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Courage & Prudence Models Previewed For Mythic’s Solomon Kane


If you were paying attention to Facebook earlier this week we played some games of Solomon Kane which we’ll be bringing to you in the near future.

Endless Quest D&D Books Return Later This Year!


Wizards Of The Coast are visiting a golden oldie later this year as they look to bring back their Endless Quest Gamebooks in September thanks to Penguin Random House. You will be able to take on quests solo in these exciting adventures, playing as core Dungeons & Dragons classes.

Airborne Heroes & A Valiant Medic From Stoessi’s Heroes


Stoessi’s Heroes return to show us more of the larger than life characters that make fact more interesting than fiction. Their two new sets come with an Airborne flare and another character from the other end of the world, fighting in the Pacific theatre. 

Cubicle 7 Detail More On Dice Rolls In Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play


Cubicle 7 has talked more about the way dice rolls work in Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play in a new system preview. There are three different types of test you’ll find when playing the game…

New Heavily Armoured Officers Land For Warlord’s Konflikt ’47


Warlord Games has added some new units to their Konflikt ’47 collection, giving you new leaders to stand at the forefront of your army.

Grimlord Games Talk New Game Project, The Everrain


Building on the success of Endure The Stars and Village Attacks, Grimlord Games are looking to their next project, The Everrain. This new board game by Adam Smith has quite the evocative cover!

UK Games Expo Announces Shortlist For 2018 Awards


The UK Games Expo team has announced the shortlist of games and accessories that will be making up the 2018 Awards.

Diemension Games’ Beautiful Celestial Miniatures Now Available


Dimension Games has now opened up their webstore offering you a chance to get your hands on three of their amazing Celestial Miniatures range.

First Glimpse Of PlayFusion’s Age Of Sigmar Champions At WarhammerFest


PlayFusion were at WarhammerFest this weekend and shared on Twitter a few new morsels of information Age Of Sigmar Champions, their new card game in conjunction with Games Workshop.

Enter The Zen-Like Tang Garden With Thundergryph Games


Thundergryph Games has a wonderful looking game coming to Kickstarter soon. Here we have a look at Tang Garden which has you building a wonderful garden for nobles to visit.

Stunning New Wizards On The Way For Frostgrave’s Maze Of Malcor


North Star has previewed the renders for some of the new Wizard models that are going to be made available for The Maze Of Malcor expansion, a new Frostgrave book landing in June.

The Dronescourge & More Strike In Warlord’s Beyond The Gates Of Antares


Warlord Games has released a whole bunch of new awesome stuff on their webstore for Beyond The Gates Of Antares. The story moves forward with a new supplement for the game, The Dronescourge Returns!

[Update] Age Of Sigmar’s New Edition, Adeptus Titanicus & Plastic Sisters Of Battle


A new edition of Age Of Sigmar to be revealed and more this weekend at Warhammer Fest.

Check Out Superhero Noir RPG City Of Mist


Modiphius has just added a New RPG to their webstore, City Of Mist. This role-playing game sets up in a world of Noir Detective investigations where folks have access to legendary powers.

Boba Fett & Scout Trooper Expansions Detailed For Star Wars: Legion


Cult favourite bad guy Boba Fett is one of the new expansion boxes coming to Star Wars: Legion. Alongside him, Fantasy Flight Games also announced the new Scout Trooper Expansion too.

Dark Souls: The Card Game Forgotten Paths Expansion On The Way


Steamforged Games has some news this week as Dark Souls: The Card Game is getting a restock which should release later this year in September. This also comes alongside a new expansion for the game too.

New Sci-Fi Terrain Releases From Knights Of Dice Perfect For Star Wars!


Knights of Dice is making it even easier to outfit the planet of your choice for your Legion games with their latest sci fi terrain. There’s new buildings, scatter and even a transport ready fo you to add to your games!

Mantic Games Take Hellboy To Mexico With New Kickstarter Expansion!


Mantic Games has been doing exceptionally well with its new Kickstarter for Hellboy: The Board Game. Their newest expansion though does something very awesome, and indeed different, with the Hellboy crew.

Get More Details On Leia Organa Expansion For Star Wars: Legion


Fantasy Flight Games has dropped more details on the upcoming Leia Organa expansion for Star Wars: Legion. The tough leading lady of the original trilogy is ready to get stuck into the action.

IDW Games Talk New Batman Board Game, Gotham Under Siege


IDW Games has talked more about their upcoming board game. Batman: The Animated Series – Gotham Under Siege is quite the long title but it brings probably the best iteration of Batman (in my opinion) to the tabletop.

New Shadespire Accessories Crafted By Bandua Wargames


A new range of Shadespire Compatible Products has been dropped into the mix by Bandua Wargames.