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Community Spotlight: Bulk BattleTech, Discworld Witches & Blanchitsu Eldar


We delve into a backlog of BattleTech goodness, see some Witches on holiday away from the Discworld and check out some stylish Blanchitsu-style Eldar.

Wargames Atlantic’s The Damned Now Live On Gamefound


Wargames Atlantic's The Damned campaign is now live on Gamefound. A brand new selection of 28mm hard plastic miniatures are available for you to snap up to use in your grimdark and post-apocalyptic miniature wargames.

Piano Tease Next Napoleonic Project, The Danube Campaign


Piano Wargames continue to impress with their range of 28mm Napoleonic miniatures, often available as both metal miniatures and in a digital format as STL Files. The next project from Piano Wargames is going to be focused around The Danube Campaign and I'm sure there will be plenty of folks eager to dive in.

More 28mm Vikings On The Way From Ragnarok Miniatures!


The Ragnarok Miniatures range is now available from the team at Gripping Beast and whilst the Fantasy ranges are the first of the collection getting added to the webstore, the 28mm Historical miniatures are on the way soon. Ragnarok aren't resting on their laurels either as they also have a Kickstarter planned, The Sons Of Odin. 

Battle Bandits & Manticore’s With New Epic Encounters Sets


The folks at Steamforged Games have put together another two Epic Encounters sets for you to use when diving into some roleplay at the tabletop using the likes of Dungeons & Dragons. This time around, you'll be tackling the Camp Of The Bandit Twins and a deadly Manticore.

Brigade Games’ Colonial Marines & Iconic Characters From 1812


Brigade Games have released some new sets of 28m metal miniature for those looking to play out some battles in 1812 in North America and more specifically Canada. We'll start out with some iconic characters. 

Summon Dark Gods With Anvil Industry’s Cultists Range


Anvil Industry has been showing off some of their bitz that can be assembled into 28mm Sci-Fi miniatures to use in a variety of wargames. The focus for the moment is on some Cultists who are no doubt working to summon dark forces on a ghost ship out there in the vast blackness of space.

Join The Revamped Aftermath Kill Team From Spectre Miniatures


Spectre Miniatures has revamped one of their existing sets of 28mm miniatures for your Modern Warfare-era wargames. The Aftermath Kill Team are ready to dive into all sorts of deadly environments and complete their most likely deadly missions. 

Begin Warhammer Underworlds Adventures With New Starter Set


Games Workshop are having a little bit of a lean week this time around. Maybe they are as busy with UK Games Expo plans as we are? Warhammer Underworlds, their board/card/miniatures game set in the world of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar, is getting a new Starter Set coming up for pre-order.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Weird But Wonderful? Diving Into Lloyd’s New Fantasy Army


In this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we dive into a discussion on some of the hobby we've been working on. Warren is a dungeon designer, Ben has been tinkering with the grimdark in The Mortal Realms and Lloyd has been working on crafting his own new Fantasy army for use in Oathmark and beyond.

40K Traitor Guard Done Right; Harness The Plastic Power Of Wargames Atlantic! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Wargames Atlantic have got ahead of the game and made some excellent Warhammer 40K Traitor Guard for you to use when looking to make your next Chaos army in the grimdark future.

Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game Revived Thanks To CMON


Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game was cancelled and looked like it was going the way of the dodo. CMON, however, have resurrected the game by Emerson Matsuuchi and is skipping Kickstarter and crowdfunding, instead heading to retail in 2024.

Lietuentant Titus Gets A Miniature & Space Marine 2 Gameplay!


Warhammer Skulls 2023 happened this week and one of the reveals when it came to upcoming video games was for Space Marine 2. We got another sneak peek at gameplay for this sequel to the hit 2011 Warhammer 40,000 video game where Lieutenant Titus is tackling a Tyranid Hive Fleet.

House Bolton Marches To War In A Song Of Ice & Fire: TMG


House Bolton, previously a band of mercenary neutral warriors for A Song Of Ice & Fire: The Miniatures Game, are striking out as their own mini-faction in CMON's mass battle Fantasy wargame. Prepare to cut throats and backstab plenty of your allies as you work to take over Westeros. 

Build A 40K Traitor Guard Army! Wargames Atlantic’s The Damned On Gamefound


Gerry sits down for an interview with Charlie from Wargames Atlantic to discuss their new The Damned crowdfunding campaign which is coming soon to Gamefound! This could be a great time to collect 28mm miniatures for the Traitor Guard army from Warhammer 40K you've always wanted.

Community Spotlight: Monstrous Beasts, Shatterpoint & Bringing The Gnarlwood To Life

1 week ago 6

Some brand new projects to look at this week covering the worlds of Star Wars and Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. PLUS, we also have a look at something dark and spooky hiding in the shadows!

Lancashire Bring Forth 10mm Republican Romans & Samnites


The folks at Lancashire Games have been showing off some of their 10mm Republican Romans and Samnites that you could snap up and add to your Ancient wargames. 

Victrix Working On New 28mm Dark Age Early Saxon Warriors


Victrix Miniatures are heading back to the Dark Age with an upcoming set of plastic miniatures. Early Saxon Warriors are on the way for you to use in your 28mm Historical wargames. See if you can kick the ass of some Late Romans!

Head To Dathomir & Meet Mace Windu In Star Wars: Shatterpoint!


Atomic Mass Games has been sharing some more of the new sets coming to support Star Wars: Shatterpoint's release this year. We're getting plenty of interesting new 40mm Sci-Fi additions to the range including Mother Talzin and Mace Windu alongside some of their supporters.

Pre-Orders Now Live For Star Wars: Legion’s Ahsoka Tano


Previews dropped not long ago for the new Ahsoka Tano miniature coming to Star Wars: Legion. Well, Atomic Mass Games have now fired up their pre-orders for the miniature who can be dropped into your games as a Rebel Operative, working to undermine The Empire.

Snap Up Statuesque Miniatures’ Cloth Goblins On Kickstarter


Statuesque Miniatures are on Kickstarter right now with their campaign to bring a band of lovely 28mm Cloth Goblins to life on the tabletop. These build on their Left At The Bottom Of The Garden range and offer up a deeper delve into the lore!

Lead A Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Crusade With New Heroes!


The New Cities Of Sigmar miniatures for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar are continuing to look absolutely awesome. A new preview this week showed off the impressive heroes that are going to be at the forefront of your Dawnbring Crusades out into The Mortal Realms. Meet the Freeguild Marshals and their Relic Envoys.

Get Voting In Blood & Pigment’s Pirate Painting Competition!


Blood & Pigment have been holding their Great Pirate Paint Off over the last while in the run-up to their Summer Of Plunder. We talked about the contest a while back now and the time has come for you to get stuck in and start voting as part of the people's choice segment of the competition. Get those finalists to a place of honour!

Become Ruthless With New Batman Miniature Game Releases


Ruthless and effective dispatching of enemies is the name of the game for Knight Models and the Batman Miniature Game this month. We start with Red Hood, The Outlaw who is coming to the streets of Gotham to remove all those who stand in his path.

New Seraphon Enact Their Great Plan In Warhammer Age Of Sigmar


The Seraphon are getting ready to enact their grand plan in The Mortal Realms of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. A new range of miniatures plus the new Battletome are going to be coming up for pre-order this weekend allowing you to stick it to the powers of Chaos on the tabletop soon.

Cult Of Games XLBS: From Gloom To Boom! Igniting Your Hobby Passion


In this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we're looking to find that spark that ignites your hobby. What is it that gets you thinking about new projects, helps you get through your painting or indeed has you thinking about building impressive armies?

Waiting For Warhammer: The Old World? You Could Play The Ninth Age Instead! #OTTWeekender

2 weeks ago 35

It's OTT Weekender time! Why would you wait for Warhammer: The Old World when The Ninth Age, an amazing community-led wargaming project, exists and gives you access to all of the mass battle Fantasy goodness that you could want? You also get to play with whatever miniatures you like!

Red Box Games Go Sword & Sorcery With Barbaria Range


Red Box Games have got their sights set on a new range of Sword & Sorcery style miniatures for you to use in your tabletop adventures. Plenty of rippling muscles are on show as part of their recent previews which will be joining the Barbaria collection soon.

Prove Your Strength In Trials Of Tempus D&D Board Game


There are more WizKid D&D board games on the way for those looking to get your fix away from the dungeon delving. For example, a new board game is on the way called Dungeons & Dragons: Trials Of Tempus where you need to prove your strength as two teams of adventurers.

Fight Over Vibranium With Marvel: Crisis Protocol’s New Pack


If you're looking to get stuck into a clash in Wakanda over Vibranium then how about checking out this upcoming set for Atomic Mass Games' Marvel: Crisis Protocol? Meet M'baku and Klaw and get stuck into a scrap to see who comes out on top.

Expand Your Dungeon & Dragons: Onslaught Warbands


WizKids have expanded their options for those diving into Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught. There are two expansion sets coming up for those looking to play as the Harpers or the Zhentarium in this board-based miniatures skirmish game.

Repentia Superior Miniature Painting Tutorial | Warhammer 40K

2 weeks ago 5

It's time for a Warhammer 40K miniature painting tutorial. This week we're looking at the Sisters Of Battle and a Repentia Superior. John has been painting up his Sisters Of Battle army and he's excited to show off how he's going about it to achieve a tabletop ready finish.

Full 3D Printable Wargame, Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna!


Draco Studios are talking about a return to Kickstarter soon with their entirely 3D Printable wargame, Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna. The world of Dragonbond has been expanding and developing over the years with roleplaying games, board games, comics and more. Now, Alessio Cavatore's Battles Of Valerna is getting set to hit tabletops for mass battle goodness.

Community Spotlight: Being A Hobby Butterfly, Dark Age Saxons & An Italian Fleet


We dive into what it's like being a hobby butterfly, the start of a mighty Anglo-Saxon army and then a rather impressive fleet of ships for use in Victory At Sea.

Get A Closer Look At Wargames Atlantic’s The Damned Miniatures


Wargames Atlantic are closing in on the Gamefound campaign for their new The Damned miniatures. This 28mm range is going to be coming on 26th May and will focus on a series of new plastic sets that allow you to make a corrupted and twisted army of Sci-Fi soldiers.

New Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set Coming Soon


Games Workshop has previewed the new and updated Starter Set coming to Warhammer Underworlds soon. If you've been tempted to dive into this board/card game hybrid set in the Fantasy world of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar, this might be a good entry point for you.

28mm Ancient Indians & Camel Riders From V&V Miniatures


V&V Miniatures have once again added to their expanding collection of 28mm resin miniatures for use in your Historical wargames. The first of these sets is the 28mm Ancient Indian Command, ready to lead armies against Alexander The Great.

Inari’s Judgement & More Clash In GCT Studios’ Bushido


GCT Studios has dropped an awesome array of new miniatures for those delving into their 35mm scale Fantasy world of Bushido. We start with a themed warband that is now available for folks to snap up, packed full of deadly and cunning-looking Kitsune. 

Unboxing: Escape From Stalingrad Z – Deluxe Version | Raybox Games

2 weeks ago 1

Gerry unboxes the Deluxe Version of Escape From Stalingrad Z, the awesome Weird World War tabletop game from the folks at Raybox Games. 

New Dungeon Adventures Sets & Quests From Mantic Games


Mantic Games have introduced a whole new set of Dungeon Adventures sets for you to get stuck into over on their webstore. If you're looking to build some interesting dungeon-delving adventures in games like D&D then you've now got a host of ideas for characters, encounters and villainous foes to throw at your players.

Dive Into Black Site’s New Solo Sci-Fi Micro Game, Demon Ship


Fancy blasting your way out of a demon-infested spaceship as the final survivor lost on the edges of the galaxy? Well, you're in luck as Black Site Studios has started taking pre-orders for a new solo micro tabletop game by Malev called Demon Ship! Cue the DOOM music...

Burn Heretics With New Ashes Of Faith 40K Kill Team Boxed Set


Games Workshop are looking ahead to a new Kill Team boxed set going up for pre-order this weekend. Ashes Of Faith puts a twist on the tried and tested Kill Team formula for Warhammer 40,000 and has you diving into a larger narrative Sci-Fi experience on the tabletop.

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