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Unboxing: Heroes Of Normandie: Big Red 1 Edition & Bloody Omaha Expansion


Gerry dives into an awesome board game series from the folks at Devil Pig Games. In this video, we're unboxing the Heroes Of Normandie: Big Red 1 Edition of the game, the Bloody Omaha expansion and more about this World War II board game. 

Build Up The US Forces For Black Seas With Warlord Games


Warlord Games has turned the focus of Black Seas towards the build-up of forces amongst the US during the 1800s. There are three new ships for you to consider picking up alongside some rather swift Sloops!

Lucid Eye Raise Up Queens & Ride With Roman Cavalry


Lucid Eye has expanded two of its miniature ranges with new 28mm metal miniatures for both the Maxzans, inspired by Aztec and Mayan culture and the Romans. If you're looking for some Ancient options with a heroic twist then this could be quite neat!

Rebellion Start Pre-Orders For Sniper Elite: The Board Game


Rebellion Unplugged is now taking pre-orders for their Sniper Elite: The Board Game! Get stuck into a neat tabletop recreation of the hit video game series as a one-versus-many affair. 

Firelock Games Launching The Summer Of Plunder 2022 Campaign


Firelock Games has announced that they are diving into a new Blood & Plunder campaign over the next few months. Summer Of Plunder 2022 will see you fighting for your nation of choice and potentially being in with the chance of winning some great prizes too.

The Femme Fatale Get Into A Knuckleduster Shootout!


Knuckleduster Miniatures has been showing off a few more miniatures for their 32mm Wild West skirmish game, Gunfighter's Ball. See what you make of the Femme Fatale Posse.

Epic Battles: Waterloo Commanders Coming This Weekend


Warlord Games is going to be firing up pre-orders for a bunch of new Epic Battles: Waterloo miniatures this weekend. Three packs of Commanders and notable figures are going to be available for you to pick up for the French, British and Prussians. 

Themeborne’s Strike HQ Brings Card Game Warfare To Kickstarter


Themeborne, the creators of the awesome "Escape The Dark..." series of games have come to Kickstarter with a brand new project. Strike HQ brings RTS-style warfare to the tabletop as part of a brand new card game with plenty of strategic depth.

Community Spotlight: Decorative Housing, Confusing Cultists, & Proper Terminators


Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great-looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...

Let’s Play: Strike HQ | Themeborne (On Kickstarter Now!)

6 days ago 5

We're joined by two members of the Themeborne team to play through their new game, Strike HQ! Currently on Kickstarter, this tabletop game is a mix of classic RTS-style video game mechanics!

Piano Wargames’ Price Of Crowns 3 Kickstarter Campaign Launches


After two successful Kickstarter campaigns, Piano Wargames and Lucas Luber are back with the third in their The Price Of Crowns series. Dive back into the Napoleonic War and follow the expansion of The Grand Duchies of Hessen-Darmstadt and Würzburg forces.

Bulge: German Pre-Orders Now Available For Flames Of War


Battlefront Miniatures are now taking pre-orders for more Late World War II miniature goodness. Flames Of War pivots back to the Battle Of The Bulge and the Germans fighting on the Western Front during 1944-45.

Spectre Joins Patreon & Offer Modern Warfare STL Minis


Spectre Miniatures have popped up on Patreon to offer up digital miniatures to those who want to dive into more Modern Warfare on the tabletop. The idea is that the Patreon will offer up oddities and alternatives that would be too expensive to produce in metal in small numbers.

WWII Skirmishes Await With 02 Hundred Hours Starter Set & More


Grey For Now Games has now set up pre-orders for their World War II skirmish wargame, 02 Hundred Hours. As well as the Rulebook that we talked about last week, there are also now Starter Sets and more that can get you started with the game. 

Crusades! Best Period For Historic Gaming? Barons’ War Answers The Call – Deus Vult! #OTTWeekender

2 weeks ago 40

It's OTT Weekender time! We cry Deus Vult and look to the Barons' War Outremer as Warren asks if the Crusades is the best period for people to start historical gaming with. 

Barons’ War Goes Over The Sea With New Outremer Kickstarter


Andy Hobday of Warhost has been sharing more amazing Paul Hicks sculpts ahead of the Outremer Kickstarter for The Barons' War. It's becoming very tempting to dive deep into a big Historical Crusader-based adventure on Thursday 8th May.

Let’s Play: Hannibal Rome vs Carthage | Phalanx Games

2 weeks ago 3

Gerry is joined by Phalanx Games' James as they play out the second Punic War with the 20th Anniversary Edition of Hannibal. 

Unboxing: BMP-Motor Rifle Battalion | Team Yankee


John dives into an Unboxing of the new BMP-Motor Rifle Battalion from Battlefront Miniatures for use in their 15mm scale Modern Warfare miniature wargame, Team Yankee.

Free 02 Hundred Hours Digital Rulebook Available Tomorrow


If you are subscribed to the Grey For Now Games newsletter - you will gain access to a free digital copy of the rulebook this Thursday.

A Commanding Release From Temple Of The West For Clash Of Spears


I stumbled across Temple of the West when I first saw their preview sculpts for some Clash of Spears figures, a game I adore, sculpted by Stavros Zouliatis an amazingly talented fellow who was also responsible for the original Kickstarter figures. Happily, these are now up for pre-order, on both sides of the Atlantic, to fulfil all of my Spear Clashing desires.

Offensive Miniatures Rounds Up Sven Hassel’s Penal Regiment!


Offensive Miniatures have released a set of character models based on Sven Hassel's 27th Penal Panzer Regiment. In conjunction with Sven's estate Offensive Miniatures first previewed these at Salute last year but they are now on general release if people want to pick up a unique looking set of miniatures for their collection.

Fogou Models Have Some Grave Concerns About Tombs & Barrows


Fogou Models are heading to Kickstarter tomorrow to run a quick campaign to expand on their fantastic range of drystone terrain pieces which are perfect for fantasy games and historical encounters from ancient times right up to modern conflicts.

Check Out The WWII German Sentries For 02 Hundred Hours!


Grey For Now Games has previewed more of the plastic miniatures coming to their World War II skirmish game, 02 Hundred Hours. We've seen the SAS and now we're getting a look at the German Sentries that they'll have to avoid.

Fire On The Frontier! What’s New For Blood & Plunder’s Latest Expansion? | Firelock Games Interview

1 month ago 5

We sit down with the crew from Firelock Games to talk about what's new for Blood & Plunder as part of the Fire On The Frontier expansion/supplement. 

TOG2 Heavy Tank Painting Tutorial | Flames Of War


Join John as he shows off how to paint a big long Heavy Tank, the TOG2. Follow along with a painting tutorial for this 15mm Flames Of War miniature.

Unboxing: T-72 Tank Battalion Box | Team Yankee


John dives into an Unboxing of the new T-72 Tank Battalion Box from Battlefront Miniatures for use in their 15mm scale Modern Warfare miniature wargame, Team Yankee.

Community Spotlight: Independence, Polish Nobles & World War II Tanks


We are diving deep into the annuls of History with this new set of Community Spotlight golden buttons for this week. We're taking a trip from America through to Eastern Europe this time around.

Gamelyn Games Give Vikings The Tiny Epic Treatment Soon


Gamelyn Games are going to be coming to Kickstarter soon to fund another of their Tiny Epic board games. Tiny Epic Vikings is hitting Kickstarter on 10th May with a brand new drafting and area control game for one-to-four players.

Pummel Your Foes With V&V Miniatures’ New Irish Slingers


V&V Miniatures have expanded their collection of Ancient and Dark Age Irish with a new set of Irish Slingers to bulk out your skirmishing warbands. This set of 28mm miniatures is another pack of detailed resin sculpts.

Take Down Elite Criminals With Spectre’s Crisis Response Team


These miniatures might be familiar to you. They have been out in the wild since September last year but we sort of missed them. They were too awesome to skip talking about though. So, let's dive into some more awesome Modern Warfare miniatures from Spectre for their Operations skirmish wargame.

New Characters Join The Night Raids Of 02 Hundred Hours


Grey For Now Games dropped another preview for 02 Hundred Hours towards the end of last week. This time around, we got a look at some of the World War II metal character models that you're going to be able to pick up and add to your sneaky, stealthy raids. 

Medieval Britain Descends into War With Wofun’s New range from Peter Dennis


I am a massive fan of both Peter Dennis' paper soldiers and the acrylic versions from Wofun Games and they have recently released the latest in their line of Peter Dennis Signature Collection, this time they are visiting Medieval Britain with a starter game and expanded range of add-on units.

Wargames Atlantic Preview Their New WWI Russian Plastics


The folks over at Wargames Atlantic continue their relentless march to cover all of history in plastic as the range expands faster than my waistline. This time around they've shown off the first prototypes for the early 20th century Russians painted by Jason Frowde of Painting Knights.

Battle In Shallow Waters With New Deep-Cut Gaming Mat


Deep-Cut Studio has released a new gaming mat that could be used for all manner of games, regardless of the genre. See what you make of their new Shallow Waters design. 

Lucid Eye Release New Romans & Macedonians This Week!


Lucid Eye has released a whole bunch of new 28mm metal miniatures for those wanting to dive into a bit of Ancient warfare on the tabletop. Romans and Macedonians are the focus this time around, building on their Historical-yet-Fantastical options.

Prussians March Into Warlord’s Epic Battles: Waterloo This Weekend


Warlord Games is looking to release a whole bunch of awesome new miniatures for Epic Battles: Waterloo! The Prussians are marching to war with Blücher at their head. It's a good time to like tiny Napoleonic miniatures.

Community Spotlight: Romans, Dystopian Wars & Ancient Greek Gods

1 month ago 9

In this week's Community Spotlight, we dive into a look at some Ancient Roman soldiers, naval elements for Dystopian Wars and a final Mythic Battles God.

Warhost Share More Awesome The Barons’ War Outremer Sculpts


Andy Hobday of Warhost has been sharing more amazing Paul Hicks sculpts ahead of the Outremer Kickstarter for The Barons' War in May. It's becoming very tempting to dive deep into a big Historical Crusader-based adventure next month.

12mm Support Vehicles Join Victrix’s World War II Collection


Victrix has really packed out their 12mm World War II range over the last year or so. The latest set of releases covers both the Allies and the Axis with some support vehicles that will aid both infantry and tanks. 

Build An Ancient Indian Army With Blitzkrieg Miniatures


The Mighty Empires collection from Blitzkrieg Miniatures has been expanded to include an army you don't normally see on the Historical tabletop. If you're interested in making a 28mm Ancient Indian army then they have you covered!

Clansmen & Highlanders Join Black Scorpion’s Collection


Black Scorpion Miniatures is honing in on a set of new releases soon as a sort of Virtual Salute, making up for the fact that we don't have an event this year. New 32mm Fantasy/Historical miniatures are making their way to their webstore for Cutlass! and Breninmoor.

Plastic Soldier Offer The WWII Afrika Korps Some New 20mm Kit


A couple of new options for those diving into Battlegroup, the 20mm World War II wargame. The Plastic Soldier Company has offered up two new sets of miniatures that could be handy during your scraps with the Allies.

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