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Renedra Craft New Viking Houses For Dark Age Wargames


Renedra has put together a neat new terrain set for those wanting to build up Dark Age tabletops. A new Viking House is now available over on their webstore in 28mm scale, perfect for raiders to pillage and for setting up shop on a new island.

Full Etruscan Range Now Available From Agema Miniatures


Agema Miniatures has now released their full Etruscans range onto their webstore allowing you to delve into some 28mm Ancient warfare on the tabletop. There is a good selection of miniatures for you to use as commanders, infantry, cavalry and more.

Smol Miniatures Bring 15mm Samurai Warfare To Kickstarter


Smol Miniatures are a new team of sculptors and hobbyists who are looking to bring some new miniatures to tabletops through the wonders of 3D Printing. They are currently on Kickstarter with their project, Samurai Warfare. 

New Twisted Bishops & Early Islesmen From Antediluvian!


Antediluvian Miniatures has expanded both its Medieval Demon collection and its Historical range with some new characters! We start with something a bit more fantastical and the addition of the Infernal Bishop, Papa Diabulus.

Warhost’s Dark Age Conquest Wargaming Rules Coming Soon


Andy Hobday has announced that Warhost's new Conquest supplement for The Barons' War rules is nearing completion. Steve Beckett is working hard on the last bits and pieces of the supplement which allows you to dive into Dark Age conflict using their tried and tested mechanics.

Rumble Across The Wild West With Empress’ Stagecoach!


Empress Miniatures is going to be showing off this brand new Wild West Stagecoach in 28mm scale this weekend at Warfare but it will end up getting released next week for folks online too!

Wars Of The Republic Ancient Rules Now Available From Osprey Games


Osprey Games has now released their new set of Ancient wargaming rules by Eric Farrington, Wars Of The Republic. Will you play as the mighty armies of Rome or their enemies at the edges of their empire?

Chaffees, Pershings & More Drop For Flames Of War’s Americans


A big collection of 15mm tanks and more are up for grabs this week from the folks at Battlefront Miniatures for use in Flames Of War. This set of releases continues to expand on the options available for the Americans who are battling through the winter in the new Bulge supplement.

Pre-Order The New Spanish Almughavars From FireForge


FireForge Games are currently taking pre-orders for their new Spanish Almughavars in 28mm scale that could be used in your Medieval tabletop battles. Have a peek at some of the new plastics in this set.

1806 Prussian Cavalry Ride Into Perry Miniatures’ Collection


Perry Miniatures has shown off some brand new Prussian Cavalry for the period of 1806. If you're eager to snap up some Dragoons and Cuirassiers then you're in for a treat! So, pretty good for your Napoleonics.

Triguard Miniatures Preview Upcoming Medieval Scots


Triguard Miniatures are going to be adding to their collection of 40mm Medieval miniatures with some Scots in the near future. See what you make of this neat preview of the miniatures they have in the works. 

Pick Up Gripping Beast’s Swordpoint The Hundred Years’ War


Gripping Beast has now added another book to their Swordpoint collection. The Hundred Years' War is the focus of their Ancient and Medieval wargaming rules which is available to snap up now.

Mad Bob’s Folding Urban Terrain Hits 4Ground’s Webstore


4Ground has now made the Mad Bob Miniatures Folding Terrain available over on their webstore for you to snap up! Currently, the Brick Buildings array is available for you to pick up, ready and raring for some 28mm wargames on the tabletop.

Let’s Play: Undaunted – North Africa | Osprey Games

1 week ago 9

Gerry and Free dive into a Let's Play of Undaunted: North Africa, the World War II board game from Osprey Games. Who will come out on top?

Unboxing: Oak & Iron – Blackbeard’s Revenge | Firelock Games

1 week ago 2

Gerry gets stuck into an Unboxing of Blackbeard's Revenge from Oak & Iron, the Historical naval wargame from Firelock Games. 

Experience Gangsters & The Roaring ’20s In GF9’s Wise Guys


Gale Force Nine announced this week that they were bringing a brand new game to the tabletop. Wise Guys drops you in the period of the roaring '20s and has you playing as Gangsters looking to take control of Prohibition-Era Chicago.

Pick Up Some Wild West Sidekicks For Gunfighter’s Ball


Knuckleduster Miniatures has put together another posse of individuals for you to use in Gunfighter's Ball and other Wild West Historical wargames. See what you make of this quirky set of Sidekicks. 

New Tanks & Winter Americans Land For Flames Of War


Battlefront Miniatures has put together another set of releases for those diving into the Bulge: American supplement for Flames Of War. A new set of tanks are available for you to snap up in 15mm for battles during World War II.

V&V Miniatures Bring Forth New Resin Roman Hastati


V&V Miniatures has added another set of 28mm miniatures to their Ancients collection for those playing as the Romans. Here we have the Roman Hastati who are getting ready to toss their pilum high and into the ranks of the enemy.

Head Back To The Russian Railway In New Edition Ultimate Railroads


Ultimate Railroads has been announced over on the Z-Man Games website, but this is not a new title in its' entirety.

Snap Up Gripping Beast’s Dark Age Irish Plastic Set


The new Dark Age Irish plastic set from Gripping Beast is now available to pick up from their webstore. This new set comes with twenty-five Dark Age Irish warriors that could be used for the likes of Swordpoint, SAGA, or any other Historical wargame of the right period.

Russian & Prussian Cavalry Coming Soon From Perry Miniatures


Perry Miniatures showed off some fun new stuff at Salute over the weekend. The core of it was based around the coming of new Russian & Prussian Cavalry for use in your Historical wargames. Here are some of the 3Ups that were shown off.

Support Movember & Snag A Spiffing Pulp Figures Miniature


Pulp Figures has been showing some support for Movember once again this year with a brand new 28mm miniature for you to snap up. The character this year is Colonel 'Muzzy' Blunderbooch who is ready to lead folks "up and over the top for Men's Health". 

Salute 2021 Live Blog!


Welcome to the Salute 2021 Live Blog where we're going to be delving into all of the awesomeness from companies and clubs here down in London at the ExCel Centre.

The Victrix Team Working On New Late Roman Archers


Victrix Limited are going to be expanding on their Historical collection with some new 28mm Late Roman Archers for those seeking to defend a faltering empire.

4Ground Adding Mad Bob’s Folding Terrain To Store Soon!


Mad Bob Miniatures' Folding Terrain is going to be coming to 4Ground's webstore soon, giving you a neat way to set up some interesting terrain on the tabletop across different genres and then pack it away nicely afterwards. 

Community Spotlight: Dungeon Saga, The Baron’s War & Tavern Terrain


We check out a selection of awesome Fantasy miniatures this week alongside a trip back to the Medieval period and The Barons' War once more.

Bonza Hit Kickstarter With Delta One Zero: Operation Frostbite


Bonza Games are back on Kickstarter with a new campaign that expands Delta One Zero. Operation Frostbite introduces new operatives that can be used alongside the initial soldiers from the Black Winter Starter Set.

White Dragon Miniatures Preview Russians For Courage In Contact


White Dragon Miniatures have previewed another set of miniatures for their Modern Warfare Courage In Contact collection. After the success of the Israel Defence Force last week, they are turning their attention to the Russians!

Build WWI Rails & Take To The Skies With Sarissa Precision


Sarissa Precision are getting all World War I with their new set of releases. We start with something that I'm sure Lloyd would be very interested in as the British and Germans start laying rails in order to shunt supplies to the front lines!

Catch Up On Battlefront’s Bulge: American Flames Of War Videos!


Battlefront Miniatures held their Live Launch for Flames Of War and the new Bulge: American book over the weekend. So, we thought we'd pull together some of their videos so you can catch up. There is also a full breakdown of their content from the weekend HERE. 

Expand Into Arts & Architecture In NewTapestry Expansion


Now is the best time to bury your head into Tapestry from Stonemaier Games. With a new expansion confirmed adding further reach to your colony, the world has never been so big! 

Firelock’s Fire On The Frontier Expansion Goes Up For Pre-Order!


Firelock Games' next expansion for Blood & Plunder is now available to pre-order! Fire On The Frontier allows you to play out King Philip’s War and King William’s War following a cycle of violence from the 1670s through to the 1690s and beyond. 

Catch The Flames Of War Bulge: American Live Launch!


Battlefront Miniatures is putting together a Live Launch for their newest book, Bulge: American and the miniatures that are releasing alongside it. You'll be able to follow along with all their content from 7th November.

Rain Down Fire With Your Ashigaru In Test Of Honour


Grey For Now Games has a few more releases on their webstore right now for those diving into Test Of Honour. We start with this charging Samurai With Spear who is only available from their webstore. 

Henry Turner Brings Warsaw Pact Infantry To Kickstarter


Henry Turner is on Kickstarter right now looking to fund Battleground 1983: The Warsaw Pact, a range of 3D Printable miniatures that you can use to represent soldiers of the period in scales from 10mm through to 28mm.

Warlord Games Announce Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo


Warlord Games has announced the next of their Epic Battle series releases. The Napoleonic era and Waterloo is the focus of the upcoming pre-orders with 13.5mm/15mm for both the French and the British ready to take to the field alongside loads of additional extras.

Community Spotlight: A Bit Of Everything, Infinity & Tiny Ancients!


We have a look at a cunning scheme, some Infinity goodness and the plot to bring lots of Ancients to the tabletop as well. Some great stuff for everyone!

Cute Critters Take On The Air, Land & Sea In Card Game Reskin


Arcane Wonders is set to release Air, Sea and Land: Critters at War before the close of the year into retail.

White Dragon Add The IDF To Courage In Contact Modern Range


White Dragon Miniatures has now released their Israel Defence Force for their Courage In Contact collection. These miniatures are available in 20mm or 28mm and should suit plenty of Modern Warfare-era conflicts.

3D Print The Unknown Tankers From Night Sky Miniatures


Night Sky Miniatures, run by Matthew Devenish, is on Kickstarter right now with their campaign to bring The Unknown Tanker range to the tabletop. You'll be able to back the campaign and download 3D Printable STL Files for tanks from the Finnish and Soviet Union armies during World War II.

Roleplay As The Knights Templar In Osprey’s Heirs To Heresy RPG


Osprey Games has now released their new roleplaying game, Heirs To Heresy: The Fall Of The Knights Templar. If you're interested in diving into a Historical-Fantasy roleplaying game then this might be worth taking a closer look at.

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