Conquest’s New Mighty Mahut Still Only Counts As One!

June 26, 2024 by brennon

Para Bellum Games has added a new set of Conquest miniatures to their webstore for pre-order. We start with the new 35mm Fantasy miniatures for the Sorcerer Kings and the towering Mahut which is going to smash aside any foes in your way!

Mahut - Conquest

Mahut // Conquest

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This kit comes with alternative heads for you to tinker around with and as well as boasting the Disciples in the howdah on the back, you can also change things up with the Favoured Of Hormus which we'll check out later on in this article. Check out that amazing Mahut!

With the death of the last elephant, the Sorcerer King decided to craft and animate hundreds and thousands of stone replicas of his beloved steed. They are all grand projects, more impressive than the last, and whilst they are ponderous, swaying monsters, they are a brutal testament to the power of the Sorcerer Kings and will look amazing as centrepiece miniatures on the tabletop.

Mahut Details - Conquest

Mahut (Details) // Conquest

In-game, the deadly archers normally support the Mahut at the top of its howdah. They are great at contesting objectives and staying put during prolonged combats. The archers can fire down at the enemies that the Mahut is engaged with whilst the melee continues. They can also act as the transport of choice for powerful spellcasters.

Gain The Favour Of The King

Those spellcasters take the form of the Favored Of Hormus.

Favored Of Hormus Mahut Rider - Conquest

Favored Of Hormus - Mahut Rider // Conquest

Those who please the Sorcerer King are granted immense power and wealth and the chance to ride on the back of the mighty stone elephants crafted by him. In battle, this gives you a really great vantage point to lord over your troops and send powerful magic forth from on high.

Favored Of Hormus Mahut Rider Details - Conquest

Favored Of Hormus - Mahut Rider (Details) // Conquest

This miniature slots onto the howdah on top of the Mahut and will give you a nice alternative leader to lead the way. I love the background where the gift of these Mahuts becomes less and less impressive with each one that the Sorcerer King creates. It makes you think of the competition that brews amongst the various members of his court.

Blot Out The Sun

If you'd prefer to add more shooting into your Sorcerer Kings army then you can also call on more of the Dhanur Disciples.

Dhanur Disciples - Conquest

Dhanur Disciples // Conquest

If you prefer the mortal side of your Conquest armies then you can add the Dhanur into the mix. These are the ranged support for your Rajakur and are really damn good at their job. They are good support for a spellcaster who wants to spend some time brewing up spells in the back lines but doesn't want to get flanked! I love the poses with each of them aiming high, ready to rain down arrows on their enemies.

Dread Old Dominion Centaurs

As well as the brand-new miniatures coming out for the Sorcerer Kings, we also have a new Dual Kit for the Old Dominion.

Centaur Prodromoi - Conquest

Centaur Prodromoi // Conquest

This set allows you to either make the melee-focused Centaur Prodromoi or the ranged Centaur Kerykes. I like that both of these kits continue with the Roman theme running through the Old Dominion as these represent the auxiliaries that would have been folded into those historical legions.

Centaur Kerykes - Conquest

Centaur Kerykes // Conquest

Your Prodromoi ride ahead as scouts and get stuck into short, swift offensives, running down your foes and treading them into the dirt. The Kerykes exchange their melee weapons for ranged weapons and instead ride around the flanks of the enemy army and take potshots at them. They can also hold their own should they commit to a charge as well. Both are amazing kits and another stunning addition to the Conquest range.

Are you going to be picking up some of these new miniatures for either the Sorcerer Kings or Old Dominion?

"Check out that amazing Mahut!"

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