Pick Up New Conquest First Blood Warbands For 2024

June 11, 2024 by brennon

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Para Bellum Games are taking pre-orders for the new 2024 First Blood warbands that are a great way for you to dive in and start playing wargames in their 35mm Fantasy realm of Ea. All of the current factions have First Blood Warbands so you can simply pick your poison and jump in.

Dweghom First Blood Warband 2024 - Conquest

Dweghom: First Blood Warband 2024 // Conquest

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We start with the Dweghom who get a pretty awesome First Blood warband for 2024. This comes with Hold Warriors, a Steelforged Premium Brute, a Tempered Steelshaper and a Flamecaster. As with all of the First Blood Warbands you'll be seeing here, they come with the Quick Start rules as well as the Command Cards for use in-game. All of the rules are available free online anywhere HERE so you can go and learn more about the different armies and see if one appeals to you.

Moving on from the Dweghom, we have the new warband for The Spires.

Spires First Blood Warband 2024 - Conquest

Spires: First Blood Warband 2024 // Conquest

This set comes with Desolation Drones, Bound Clones, Vanguard Clones and a Premium Incarnate Sentinel. You also get a Biomancer and the Catabolic Node. If you like the weird and the wonderful then these warbands are a good place to start. You get some of the very creepy Spires to play around with, allowing you to dive into some interesting paint schemes and really embrace the idea of being a bit more villainous in your games of Conquest.

If you want to take on the role of the mighty City States then you can also get a First Blood warband for them.

City States First Blood Warband 2024 - Conquest

City States: First Blood Warband 2024 // Conquest

The City States are possibly one of the best-looking factions in Conquest and this set gives you a good variety of units that showcase the range. You get the Satyroi/Sellinoi and Agema as well as a Haspist Minotaur and then an Aristarch and Lochagos. As someone who has always liked Ancient Greece, it's hard not to get sucked in by this lot as a faction. I do like their commander figures in this set which are like magically and technologically enhanced Greek heroes for the world of Ea.

If you're looking for something a little bit different, we have the warband set for the W’adrhŭn.

Wadrhun First Blood Warband 2024 - Conquest

W’adrhŭn: First Blood Warband 2024 // Conquest

Noble wild warriors that were once an experiment but are now a nation of their own. The bonus is that you also get dinosaurs with your W’adrhŭn so why wouldn't you want to choose this faction? This set comes with the Blooded, Chosen Of Conquest and Slingers as well as a Hunting Pack. You also get the Chieftain and the Aberration to help lead the way during your games.

If you prefer fighting in cold mountains rather than the sweltering jungles then you might want to check out the Nords First Blood Warband.

Nords First Blood Warband 2024 - Conquest

Nords: First Blood Warband 2024 // Conquest

This set comes with some of the savage Ulfheadnar as well as the brutal Bearsarks. You also get Valkyries to watch your journey into the afterlife and the Fenr Beastpack Brutes. There is also a Shaman to lead the way spiritually alongside the Savage who is going to unleash their bestial rage on whoever stands in their way.

The shambling (and the not-so-shambling) undead are also an option for Conquest. You can also call on the ancient power of the Old Dominion.

Old Dominion First Blood Warband 2024 - Conquest

Old Dominion: First Blood Warband 2024 // Conquest

This is another great set for you to choose from which brings together something familiar but with a strange twist. In this case, it's "Romans" who have been resurrected from the dead to fight once more. This selection of First Blood troops comes with Kheres, Legionnaires and Varangians as well as the premium Karaytid Brute, a Hierodeacon and the Optio. You get a good mix of the hideous and just old (very old) soldiers who have been called back into service.

Last but not least, we also have the Hundred Kingdoms who are your classic Fantasy humans but with a nice Conquest twist as always.

Hundred Kingdoms First Blood Warband 2024 - Conquest

Hundred Kingdoms: First Blood Warband 2024 // Conquest

This set comes with some great new miniatures alongside some of the older ones for good measure. You've got the Hunter Cadre, Steel Legion soldiers, the Order Of The Sealed Temple warriors and a Household Knight. There are also an Imperial Officer and Drillmaster to lead the way and keep your Hundred Kingdoms in check. I am a big fan of the Hunter Cadre, in particular. A really nice, dynamic unit that suits the skirmish format of First Blood.

The Sorcerer Kings are not missing from this selection as the newest faction for Conquest also gets itself a First Blood Warband which you can find HERE.

Are you going to be tempted by one of these new First Blood Warbands?

"Are you going to be tempted by one of these new First Blood Warbands?"

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