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Knuckleduster Showcase February’s Wild West Releases


Knuckleduster Miniatures has been showcasing some of the new releases coming to Gunfighter's Ball AND Gunfight Royale for the month of February. Leading the way, we have some excellent Wild West miniatures as part of the Hollywood Cavalry range.

Search For Lost Species With New Deduction Board Game


Following on from The Search For Planet X, the next game from Matthew O'Malley and Ben Rosset swaps space for the deepest jungles of Earth. Dive into a new deduction board game from Renegade Game Studios called The Search For Lost Species.

Arbites Return To Warhammer! 40K & Age Of Sigmar Get AWESOME New Reveals! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! The big LVO reveal happened this week and that means AWESOME new reveals for Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. The BIG one was that Arbites are returning to 40K in the newest Kill Team set.

Bloodhunt Sets Cultists Against Vampires In New Warcry Set


Games Workshop delved deeper into The Mortal Realms with new previews for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Warcry and Warhammer Underworlds. We'll start with Warcry and the new Bloodhunt boxed set which pits two new warbands against each other in the heart of the Gnarlwood.

Go Globetrotting With Super Meeple’s Expéditions


Super Meeple has been working on a new edition of the classic 1996 board game, Expedition. Now called Expéditions, you're going to be heading out on another globetrotting adventure around the world with this Wolfgang Kramer board game.

Need To Play Azul On The Move? Try Azul Mini Later This Year


Azul was quite the hit back when it was released in 2017 and it has spawned all manner of sequels and spin-offs. But, what if you wanted to play Azul on the move and you didn't want to try and shove that big box into your luggage? Well, that's where Azul Mini comes in!

Fenra Gets Unleashed On Steamforged’s Godtear Soon


Godtear from Steamforged Games expands with another Champion set. This time around we're going to be howling as we storm into battle behind the mighty Fenra and her companions. 

Play Out The Lord Of The Rings In New Family Board Game


Ravensburger continues the announcement of more Middle-earth-themed board games for this year. The Lord Of The Rings: Adventure Book Game is going to be landing later this year and is aimed at families who want to play out this epic Fantasy saga without having to dive into something like War Of The Ring!

Escape From Arkham With Knight Games’ New Batman Board Game


Knight Games are looking to fund their brand new Batman board game, Escape From Arkham Asylum! Take on the role of villains from Batman's rogue's gallery and see if you can "work together" to formulate an escape plan and get yourselves out of the maximum security prison before Batman turns up to ruin the fun.

Warhammer Preview Coming To Las Vegas Open This Week


The Las Vegas Open hits this week and with that, we get a new Warhammer Preview from Games Workshop. The preview is going to land on Thursday night for Americans at 10pm PST but over here in Blighty, it will be a 6am wake-up if you want all the lovely news in your eyeballs. 

Unboxing: Ulaya Chronicles – Hero Miniatures | Olmec Games


Gerry is back in the sweltering jungles of the far future with more from Ulaya Chronicles and a look at the 32mm scale Hero Miniatures that you can buy from Olmec Games to upgrade your board game AND use in The Drowned Earth miniatures game.

Renegade Let You Choose The Next Axis & Allies Battle


Renegade Game Studios has announced that they are going to be re-releasing a bunch of the Axis & Allies titles from the back catalogue. In May, you're going to be able to get your hands on four entries in the series.

Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught Now Available To Order


WizKids has now opened up orders for their new Dungeons & Dragons miniatures games. Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught pits teams of heroes (and villains) from the Forgotten Realms against each other and a host of enemies to fight for control of the board.

Challenge Yourself & Build Cars With Splotter’s Horseless Carriage


Splotter Spellen is a company that by its own admission doesn't tend to create games that are for everyone. But, if you're up for a significant brain teaser of a board game then you might be tempted by their newest project, Horseless Carriage.

Let’s Play: Batman – Escape From Arkham Asylum | Knight Games

2 weeks ago 2

Join us as we dive into a Let's Play of Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum which is coming to Gamefound on 24th January from Knight Games! Play as Batman's rogue's gallery of villains and see if you can escape before Batman gets you!

Gale Force 9 Take Pre-Orders For Doctor Who: Nemesis!


Gale Force Nine is now taking pre-orders for their first Doctor Who board game of 2023, the fascinating Doctor Who: Nemesis. Play as the bad guys and see if you can twist time and space to your own ends.

Mantic Games’ Deadzone! The Perfect Alternative To Warhammer 40K & Kill Team? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We have a look at the excellent new Starter Set coming up for Mantic Games' Deadzone. This is turning out to be a perfect alternative to Warhammer 40K and their Sci-Fi skirmish game, Kill Team. 

Scratch Your Way To Adventure With Once Upon A Line


A fascinating new board game is coming to Kickstarter soon from Perte & Fracas. Once Upon A Line is the very first "scratch-off" adventure game. Yes, you heard me right!

Community Spotlight: Cyberpunk Dioramas, Undead & A Final Push!

3 weeks ago 6

We have a look at an excellent diorama, some undead that are shambling into Zombicide AND a final push to get a bunch of Kingdom Death miniatures finished.

Let’s Play: Undaunted – Stalingrad Campaign [9 January Square] | Osprey Games


Gerry and Shay start their brand new Undaunted: Stalingrad campaign, putting together a FULL playthrough of the entire World War 2 board game from Osprey Games. 

Quest To Mount Doom With New Lord Of The Rings Board Game


KOSMOS are going to be taking a jaunt into the world of Middle-earth later this year with a new cooperative board game, The Lord Of The Rings: Adventure To Mount Doom. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Justin Did What?! Hitting The Hobby Reset Button For 2023


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we talk about new year hobby resolutions, wiping the slate clean and doing something drastic when it comes to getting your tabletop gaming life in order!

Build The Best Pyramid In Synapses’ New Board Game


Synapses Games have been previewing a colourful new tile-placement board game coming out later this year. With the great Pharaoh Mino passing on, his son has instructed two-to-four players to sit down and build a fantastic pyramid encrusted with jewels, a Pyramido!

Let’s Play: Judge Dredd: The Game Of Crime-Fighting In Mega-City One | Rebellion Unplugged

1 month ago 3

Gerry, Justin, and Shay take to the mean streets of Mega City One in this Let's Play of  Ian Livingstone's legendary Judge Dredd: The Game of Crime-Fighting in Mega-City One from Rebellion Unplugged.

CMON Get Ready For Marvel United: Multiverse Kickstarter


CMON has been teasing some of the new characters coming to their expansion for Marvel United! The Multiverse is calling and that means new heroes and new villains to battle against across all of time and space. 

Gibsons Relaunching 1970s Classic Board Game, Kingmaker


The 1974 classic strategy board game of the Wars Of The Roses, Kingmaker, by Andrew McNeil is going to be coming back to the tabletop in 2023 with The Royal Re-Launch by Gibsons Games. Watch out for a titanic Medieval clash featuring a whole host of content from past iterations of the game.

Follow In The Footsteps Of Darwin With New Board Game


Sorry We Are French (still an amazing company name) are working on bringing a new board game to the tabletop in 2023. In The Footsteps Of Darwin sees you playing as junior naturalists looking to study animals on a fantastic voyage around the world. 

Let’s Play: Doctor Who: Don’t Blink | Gale Force 9

1 month ago 3

Get stuck into a Let's Play of the awesome Dr Who: Don't Blink from Gale Force 9 as Gerry stalks Shay and Justin on a derelict spaceship full of Weeping Angels: terrifying killers that can be stopped only by staring at them. But if you dare to stop looking — if you even blink — they'll send you out of time.

Darrington Press Announce New Duelling Game, Till The Last Gasp


Critical Role's publishing arm, Darrington Press has announced a new game that will be landing in the early portion of 2023. Till The Last Gasp comes from Will Hindmarch and Alex Roberts and is all about playing out dramatic duels on the tabletop with an emphasis on the dramatic.

Sellsword Expansion Coming To D&D: Onslaught In The New Year


Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught is a new miniatures board game coming out from WizKids in January 2023. In the game, you'll take on the role of characters from the likes of the Harpers and the Zhentarim, battling against each other and also wandering monsters that get in the way of your scraps!

CMON & Monolith Scoop Up A Range Of Titles From Mythic Games


As mentioned in a recent BoardGameGeek Post, it looks like Mythic Games are slimming down their line of board games and has sold them on to different companies. 

Knight Games Escape From Arkham Once More In January 2023


Knight Games, the board game arm of Knight Models, are going to be coming to Gamefound in January 2023 with Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum. You might remember this project from a little while ago. Well, it is coming back to tabletops soon as you try and escape from a high-security prison. 

Last Chance To Get Warhammer Quest: Cursed City Expansions


Games Workshop has announced that there is going to be another chance for you to get your hands on the expansions for Warhammer Quest: Cursed City. Available on a Made To Order basis, both Nightwars and Nemesis will be available for a short period but once that slams shut, that appears to be it!

Act II Teased For FFG’s Descent: Legends Of The Dark


Fantasy Flight Games have teased the next act for their mammoth Fantasy board game, Descent: Legends Of The Dark. After refreshing the mechanics behind their classic dungeon crawl, it seems like another titanic expansion is on the way; The Betrayer's War.

Ludus Magnus’ Runar Kickstarter Enters Final 48 Hours!


The Viking board game, Runar, from Ludus Magnus Studio, is moving into its final forty-eight hours on Kickstarter! If you've been eager to dive in and check out this saga-worthy battler then you might want to snap it up before it's too late.

Community Spotlight: Dungeon Saga, A Clash Of Spears & Home Raiders!


In this week's Community Spotlight, we're having a look at a grand Dungeon Saga set, some Clash Of Spears battles and a bit of Home Raiders!

CMON Explore The Android World With Miniatures & More


In a surprise little announcement, the folks at CMON are going to be exploring the world of Android with a new graphic novel and also a range of miniatures that can be used with their board game collection. 

Introduce The Kids To Board Games With My Lil’ Everdell!


Everdell is a fantastic board game series from Starling Games that has spawned many expansions. Whilst it's a fun family game, it might be a bit complicated for young pups. Well, My Lil' Everdell hopes to deal with that and provide a fun game for those aged six and up.

The Looncourt Enter Warhammer Underworlds’ Fearsome Fortress


Warhammer Underworlds will play host to a new warband soon as pre-orders go live for Grinkrak's Looncourt this weekend from the folks at Games Workshop. Get your loopy Gloomspite Gitz fix with these rather fun-looking miniatures.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Giftmas For Geeks – What Are Your Solutions For Picking The Right Stuff?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we're sitting down to discuss what hobby we've been up to and also as it's now December, we're getting thinking about Christmas! What are some of the best ways to get your geeky tabletop gaming gifts sorted for this time of year?

Necromunda; The Best Way To Get A Warhammer 40K Fix? Amazing Miniatures, Rules & More #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We have a chat about Necromunda and how we reckon it's probably the best way to get your Warhammer 40K fix. Screw collecting armies and dive into the gang warfare of the underhive with the amazing Necromunda miniatures, rules and more. 

Ares Games Offer Up New War Of The Ring Board Game Accessories


Ares Games has been talking about some new board game accessories that are on the way for those enjoying War Of The Ring: Second Edition. The first of these accessories could be one that everyone picks up, the Deluxe Game Mat.

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