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May 23, 2024 by brennon

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CMON and the amazing creators from SIXMOREVODKA have collaborated on a brand new skirmish board game for two-to-five players that takes place in their amazing world of Degenesis. Degenesis: Clan Wars is available on Gamefound right now.

Degenesis Clan Wars CMON & SIXMOREVODKA

Degenesis: Clan Wars // CMON & SIXMOREVODKA

Degenesis: Clan Wars is an asymmetrical two-to-five-player board game which takes place in a post-apocalyptic vision of the future in 2598. During gameplay, one player will take on the role of the Hostile, managing the campaign and the clans that are looking to brutally bring down the Operatives. Operatives are controlled by the other players at the table. This leads to a branching campaign that also features side missions that will inevitably drag you off mission and have you going down all sorts of rabbit holes.

If the world of Degenesis already has you intrigued then make sure to check out some of our past interviews with the team...

The RPG Company That Blew Our Minds! | SIXMOREVODKA

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The world of Degenesis still remains a roleplaying game which is entirely free to play and can be downloaded HERE. Just dive in and start absorbing the world of Degenesis, crafting characters and heading off on adventures. It might even be a great way to tide yourself over until Clan Wars lands in your lap.

When it comes to Clan Wars, however, here is what you've got to look forward to...

Core Box - Degenesis Clan Wars

Core Box // Degenesis: Clan Wars

The core of the game revolves around your adventures in The Field which represents uncharted territory that you're heading into. Each player will equip their Operatives with arms and armour and then you'll head out to try and complete missions set for you by The Hostile. In a fun twist, before you even begin you can barter with The Hostile for information and gameplay benefits but each time you do, you'll draw an Apocalyptic Tarot which will come back to haunt you.

Gameplay #1 - Degenesis Clan Wars

Gameplay // Degenesis: Clan Wars

Players will also be able to draw Tarot which will give them ways to enhance themselves and maybe give you the upper hand at the right moment. Fate swings both ways. From that point on, both sets of players, be they The Hostile or the Operatives get their set of objectives that they are trying to achieve during a given mission. That doesn't always mean just killing the Operatives if you're The Hostile as you might also have ways to change the fortunes of the campaign as a whole. It's nice that there's more story there than simply "make sure the players don't do x".

Gameplay #2 - Degenesis Clan Wars

Gameplay // Degenesis: Clan Wars

If you're interested in finding out more about the intricacies of gameplay and the way that a typical game turn plays out, you can download the Rulebook and Mission Booklet from CMON right now and get a taster of what you get when diving into Degenesis: Clan Wars. There are also a plethora of gameplay videos on the Gamefound campaign page include some from SIXMOREVODKA themselves...

We Play Degenesis: Clan Wars - Mission 1: First Blood

As you might imagine with a crowdfunding campaign, Degenesis: Clan Wars is packed with additional options to help expand your experience on the tabletop. There is plenty for you to dive into over on the campaign page so make sure to spend your lunch break wisely! New operatives, bonus accessories and more have already been unlocked.

Gameplay #3 - Degenesis Clan Wars

Gameplay // Degenesis: Clan Wars

If you're someone who liked the idea of Degenesis but wanted an alternative route into the world that wasn't through the roleplaying game, this now opens up an awesome opportunity to get your Degenesis fix.

Are you going to be checking out Clan Wars over on Gamefound?

"Degenesis: Clan Wars is an asymmetrical two-to-five-player board game..."

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