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Durgin Paint Forge Show Off Elegant M.A.S.K Agent


I love the miniatures from Durgin Paint Forge. These folks do some amazing work when it comes to bringing their world to life and their latest piece, a new M.A.S.K Agent continues that trend.

Z1 Design Bring Us Back To Black Hallows On Kickstarter


Z1 Design is coming back to Kickstarter with a new campaign for Black Hallows Townsfolk II.

New Steamforged Captains Join The Guild Ball Roster


Some fascinating new characters have been added into the mix for Guild Ball by Steamforged Games.

WWX’s Legendary Gustave Eiffel Clambers Into His Contraption


Wild West Exodus throws another Legendary character into the mix with Gustave Eiffel of The Enlightened joining the fight in his crazy looking contraption. 

Unboxing: Foundry Viking Starter Warband & Reinforcements

23 hours ago 13

Sound the warhorn SAGA fans, we've got a double bill of unboxings for your Viking needs, from the chaps at Foundry.

Moonstone Returns To Kickstarter With New Faction, The Leshavult


Moonstone, a wonderfully whimsical looking Fantasy game, is coming back to Kickstarter soon with a new faction called The Leshavult. 

New Infinity Releases – March 2019!


We're checking out the new releases for the world of Infinity as Corvus Belli show off figures arriving in March.

Dragonlock Bringing New 3D Printable Miniatures To Your Home


Looking for some monster to grow at home? How about printing them yourself on your 3D printer? Then take a look at this Kickstarter.

New NPCs Join The Dunkeldorf Miniatures Collection


A few more previews dropped for the Dunkeldorf Miniatures range which is going to be coming to Kickstarter soon.

Take A Closer Look At New Plastic Frostgrave Wizards


North Star has now shown off the Frostgrave Wizards sprues, giving us a look at plenty of the options included with the new plastic kit which is available soon.

Age Of Bronze Hail Caesar Supplement Up For Pre-Order


Warlord Games has now put their new Age Of Bronze supplement up for pre-order, giving you another window into playing games in the Ancient era with Hail Caeser. 

Shamans & Greylords Take Control In Warmachine & Hordes


Privateer Press has shown off two solos for both Warmachine & Hordes.

Idoneth Deepkin & Nurgle Start Collecting Sets Coming Soon


Games Workshop is dropping two new Start Collecting Sets for Age Of Sigmar next weekend.

Weekender XLBS: Give A Friend Free Backstage & Ninja Division Fallout

3 days ago 180

We're discussing our hobby time, sharing and caring within the hobby and the failures of Kickstarter...

Mythic’s Leo & Seb Talk Reichbuster Army Painter Set


Mythic Games have put together a neat Paint Set for Reichbusters alongside The Army Painter and it's available as part of their Pledge Manager. 

Weekender: Win 40K Shadowspear & GW TOP TRUMP?

4 days ago 295

We're chatting with Needy Cat Games today about their upcoming Newbury & Hobbes board game project and much more!

Wild West Exodus Announce Marie Laveau For Pre-Order


Wild West Exodus have announced their latest character addition to their alternate timeline skirmish game. Legendary Marie Laveau is the oldest servant and a senior member of the stygian fragment of the Hex. Due to her station, she wields a disproportionate amount of influence on the direction of the Hex's plans.

The Snatchers Are Abroad For Knight Model’s Harry Potter


Knight Models have dropped a whole bunch of new Harry Potter Miniatures Game releases for you to snap up.

Avast Me Hearties! Artel W Brings Orcs To The Ocean


Yesterday, Punga Miniatures brought us Pirate Rats. Well today, Artel W Miniatures sees those pirate rats and raises you a Pirate Orc Kaptain which will have you walking the gangplank of your own accord!

CMON Bring Giants & Raiders To The Freefolk Of Westeros


CMON is expanding upon the world of A Song Of Ice & Fire: The Miniatures Game with the Freefolk Starter Set.

Hire From MOMminiaturas’ Marienburg Company


MOMminiaturas has taken to Kickstarter with their latest range of Fantasy releases. You can join up with their Marienburg Warband and make some money in the Old World.

Community Spotlight: Ultramarines, HeroQuest Foes & KeyForge Travellers!


Come and join us for another look into what you've been doing in our project section with some great painting and designing!

Forge Of Doom Brings Classic Fantasy Characters To Life


Forge Of Doom has called on the sculpting prowess of Boris Woloszyn Miniatures as three new characters get added to their webstore, each with a familiar look to them.

Exclusive! Check Out New Starter Set Gangs For Punkapocalyptic


We've seen quite a few of the new previews for Bad Roll Games' Punkapocalyptic and its new Starter Set but we have been given a little nudge as to what will be in the full thing when it releases in April/May this year.

Warhansa Show Off Towering Dark Age Warrior In 54mm


Warhansa has been showing off a towering new miniature that is coming out soon.

Fire & Ice Miniatures Show Off 75mm Warrior Women


Fire & Ice Miniatures have been showing off more of the work going into their 75mm range which will be coming soon.

Otherworld Unleash New Monsters On Dungeon Delvers


Today we're going to be having a look at the new monsters and more that they also released over the weekend.

Durgin Paint Forge Reveal Their Next Agent Of M.A.S.K


Durgin Paint Forge has been showing off another of their superb sculpts for the Agents Of M.A.S.K, a shadowy organisation that doesn't mind getting its hands dirty within their Fantasy world. 

Gorge & Gunsling With Latest Characters For Warmachine


Privateer Press is keeping the releases coming for Warmachine with a few new characters and a new unit dropping over the past few weeks.

The Drowned Earth Unboxing: Wayfarers Starter Set


Meet the band of mercenaries roving the post-apocalyptic lands of miniature skirmish game The Drowned Earth.

A Deadly Onigor Rises From The Depths For ShadowSea


AntiMatter Games have been showing off more of what's being added into the mix for ShadowSea and their latest preview is for the Onigor!

Otherworld Go Questing With Evil Adventurers


We're checking out a massive array of new adventurers added into the mix by Otherworld Miniatures today.

Scouts & Skulls: Artel W Release New Miniatures


Artel W Miniatures have released images of their latest 28mm and 54mm characters.

Weekender XLBS: Surviving An Asteroid Apocalypse!


We're back for Weekender XLBS today with a big question for you. How on earth would you survive a massive asteroid crashing into the planet?

Hvarl Red-Blade Leads His Space Wolf Great Company Into Battle


Hvarl Redblade has been put up for pre-order by the folks at Forge World so the Jarl Of The Fourth Great Company is now ready to roll out and bring death to his enemies in true Space Viking style. 

Check Out Gorilla With A Brush’s Painting Tip Videos!


Gorilla With A Brush has done some sterling work on painting the ace Dwarves from Atlantis Miniatures and so they hosted a series of videos from him on painting one of the female characters from the set.

Dunkeldorf Show Off New Sketches & First Metal Miniatures


We're seeing new characters and how progress is going for Dunkeldorf Miniatures as they prepare for a Kickstarter in March.

Weekender: WIN New Age Of Sigmar Two-Player BATTLEBOX & Roman RISK!


We delve down into some awesomeness from a full week of tabletop gaming on The Weekender as the folks from UK Games Expo join us in the studio.

Punkapocalyptic Tease New Miniature Releases


Punkapocalyptic have showcased their latest additions to the hit tabletop game, and they're looking pretty suave.

Bring On The Battles! New Orc Warband From Yedharo Models


Yedharo Models have delved into the gathering darkness to bring forth an Orc Warband so terrifying, so fearsome, and so utterly ripped that no sane opponent would dare stand in their way.

Meet The Mighty Ardent Kerawegh Of The Dweghom For Conquest


Para Bellum Wargames has given us another peek into the world of Conquest and it's characters this time focusing on the Dweghom and Ardent Kerawegh.

Mythic’s Leo Unboxes The Reliquary Box For Joan Of Arc


Mythic Games have taken a moment to crack open The Reliquary Box that got added into the mix by the crew to hold lots of the stretch goals available as part of the Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc Kickstarter.

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