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Combine RPG & Board Game Mechanics In Destinies


The upcoming board game, Destinies by Lucky Duck Games is coming soon this month. And boasts a competitive, story-focused adventure combining RPG elements into a board game scenario that does not require a game master! 

A Plastic Thunderhawk! Oh, But It’s For Aeronautica Imperialis


Games Workshop previewed more from their boxed game series and this time for Aeronautica Imperialis. The new set is called Wrath Of Angels and allows you to take control of a Space Marine or Aeldari squadron as part of their air combat wargame. 

Claim Dominance With A Hungry Tribe In Kiwi Chow Down


Kiwi Chow Down could mean anything without context. By Kiwis, I may be talking about the green exotic fruit which has a fluffy exterior. I also may be talking about the adorable native birds of New Zealand.

Gaunt’s Ghosts Sneak Onto The Tabletop For Warhammer 40K!


Games Workshop put together their previews for Black Library yesterday evening. Alas, there wasn't an update on any Age Of Sigmar books but there was a lot for those who like their Warhammer 40,000 stories.

New Heroes! Steam & Shadow For Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms


Modiphius has now dropped the new releases for Chapter II of The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms. Steam And Shadow introduces the mechanical contraptions of the Dwemer plus the brutal backstabbing of the Dark Brotherhood to this 32mm Fantasy skirmish wargame.

Vampire Lords Of The Soulblight Revealed For Age Of Sigmar


Games Workshop's Soul Wars might be coming to an end in Warhammer Age Of Sigmar but that doesn't mean that the Shyish Nadir hasn't finished giving out its dark gifts. The Soulblight Gravelords are more powerful than ever and new aristocracies of the night are looking to stake (hah) their claim on The Mortal Realms.

Witch Hunters Hunt Down Mutants In Dunkeldorf This June


King Games are going to be returning to the world of Dunkeldorf soon with a new Kickstarter for The Kingpin of Dunkeldorf.

New Hive War Starter Set Coming To Necromunda This Week


The new Hive War Starter Set is coming up for pre-order this weekend for those thinking about diving into Necromunda.

Russia’s Mozhayski Battlefleet Prepares To Join Dystopian Wars


Warcradle Studios have now announced this month's pre-orders, set to release at the end of May 2021, and there are two new releases heading over to the rough seas of the Dystopian Age. As Dystopian Wars welcomes a brand new Battlefleet for the Commonwealth faction, and a new set of Frontline Squadrons for the Celestian Empire. 

New Multi-Part Plastic Gunfighters Coming To Dead Man’s Hand!


Great Escape Games are working away on their first hard plastic kit! You'll soon be able to snap up their new multi-part plastic Gunfighters box which allows you to make ten 28mm miniatures for Dead Man's Hand. 

Control The Food Chain In Gods Love Dinosaurs By Pandasaurus


I have said it before, and I will say it again. Dinosaurs are a huge theme in board games at the minute. And I know that I have claimed the year 2021 - the year of the dinosaur, Pandasaurus Games certainly did not let us down in 2020 with the release of God Loves Dinosaurs. As feared as the human race is, there is one thing since the dawn of time that we as a dominant species of the planet are not winning. We are not sitting at the top of the hierarchical food chain. This food chain has taken place since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, starting with small prey being hunted by larger predators and ultimately being consumed by the top of the top, dinosaurs.

Archon’s Dungeons & Lasers Heads To Woodhaven On 4th May!


Archon Studio are returning to Kickstarter on 4th May with a new project focused on their Dungeons & Lasers collection.

New Bolt Action Island Assault! Starter Set Pops You In The Pacific


Warlord Games has put together a series of new releases and bundles for those diving into Bolt Action. Island Assault! is the new Starter Set that pits the Americans of the USMC against the Japanese across the various islands of the Pacific. 

Captain America Soars Into Atomic Mass’ Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Following on from the final episode of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Atomic Mass Games has previewed the full miniature for the new Captain America. Sam Wilson is suited and booted, ready to bring the shield to the tabletop in Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone Kickstarter Now Live!


Monster Fight Club is now live on Kickstarter with their (funded) project for Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone. Get stuck in and control the streets of the Sci-Fi Cyberpunk future as part of this miniatures skirmish game. 

Eldfall Chronicles Coming To Kickstarter May 18th


Over the past few months, we've been keeping an eye on the upcoming fantasy skirmish game from Freecompany, the Eldfall Chronicles. We've been given a glimpse into the world, the factions and even a bit of the gameplay and now we have confirmation of the date it's coming to Kickstarter on 18th May if you want to stay informed you can sign up on their website now. 

Head To The Forest With Robot Friends In Transmissions


Up on Kickstarter at the moment, there is whimsy in a new layer and genre! Bringing adorable robot miniatures into the forest in a mechanical friendly, rondel, worker-placement style game - Transmissions. 

Dwemer Might & Dragon Priests For Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms


New miniatures are on the way for Modiphius' The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms. One part of this Fantasy world that hasn't been addressed yet is the deep dark of the Dwemer ruins which dot the landscape of Skyrim.

CMON Launch New Marvel United: X-Men Kickstarter


The original Marvel United blasted onto Kickstarter and seemed to find its place as a good gateway game for those looking to introduce people to the hobby. It also delved deep into the awesomeness that is the Marvel world and CMON managed to excite many a fan with the array of heroes and villains they included. 

Never Fear, Northumbrian’s Guards! Guards! Guards? Are Here


Northumbrian Tin Soldier continues the Fantasy whimsy for today with some excellent looking 28mm miniatures. The newest set is Guards! Guards! Guards? which is clearly drawing parallels from a certain novel!

W’adrhŭn Raptor Riders & Warbred Unleash Dino Power On Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames has been previewing some new elite options for the W’adrhŭn of Conquest. One of the excellent things about the W’adrhŭn is that they get to play with dinosaurs and that means Raptor Riders!

Insurgent PMCs Lock & Load For Spectre Operations


Spectre Miniatures has a new set of Mercenaries for you to add to your Modern Warfare games. This time we're looking at the PMCs that have been hired by the Insurgents in order to overthrow governments and destabilise regions. 

Pixar’s Onward Gets Big RPG; Quests Of Yore: Barley’s Edition!


Inspired by the events of the film, Onward, this role-playing adventure for ages 8+ will allow 2-5 players to embark on a new and fully immersive quest.

First They Came; An Immersive Historical RPG Played Blindfolded


First They Came by Chaos League brings us a new way of immersing yourself, with a blindfold being tied around your eyes at the start of an emotional campaign. 

More Greek Gods Descend On Raging Heroes’ Patreon This April


Raging Heroes is delving back into the world of Greek Gods & Heroes this April as part of their Heroes Infinite Patreon. This time around, the team has descended down into the underworld to meet the cunning Hades.

Bad Squiddo’s Women Of WWII Soviet Russia Kickstarter Funded!


Bad Squiddo Games have smashed their target on Kickstarter for their Women Of World War II: Soviet Russia range. A brand new set of 28mm Historical miniatures are on the way; wrapped up for winter.

New Icariates Ablazers Soar Into Raging Heroes’ Sci-Fi Range


Raging Heroes has dipped back into their collection to update another unit for use in your Sci-Fi armies.

Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch & More Coming To Marvel: Crisis Protocol


Atomic Mass Games teased these releases back when Deadpool got added into the mix for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Thankfully, it looks like you won't have to wait long to meet the Maximoff family in the form of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in their new dual pack.

New Edition; Ashes Reborn By Plaid Hat Games Now Available


Ashes Reborn has indeed risen from the ashes, with the brand new edition from Plaid Hat Games which is available right now! The expandable card game has got an upgrade, so not only the starter set has had a refresh, but all products including the expansion decks have been added to the mix.

Icarus Games Re-Release Their Excellent Sci-Fi Range!


Icarus Games has now released their excellent looking Sci-Fi miniatures range via MyMiniFactory! A few years ago, I'm pretty sure we said they had the best aliens out there and I reckon that these still hold up today!

New Lost World Explorer Joins WWX With Drum Of The Nautilus


A much-anticipated reinforcement for the Crown is making his way over to Wild West Exodus (and the unreleased Lost World Exodus) by Warcradle Studios, and this investigational deep-diver joins the Crew of the Nautilus in the path to exploration. 

A New Faction For Bot Wars Plans To Trash The Competition


Traders Galaxy has made a delightful 10mm game that plays like a large scale 50mm skirmish game! How is that even possible you may ask? Well I'll tell you strawman of my own creation, it's possible because the 10mm figures, in this case, are giant stompy robots that tower over vehicles and humans alike in the retro 80's style game BOT WAR.

Shieldmaidens & Kings Previewed For Mythic Battles: Ragnarok!


Monolith Edition is getting ready for 5th April and the launch of Mythic Battles: Ragnarok. This means more heroes getting previewed over the last few days starting with the mighty Shieldmaiden, Lagertha. 

Get Stuck Into 15mm English Civil War With Steel Fist Miniatures


If you have an interest in the English Civil War period then you might want to take a peek at some of the offerings by Steel Fist Miniatures in 15mm. They have quite a nice Historical collection but these smaller-scale Parliamentarians and Royalists have caught my eye!

Pre-Order Your New W’adrhŭn Army For Para Bellum’s Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames are now taking pre-orders for the new W’adrhŭn army that is set to storm into the world of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and First Blood.

Learn A Dragon’s Favourite Tabletop Game In Heads Will Roll


If you consider yourself a cave-dwelling, fire-breathing, treasure-hoarding Dragon, this dexterity game may be the next game for you.

New Kings Of War: Vanguard Solo Play Rules Available!


Mantic Games has published, alongside Chris Kellahan, a solo play scenario for those wanting to dive in and enjoy Kings Of War: Vanguard. This skirmish scrap features the ever-lovable Goblins of Pannithor who you'll have to best during your Fantasy adventures.

Battle Alongside The Mighty W’adrhŭn Braves In Conquest Soon


We got a look at some of the excellent W'adrhŭn Braves miniatures which are coming to Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and First Blood soon from Para Bellum Wargames.

Wander Through Birchwood Vale With RMPrintableTerrain


RMPrintableTerrain are now live on MyMiniFactory's crowdfunding platform in order to bring a range of excellent Fantasy miniatures to the tabletop.

Puzzle Your Way Through Kosmos’ Newest EXIT Games


The team at Kosmos Games have even more interesting puzzles for you to solve and riddles to crack with their latest EXIT: The Game releases. We start with a traditional EXIT game in The Gate Between Worlds.

Yoda, Wookiees, MagnaGuard & More For Star Wars: Legion!


It was a big weekend for the folks at Atomic Mass Games as they showed off what they've been working on for Star Wars: Legion. Those who like the Clone Wars era are going to be very happy!

Bloodborne: The Board Game’s Expansion Hunter’s Dream Awaits


Welcome to the dream, Hunters. The new Bloodborne: The Board Game by CMON has now released, and there are already lots of game additions and expansions available to add to your core box.

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