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Orcs, Ogres, & Adventurers Take Form On First Legion’s Kickstarter


Fantasy First Legion have gone to Kickstarter to launch their new range of fantasy 28mm heroic miniatures. 

Forge World Calls The Hunt With White Scars Pre-Orders


Forge World are filling the ranks of the White Scars in the days of the Horus Heresy, as they have put up two new of these mighty hunters up for pre-order.

Roll For Adventure In Dice Upon A Time


"How often when we are comfortable, we begin to long for something new!" - Jacob Grimm

Cubicle 7 Take Their RPGs To The Grim Darkness of Warhammer 40,000


Cubicle 7, publishers of the fantastic RPGs Adventures in Middle-earth and Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, have made the exciting announcement that they will be producing RPG's set in Warhammer 40,000.

The Chase Is On In New Skirmish Game Hunt Saboteur


Hunt Saboteur is a skirmish-level tabletop miniatures game which aims to recreate the intensity and strategic tactics used in stand-offs between traditional fox hunters and hunt saboteurs in the English countryside.

Sabine Wren Shows Star Wars: Legion The Art Of War


A new operative expansion is joining the Rebels of Star Wars: Legion, none other than the skilled Mandalorian warrior Sabine Wren.

Trump Import Tariff Hits The American Gaming Market Hard


The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative made the announcement earlier this week.

Themeborne Hope You Escape The Dark Sector


The team at Themeborne are going to be taking us on a new adventure, this time within the realm of Sci-Fi.

Atlantis Miniatures Preview Their New Wood Elves!


Atlantis Miniatures has been showing off some amazing previews of their upcoming Wood Elf models.

PWork Wargames Release Eight New Kill Team Mats


PWork Wargames has just released eight new Kill Team compatible mats which you can find HERE in their neoprene material. 

More Battlefield In A Box Terrain Drops This June


Gale Force Nine has shared what's coming this June for their Battlefield In A Box range.

Chaos Knights, Apocalyptic Games & Action Figures Come To 40K!


So this past weekend was Warhammer Fest 2019 and there is a lot to catch up on when it comes to what's landing for Warhammer 40,000.

Boost Your NuHu With New Antares Drone Swarms


Warlord Games have announced two new drone swarms for their Beyond the Gates of Antares tabletop game!

Board Punga’s Pi’Rats Kickstarter For More Ratmen Teams


Punga Miniatures have launched a Kickstarter for not one, but three new fantasy football teams full of characterful ratmen miniatures. Rats On A Sinking Ship Two of the teams feature ratmen of a nautical ilk. The first is the Kickstarter's […]

Death Comes From Above And Below Out Of Forge World


Forge World have two new pieces up for pre-order, letting you attack your enemies from some unexpected angles. 

Rise Through The Ranks In Hostage Negotiator: Career


You've graduated the academy. And now it is time to prove yourself.

Catalyst Present The Full Line Up For Shadowrun, Sixth Edition


Catalyst Game Labs have previewed the run of releases coming out for Shadowrun, Sixth Edition, including rulebooks, sourcebooks, and various others pieces to help your games.

Blood Red Skies Release Unleashes Corsair Chaos In The Clouds


Warlord Games are reaching dizzying new heights with their latest set of Blood Red Skies releases! The heavens becomes a battleground with these latest F4U Corsair Squadron and Ace Fighters, ready to take the fight back to the enemy forces […]

Sickness Spreads To Space Marine Heroes Season 3


Games Workshop have announced season three of their blind buy Space Marine Heroes range, this time filling those random boxes with the diseased Death Guard.

Get Your Painting On Point With Colours Of War II


If you're new to modern era wargaming and want some help when it comes to painting your tanks and infantry then Colours Of War II might be good for you.

Pre-Orders Hit For Green Ronin’s Modern AGE Companion


Green Ronin is really expanding on the offerings for both players and games masters as they dive into the new Modern AGE role-playing game.

A Dashing Assassin Graces The Carnevale Canals Of Venice


TTCombat has added two new warbands into the mix for Carnevale as well as a dashing new assassin who is stalking foes along the waterways.

The Untamed Beasts Arrive In The Wastelands Of Warcry


We got a nice dump of information this weekend on what's coming for Age Of Sigmar and the new game, Warcry, by Games Workshop.

Hire Some Grizzled New Hired Guns For Necromunda


Forge World has added two new Hired Guns into the mix for those playing Necromunda.

New RPG Afterlife: Wandering Souls Explores What Comes Next


New indie RPG Afterlife: Wandering Souls has come to Kickstarter, funding an exploration into the whatever lies beyond the veil of death. In Afterlife, you take on the role of the newly deceased. Together with those others whom you met […]

Paizo Relaunches The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game


Paizo is releasing their new take on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game this month.

Raging Heroes Unleash Holy Justice With Latest Army


The guys over at Raging Heroes have unleashed their all-female army of righteous redeemers onto the tabletop, and they're ready to deliver holy hell to their enemies!

Draw Swords & Defend 3DAlienWorlds’ Samurai Farm Set


3DAlienWorlds has designed another set of 3D printable files for you to add to your collection.

Return To The Sixth World For Shadowrun’s Sixth Edition


Catalyst Game Labs have announced that this year will see the launch of the sixth edition of their much-loved cyberpunk RPG, with Shadowrun, Sixth World.

Black Sun Show Off Stunning New 75mm Miniatures


Black Sun Miniatures has three new models up on their webstore ready for pre-order.

Titan Terrain NZ Take Refuge In New World War II Church


Titan Terrain NZ has a new terrain piece that you might be interested in if you're looking to storm through France during World War II. Check out this rather fancy looking Church.

Xenomorphs Await In Fria Ligan’s Upcoming ALIEN RPG


Deal with the insidious Weyland-Yutani Corporation and run from the Xenomorph Peril in ALIEN: The Roleplaying Game.

Mortian Power Up Their Super Heavy Warcrawler


Mortian has powered up a new vehicle for those looking to utterly blow away everything in your path.

The Looncurse Descends On Age Of Sigmar Soon


Games Workshop has another Starter Set on the way for those delving into Age Of Sigmar.

Johnny Red, Comes To Warlord Games’ Blood Red Skies


Warlord Games have a special new release for Blood Red Skies up for pre-order, none other than classic comic strip character Johnny Red and the Soviet Falcon Squadron!

Warhammer Underworlds Goes Online


Games Workshop and Steel Sky Productions have announced that they are partnering to create a new online adaptation of Warhammer Underworlds, taking the game online. The game promises to be a faithful adaptation of the tournament focused miniatures game, seeing […]

BattleMats Turn The Page On Their Next Battle Mat Book Set


BattleMats are returning with another of their acclaimed Battle Mat Books, heading to Kickstarter to create a modular, two-book set call The Dungeon.

Malifaux’s Georgy & Olaf Ask Who Runs Gremlin-Town?


A new duo of brains and brawn are joining the Malifaux Gremlins for the 3rd edition; the big hat Georgy and his enforcer Olaf.

Find Favour & Save Yourself At The Grimm Masquerade


Druid City Games and Skybound are looking to tease you with all manner of tricks in The Grimm Masquerade which is coming out later this year. 

CMON’s Bloodborne Board Game Takes Yharnam To Kickstarter


CMON have launched a Kickstarter for their new board game adaptation of the action-horror video game Bloodborne.

Infinity Release Poster Girls, Tech Wizards, & Fullmetal Kozmo


Corvus Belli has revealed the new releases which are coming to tabletops in May for both Infinity and Aristeia!

GW Bring Classic Sculpts Back For Middle-earth Lovers


Games Workshop has been very generous to fans of Middle-earth with a new selection of Made To Order models now available.

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