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Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings



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Prepare For Para Bellum’s Conquest: Living World!


Para Bellum Wargames have treated us to another awesome glimpse into the future for Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings.

Community Spotlight: Cruel Elves, Judgement Heroes & Conquest Priests

5 days ago 7

This week we're looking at some suitably cruel Elves, a band of very cool heroes for Judgement and the first step on a Conquest project

Para Bellum Celebrate One Year Of Conquest With Teasers [Updated]


Para Bellum Wargames has been celebrating one massive year for Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. To mark such an occasion they are making sure that those who play Conquest (or indeed want to get into it) have some goodies to look forward to.

Pre-Orders Now Live For Conquest Start Playing Army Bundles

3 weeks ago 7

Para Bellum Wargames has fired up their pre-orders for their Start Playing Army Boxes which give you a quick and easy way to dive into playing Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings.

The Many Faces Of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings


Meet some of the personalities from the world of Conquest by Para Bellum Wargames with a series of portraits and lore segments that have popped up recently!

3 Colours Up: Conquest – Household Knight | Miniature Painting


Today John is painting up one of the Household Knights miniatures for Conquest: Last Argument of Kings. Using a mix of contrast paints, washes and highlighting, John achieves that tabletop-ready look in a stylish way.

Weekender: WIN A RGG Hobby Bundle + The BEST Medieval Miniatures Ever?


Today On The Weekender! We're checking out some brilliant miniatures from Claymore Castings in Indie Of The Week, testing our two mats from Geek Villain, talking Solo Wargaming with Firelock games and MUCH more.

Get Up To Date With Para Bellum’s Conquest Companion


Para Bellum Wargames showed off some stunning new models this week but there's more! As well as the miniatures, you'll also be able to pick up the new Conquest Companion in mid-June. 

Impose Your Rule With Conquest’s New Drillmasters & Highborne


June sees the release of a bunch of new models for Para Bellum Wargames' Conquest PLUS some extra support for the four factions in the game.

Ask Para Bellum Your Burning Conquest Questions This Friday


As the team at Para Bellum Wargames aren't able to attend Adepticon this week they are instead going to be hosting a Q&A over on their Discord Server instead!

Para Bellum Talk Conquest Tactics For New Dweghom Releases!


Para Bellum Wargames has been talking about the new releases for the Dweghom coming soon.

Para Bellum Tease Two New Mystical Characters For Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames has taken a look at two more characters which will be joining the fray in Conquest soon. We start with a character for the Dweghom, the Tempered Steelshaper. 

Weekender: WIN Reichbusters Core Set & An Assyrian Mind Melter!


We're diving into an awesome Mind Melter this week, exploring some fascinating new Kickstarters and News from the tabletop world AND giving away a copy of Reichbusters from Mythic Games!

Para Bellum’s Conquest Organised Play Kicks Off Soon!


Keeping with the focus on Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings, we're also taking a peek at what Para Bellum Wargames has been planning for their Organised Play format! Season Zero is kicking off soon for stores, clubs and more.

Para Bellum Delve Into The Tactics Of Conquest’s Vanguard Clones


The team at Para Bellum Wargames has been diving into some more details on their newly released Vanguard Clones and Vanguard Clones Infiltrators for Conquest.

COG DEAL: Conquest Range 25% OFF RRP


Hi CoGs here's your chance to save some extra money on our full range of Conquest products with 25% OFF RRP over on the store.

Weekender: The Iceman Cometh In Warhammer 40K + WIN Dungeon Delving Kit


Come and join us for the Weekender talking all kinds of news, Kickstarter bigs and small as well as plenty of quirky fun too!

Test Your Skills In Para Bellum’s Conquest Painting Competition


Para Bellum Wargames have got some great ideas lined up for 2020. One of these is to hold a series of Painting Competitions which will be run monthly and give you a chance to paint up some of the awesome miniatures from their Conquest range.

The Ugr Stomp Into Conquest As Heavy Nord Reinforcements


Para Bellum Wargames has been showing off some more previews and this time they have moved on to the Nords.

Mighty Dweghom Thanes Join The Call For Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames have been previewing more of the Dweghom releases which are coming out to support Conquest in the near future.

Dragonslayers Descend On Para Bellum’s Conquest Soon


Para Bellum Wargames has been showing off a new unit which is dropping for the Dweghom soon.

One Year Down For Para Bellum’s Conquest & What Lies Ahead?


Para Bellum Wargames have been showing off, again, what is coming as part of Conquest in the coming weeks and months.

Deal: Conquest: Two Player Starter Set Only £50


Use the exclusive Cult of Games discount code to get the  Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings – Two Player Starter Set for only £50! - Ships World Wide (Terms and Conditions Apply)

Peek At Conquest’s Spire & Hundred Kingdoms January Releases


Para Bellum Wargames has got their sights set on some fun new releases for January to support both the Spires and Hundred Kingdoms.

Para Bellum Size Up The New Dweghom Models For Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames has been sizing up the different models available to you as part of the Dweghom army, the third army which popped up within the world of Conquest.

Para Bellum Unveil Army List For The Nords Of Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames has not only begun taking pre-orders for their new Nords faction in Conquest but they have also made the full rules for the faction available for you to check out too.

COG DEAL: Conquest Range 30% OFF RRP


Hi CoGs here's your chance to save on our full range of Conquest products with 30% OFF RRP over on the store.

Para Bellum Tease The Future Factions For Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames showed off a little teaser this week of what's coming for Conquest over the next few years.

Weekender: Racing To Moscow Atop Our Battle Pulpit!


We're chatting with Phalanx Games about their new Kickstarter project and diving into more from the tabletop world this week!

New Mighty Nords Take Shape For Para Bellum’s Conquest


So, I'm excited. This week we got a proper look at the new releases coming our way for Para Bellum Wargames' Nords faction which will be gracing the battlefields of Conquest soon.

Para Bellum Reveal Animated Trailer For Dweghom Release


Para Bellum Wargames has released a new trailer which heralds the release of the Dweghom very soon onto their webstore.

Para Bellum Wargames Launch Updated Conquest Army Builder


Para Bellum Wargames is introducing folks to their new digital Conquest Army Builder which you can go and explore.

Para Bellum Talk Tactics With Conquest’s Spire Marksmen


Para Bellum Wargames have put together a new tactical article which looks at how to use your Spires Marksmen when you're delving into battle in Conquest.

Weekender: Emo Space Marines Ahoy & WIN £50 Voucher!


Check out an ace new trailer for Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc 1.5 and lots more including a chance to win a £50 Store.OnTableTop Voucher!

Shelter Behind Micro Art’s New Hundred Kingdoms House


Micro Art Studio has added another of their new Conquest terrain pieces into the mix for those playing Para Bellum's new wargame. Here we have the Hundred Kingdom House.

Para Bellum Outline Dweghom Releases For September


Para Bellum Wargames is now focused on releasing the Dweghom into the world of Conquest at the end of September and here's what you can get to start off your army.

Snag Yourself A Hundred Kingdoms Army Deal For Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames has put together two different deals which are running until September 10th.

Weekender: Duck Me, Those Are Some Nice Gauls!


We get the team together to delve into loads of awesomeness from as week in the tabletop world.

Embrace The Fury With The Dweghom’s Flame Berserkers


The folks behind Conquest, Para Bellum Wargames, are keeping the awesome previews coming for the Dweghom who will be released in September. Check out these Flame Berserkers!

The Dweghom Meet Their Leaders In Para Bellum’s Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames are keeping the Dweghom previews coming thick and fast with the introduction of two characters for this races of Dwarves in Conquest.

Para Bellum Preview Dweghom Hold Warriors Dual Kit


The team at Para Bellum Wargames has been showing off a new kit which is going to be launching alongside the rest of the Dweghom in September.

The Future Of Conquest: Dweghom & Nord


We're getting some juicy previews of the upcoming units and mountains of lore for the Dweghom and Nord factions for Para Bellum's Conquest.