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CoreBall Kickstarter Launching November 13th


Burning Games and Big Child Creatives are going to be launching their Kickstarter for CoreBall: The Zero Gravity Sport on November 13th!

Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Future Releases


The guys from Modiphius give us a look at the next wave of models coming out for their 32mm miniature game Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

Durgin Paint Forge Goes Scouting With A Bluecoat Pathfinder


Durgin Paint Forge continues to expand upon their Second Government collection with their Bluecoat Pathfinder, mounted atop a Kenken!

Grimlord Show Off The Massive Avatar For The Everrain


Grimlord Games has been busy on the 3D printer and created the first look at the massive Avatar from The Everrain which will be coming to Kickstarter soon.

Two New Skirmishing Superfolk Appear For Pulp City


Two new superfolk have arrived for Pulp City. The first of these is the Universal Soldat who brings the pain for the Red Republik. 

Community Spotlight: Striking Scorpions, Masterful Trolls & Death-dealing Titans


Come and see what the community has been doing this week as we dive into the Projects and the Forums.

Knight Models’ Latest Batman Brings Some Winged Friends


Knight Models have revealed a new Batman sculpt, one that really lives up to his name.

Knight Models Celebrate Batman’s 80th With New Bat Boxes


This year marks the Dark Knight’s eightieth anniversary and Knight Models are celebrating with the announcement of new Bat-Boxes to get you into the Batman Miniatures Game.

DGS Games’ Freeblades Dragon Starts Burning Down Kickstarter


DGS Games has joined forces with Julie Guthrie to create their first dragon for Freeblades, Thrakansor!

Monolith Takes You To Hell In Claustrophobia 1643


We talked with Monolith about what to expect from Claustrophobia 1643 which will be launching on Kickstarter in October. Come and find out more within…

Deep-Cut Worship The Hunter’s Guild Gods With New Mats


Deep-Cut are on a roll when it comes to their themed mats for the teams of Guild Ball. The Hunter’s Guild, lucky sods that they are, get two different Mats to choose from.

New Clan Heroes Take Command In Zenit’s Kensei & Torii


Zenit Miniatures are taking command of the battlefield in Kensei and Torii with a pair of new Clan Heroes.

Steamforged Ask Which Critical Role Miniature Should Be Next?


Steamforged Games are continuing to work alongside the crew from Critical Role on a range of miniatures from the role-playing universe created by Matt Mercer.

Para Bellum Tease An Immense Dweghom Table For Essen SPIEL ’18!


The team at Para Bellum are teasing us with what they’re working on right now for the growing world of Conquest.

Community Spotlight: Heralds Of The Apocalypse, Dungeon Terrain & A Homemade Dice Tray!


Apocalyptic monsters, hidden treasures for dungeon delvers and a homemade dice tray await this week!

Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game Kickstarter Storms Through Funding Goal


The Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game Kickstarter is going, as you might expect, quite well.

Let’s Play: Drowned Earth – Round Breakdown


Today we’re back with some Drowned Earth to show off a Round Breakdown so we can learn just how this game plays on the tabletop.

Micro Art Studio Meet The Gods Of Discworld & Hang Out With Nanny Ogg


Micro Art Studio is delving back into Discworld with a new range of releases which are sure to make Sam very happy indeed.

A Sawbones & Worthy Ship Take Shape For Grimlord’s Everrain


Grimlord Games continue their previews for The Everrain which will be coming to Kickstarter later this year.

Ares Journey On In New Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles Kickstarter


Ares Games are going to be coming back to Kickstarter soon for a new expansion to Sword & Sorcery.

Deep-Cut Studio Spill Blood On New Union Guild Ball Mat


Deep-Cut Studio has now added another Guild Ball Mat to their collection. This time around they have focused in on The Union with this rather bloodcurdling looking design.

Infamy Miniatures Preview The Getaway Kickstarter Project


Infamy Miniatures has previewed a new project that they’re working on soon via Kickstarter. Here is an early look at The Getaway.

An Arcane Dragon Hunter Takes Shape For Legends Of Signum


Legends Of Signum will be getting an expansion to the game in the near future which sees a set of Dragon Hunters chasing a dangerous drake.

Wayland Celebrate Ten Years With Anniversary Smith Set


Wayland Games are celebrating ten years with a special Anniversary Wayland The Smith set for Wild West Exodus.

Steamforged’s Guild Ball Season Four Launching 13th October 2018


Steamforged Games has announced that Season Four of Guild Ball is going to be launching on 13th October 2018.

Weekender XLBS: Can We Banish The Meta From Wargaming?


We share some quirky new ways to role-play AND ask whether or not we can banish the meta from wargaming?

Weekender: Unboxing The Edge Dawnfall & Nanty Narking In The Streets Of London!


We’re unboxing the amazing miniatures from The Edge: Dawnfall, and discussing Nanty Narking with Phalanx Games!

Starcadia Quest Is The Cutest Sci-Fi Kickstarter Yet!


KAWAAAAAAIIIII! Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I can start talking about the adorable Starcadia Quest from CMON which still has 11 days to go on Kickstarter. 

Community Spotlight: Dark Age, Big Guns & DUNE On The Tabletop


We check out some more of your amazing projects including a look at the world of DUNE brought to life on the tabletop.

Z1 Design’s Kickstarter Populate Black Hallows With Townsfolk


Z1 Design is now live on Kickstarter with their Black Hallows Townsfolk project.

Last Sword Miniatures Bring New Elven Lords To Kickstarter


Last Sword Miniatures are on Kickstarter right now looking to bash through more stretch goals for their Elven Lords II: Dragon’s Roar campaign.

Mythic Games Play Solomon Kane: The Footfalls Within


Az, Babis, and Dale from Mythic Games gather together to face the darkness as they play through a chapter of Solomon Kane.

Fallout Unboxing: Wasteland Warfare


War, war never changes, but gaming in the Fallout universe is about to!

Para Bellum Explore The Difference Between Magic & Faith In Conquest


In their latest blog post, Para Bellum has explored the two different forms magic takes within the world of Conquest, and how spellcasters play across the table top.

Games Workshop Unleash The Beasts Of Chaos


Games Workshop are letting out their inner beast with a host of new announcements, starting with the new battletome for the Beasts of Chaos in Age of Sigmar.

The Paladins Of The Kingdoms March Into Wrathborn


The world of Wrathborn will be coming to Kickstarter 2nd October 2018 and as well as their Lycanfiend and Norndrassel factions we will also be saying hello to the Kingdoms. 

Weekender: Bolt Action Desert War 101 & An Unexpected Journey!

4 weeks ago 124

We’re talking about The Desert War with our Historical Editor AND getting excited about our delve into Middle-earth later today!

Workhouse Games Reveal Limited Edition Pact Diorama


Workhouse Games has prepared a very special Limited Edition diorama for those who want to explore the lore behind The Awful Orphanage and The Hollow Earth world.

Community Spotlight: Epic Level Dragons, Women Warriors & A 3D HeroForge Adventure


An amazing dragon, some fierce warrior women and a journey into 3D printing this week!

Durgin Paint Forge Reveal The Secretive Major Arcana Of Inneath


Durgin Paint Forge has shared another of their characters for the Second Government Of Inneath. Here we have the mysterious Major Arcana…

Darkroot Expansion For Dark Souls Coming September 21st!


Steamforged Games will be releasing one of its expansions for Dark Souls: The Board Game on September 21st.

Knuckleduster Bring Outlaw Clell Miller To Life For Gunfighter’s Ball


Knuckleduster continues the previews for some of their upcoming Gunfighter’s Ball miniatures with Clell Miller here mounted atop his steed, ready for a quick getaway!