Go Behind Enemy Lines With War Story: Occupied France

June 11, 2024 by brennon

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Osprey Games has talked a bit more about one of their upcoming board games that we're really excited for. War Story: Occupied France was announced a few months ago now but after recently talking with the team from Osprey, it seemed worth putting this one on your radar for its October release date.

War Story Occupied France - Osprey Games

War Story: Occupied France // Osprey Games

If you're not sure on what War Story is, here is a quick overview. The new game by David Thompson and Dave Neale introduces one to six players to the role of covert operatives who are looking to stop the deadly German officer Heidenreich and their plans to destroy the French Resistance forces in Morette. Over the course of three replayable story missions, you will use your specialist agents to uncover information, work with allies and then plan to disable your enemy.

War Story Occupied France Preview - Osprey Games

War Story: Occupied France - Preview // Osprey Games

David Thompson is of course well known for his work on Undaunted and some of the DNA of those games is here albeit in a different guise. The work by Dave Neale takes some of his work on the likes of the Unlock series and Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective and brings that into a new style of story-driven, choose-your-own-adventure board game.

What I am particularly intrigued by with War Story: Occupied France is the fact that it's replayable. I get a sense that you can approach the different scenarios in alternative ways. Sure, some of the key beats will be the same but I like that there's a lot more to explore than something like Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective where once you've solved it, it's done.

There also seems to be a lot of space for Osprey Games to expand this. I could see scenarios being written both officially and unofficially for War Story in the future and I look forward to seeing those pop up on the likes of BoardGameGeek.

We also got to talk to Benji from Osprey Games recently about War Story: Occupied France which you can see here...

War Story: Occupied France Interview // Osprey Games

Do you think you'll be trying this one out later this year? I like that I can dive into this solo but I also think my partner would enjoy this as well!

Drop your thoughts below...

"I like that I can dive into this solo but I also think my partner would enjoy this as well!"

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