Thundering Chariots Join City States Armies In Conquest

April 26, 2024 by brennon

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Para Bellum Games has a new selection of pre-orders available at the moment for the Nords, Spires and the City States. If you're looking for brutal heroes, uncaring infantry and thundering chariots then you're going to be very happy indeed. See what you make of these new 35mm Fantasy kits for Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings and First Blood.

Nord Savage - Conquest

Nord Savage // Conquest

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Leading the way is the brutal Savage for the Nords. These bloodthirsty warriors wait in ambush and then leap out with their warriors for surprise attacks. Para Bellum Games suggests introducing one to your regiments of Ulfhednar, enhancing them and unleashing carnage. I quite like the pose which matches the sneaking, ambush nature of the Savage. I also think that those wild eyes properly nail their blood-boiling rage.

New Spires Miniatures

If you prefer playing as The Spires then you can also pick up the deadly Desolation Drones.

Spires Desolation Drones - Conquest

Spires Desolation Drones // Conquest

The Desolation Drones are some of the most powerful infantry that you can add to your Spires armies. They are living weapons like the rest of the Spires army and have weapons that are capable of piercing armour and bringing low even the most heavily armoured of individuals. They are going to be great for suppressing an enemy formation and making sure that you have control of the battlefield.

They have a definite insectoid feel to them and their eerie, hunched bodies give them a rather creepy look which is well suited to their battlefield role. I think you could do some fun stuff with iridescence on their armoured "shells".

City States Chariots

Capping things off, we have another Dual Kit for the City States with these Chariots. This set allows you to build either the Flogobolon or the Skorpios.

City States Flogobolon - Conquest

City States Flogobolon // Conquest

Despite the funny name, the Flogobolon is going to be a great way for you to deter your enemy from attacking your flanks. It can also do some pretty hefty damage to units already locked in combat, allowing you to really layer on the pain. It features a rather quirky-looking weapon engineered by some of their best tinkerers and thinkers.

A second ranged weapon can be chosen in the form of the Skorpios.

City States Skorpios - Conquest

City States Skorpios // Conquest

The Skorpios trades in some of its damage output for the ability to hit enemies from further away, allowing it to focus on different threats. You could have the Flogobolon set up near your units, supporting the rest of your army whilst the Skorpios take on a skirmishing role, perhaps straying into the enemy deployment zone to threaten their back line.

Both of the chariots look awesome and I really like the lions pulling them as well. One is prowling forward whilst the other is about to leap on some unfortunate foe.

What do you make of the new miniatures for Conquest?

"What do you make of the new miniatures for Conquest?"

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