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Conquest: First Blood


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Art Direction


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Heroes Of Conquest: Drawing The Art Of Para Bellum’s Conquest #PathOfConquest

3 days ago 4

Justin is joined by Leo and Charis from Para Bellum Wargames to talk about drawing The Art Of Conquest: Last Argument Of Kings. This might give you some inspiration as you walk the #PathOfConquest!

Pre-Order Impressive Conquest Dioramas From Para Bellum


Para Bellum Wargames are now taking pre-orders for their new Founder's Exclusive Dioramas which show off impressive scenes from the world of Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. 

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We have a deep dive into the 28mm Oldhammer Fantasy collection from Warmonger Miniatures for the Grognard in all of us PLUS we're giving away a Para Bellum Wargames Conquest army!

Para Bellum Release Conquest: First Blood Skirmish Rules


Para Bellum Wargames has now released their FREE skirmish rules for playing 35mm clashes in the world of Conquest.

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