Get A Pass Or A Fail? #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's episode, Lloyd joins us to discuss the new Kroot miniatures for Warhammer 40,000 and whether or not they're good or bad! Have they managed to get the seal of approval from an avid Kroot fan?

Steamforged Games Announce A Return To Guild Ball


Originally shelved back in 2020, Steamforged Games has announced this week that they are working to bring their miniatures range back for Guild Ball and taking a more active role in the community and the evolution of the game again. 

Kirk & Spock Coming To GF9’s Star Trek: Away Missions!


Gale Force Nine has announced that a new set of characters will be coming to Star Trek: Away Missions in March! Captain Kirk and Scotty are going to be landing in two expansion sets that focus on the Original Series characters!

Become Renowned In Osprey’s New Board Game, Sankoré


Osprey Games alongside Fabio Lopiano and Mandela Fernandez-Grandon have now released their new board game, Sankore: The Pride Of Mansa Musa. Featuring gorgeous artwork from Ian O'Toole, this is another impressive addition to Osprey's board game collection.

Let’s Play: Triumph By PHALANX Games


We dive into a new Let's Play of PHALANX Games' latest strategic board game, Triumph. In this eurogame, you take control of one of Rome's great families and see if you can plot and backstab your way to the top and become ruler.

Conquer Your Fjord In Gigamic’s Looot Later This Year


Gigamic has another fun board game coming out later this year with a strategic Viking vibe to it. Looot looks to be a quick and fun game for you to dive into where you're looking to loot resources and help build up your settlement in your fjord.

Conquest’s Stunning Sorcerer Kings Faction Rises: A New Power In Fantasy Wargaming #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! Why wait for The Old World when the folks at Para Bellum Games are releasing another stunning faction for their 35mm Fantasy wargame, Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. The Sorcerer Kings are looking stunning and a real boon for those looking to get stuck into rank and file wargaming.

How To Play – Star Trek: Away Missions | Gale Force Nine


The team show off how to get set up and how to play Gale Force Nine's newest Star Trek game, Star Trek: Away Missions. The Federation go up against The Borg in Battle Of Wolf 359 as we explore set-up and the basic mechanics of Away Missions.

Dive Into Coop & Versus Conan; Monolith’s Red Nails & More!


Monolith are currently on Kickstarter with their new campaign for the Conan board game. Red Nails throws a new expansion into the mix with a new story to delve into alongside content that allows you to play the game cooperatively and in versus mode!

Lead Rome To Greatness On 30th January In PHALANX’s Triumph!


PHALANX are closing in on their Kickstarter for Triumph, a new board game of dominance, intrigue and subtle cooperation set against the backdrop of the Roman empire and the fight for power. 

Build & Balance In Expansion To itten’s Tokyo Highway


itten Games are going to be coming to Kickstarter soon with an expansion to their fun building and balancing board game, Tokyo Highway. Originally released in 2018, a new expansion called Rainbow City is popping up that dives into new mechanics and more challenges.

What Is DragonStrike? Epic Dragon Duelling Board Game Coming Soon! | Designer Interview


Gerry interviews Alvaro Erize from Fighting Hedgehog about their upcoming board game, DragonStrike! Epic dragon duelling is coming to Kickstarter where you'll either be fighting against the forces of D&D's Tiamat or joining forces with her!

Reunite Charlemagne’s Empire In Sea Cove Games’ Carolingi


Sea Cove Games and designers Christoph Cantzler and Sebastian Freudenberg are going to be looking to see if they can reunite the empire of Charlemagne in a new board game coming this year, Carolingi. 

Missed The Kickstarter? Snap Up TAG Raid Platinum Pledge


Corvus Belli has offered up the chance for those who missed out on the Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid Kickstarter to dive in and get themselves the game. The Platinum Pledge and expansion boxes are going to be available until 11th February or whilst stocks last. 

Halo Back On The Tabletop! The Iconic Video Game Gets Another Chance With Mantic! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's show, we explore the exciting news that Mantic has teamed up with 343 Industries to bring Halo to the tabletop. The new 40mm miniatures game is going to be focused on the multiplayer side of the Halo video games and that has us very intrigued as to where it will go!

Team Up In Disney’s New Chronicles Of Light: Darkness Falls


Ravensburger has announced a new cooperative board game, Chronicles Of Light: Darkness Falls with a Disney twist coming later this year. See what you make of this one as it could be fun for getting the kids to the tabletop.

Tackle Racing Risks With Heat Expansion, Heavy Rain


A new expansion is coming for Heat, the awesome racing board game from Days Of Wonder this year. Heavy Rain introduces new dynamics and challenges for you to tackle as you have to face racing in the wet.

Dive Into Osprey’s New Narrative Game, War Story: Occupied France


Osprey Games announced a brand new game coming later this year. War Story: Occupied France is a new cooperative narrative tabletop game where you work together as a team of covert operatives to save the French Resistance and take out a German Officer.

Wingspan Spin-Off, Wyrmspan, Coming Soon To Tabletops!


Stonemaier Games has announced a new spin-off and standalone game coming soon inspired by the mechanics of Wingspan. Switch birds for dragons in Wyrmspan and become an amateur dracologist.

Let’s Play: Undaunted Stalingrad [One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall – The Final Scenario] | Osprey Games


We dive into the last Let's Play episode of our Undaunted: Stalingrad Campaign. We've played through the full campaign of this awesome Osprey Games board game and now both armies clash in a massive battle for control of Stalingrad.

Let’s Play: Undaunted Stalingrad [The Stronghold – Scenario 14] | Osprey Games


We dive into a new Let's Play episode of our Undaunted: Stalingrad Campaign. We're playing through a full campaign of this awesome Osprey Games board game with the fourteenth scenario, The Stronghold.

Community Spotlight: The Umbrella Academy, Frostgreen & Mighty Ships For Cruel Seas


In this week's Community Spotlight, we have a look at The Umbrella Academy, some greenskins in Frostgrave and a mighty ship inspired by the Cruel Seas.

Let’s Play: DragonStrike | Fighting Hedgehog


Ben joins Alvaro from Fighting Hedgehog to play a Tabletop Simulator version of their upcoming board game, DragonStrike! The servants of good and evil from classic Dungeons & Dragons tales clash in this dragon-based aerial combat game that will be coming to Kickstarter in the early portion of 2024.

Cult Of Games XLBS: How Was Your Hobby In 2023?


Let's dive into a new Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's show, we're exploring Lloyd's new location for all of his hobbying activities and some disappointing deliveries. Plus, we dive into a retrospective on our hobby journey throughout 2023. What were some of the tabletop gaming highlights for you this year?

Monolith Tease Versus Mode & More For Conan Expansion


Monolith are closing in on the launch of their new Kickstarter for the Conan board game in January. The Red Nails campaign will give you some great new options for exploring the adventures of Conan and his companions but also a full game mode that has been tweaked and updated for a full release.

Let’s Play: Undaunted: Stalingrad [Breakthrough – Scenario #13] | Osprey Games


We dive into a new Let's Play episode of our Undaunted: Stalingrad Campaign. We're playing through a full campaign of this awesome Osprey Games board game with the thirteenth scenario, Breakthrough.

PHALANX Shape The Roman Empire Next Year With TRIUMPH


PHALANX Games are going to be coming to Kickstarter next year with a new board game about reshaping the Roman Empire and Rome itself as you strive to become the first Emperor. Will you be checking out TRIUMPH?

One Of Our Favourite Games Is Back! The Walking Dead: All Out War Returns In 2024! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! We get very excited about the news that Mantic Games has reached an agreement with Skybound to bring The Walking Dead: All Out War back to the tabletop in 2024. Yes, that means new expansions and more for this awesome miniatures game.

Join The DragonStrike Community & Prepare For 2024


Fighting Hedgehog are expanding the community around their upcoming dragon-based board game, DragonStrike! If you're looking for a fun, dragon-battling game then you'll want to watch out for the Kickstarter coming next year.

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