Bolt Action: Third Edition Intelligence Reports – Army Building

July 11, 2024 by brennon

Warlord Games has begun previews for the Third Edition of Bolt Action, the new edition of their 28mm World War II wargame. You'll be able to check back throughout the pre-order period to find out what's new as part of their Intelligence Reports!


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Warlord Games are taking suggestions from the community as to what they cover next so if you head over to social media and share your thoughts, you might get to dive deeper into the rules you are interested in sooner rather than later.

Army Composition

The first of the Intelligence Reports from Warlord Games about Bolt Action surrounds the updated rules for Army Composition and just how you construct your forces for the tabletop. Warlord are keen to reinforce the idea of Bolt Action being an infantry-based game and so to that end, the new rules are designed to bring that to the forefront.

Rifle & Heavy Weapon Platoons - Bolt Action

Rifle & Heavy Weapon Platoons // Bolt Action

You have a lot of freedom in your list buildings but because of the focus on Bolt Action as an infantry-based game, you must include one Rifle Platoon in your army. This is the minimum requirement for your army and comes with one Officer and two Infantry Squads (see above). From here, you can either fill out the Rifle Platoon or add on different Platoons as you see fit.

Each Platoon comes with a list of Mandatory Units which you must take in various numbers alongside Officers to lead them. The added rule is that if you want to unlock more Platoons then you can only have as many multiples of any Platoon type as you have Rifle Platoons. Want to bring two Armoured Platoons then you'll need two Rifle Platoons. Simple.

Engineer & Artillery Platoons - Bolt Action

Engineer & Artillery Platoons // Bolt Action

This should allow you to dive in and create the armies that you want but keep the focus on infantry and stop particular units from being spammed constantly as to be unrealistic. As Warlord has noted, whilst this might mean that some armies don't quite fit the new Platoon Selector format right now, all you'd need to do is buy a few additional Officers and you'll be able to run your Platoons easily. Chances are, if you already have Bolt Action armies then you probably have plenty of Officers squirrelled away somewhere.

Armoured & Recce Infantry Platoons - Bolt Action

Armoured & Recce Infantry Platoons // Bolt Action

All of this is then obviously tied into the points cost for different units and different armies but it gives you an interesting structure to work with during army building. If you're someone who played old Warhammer 40,000 with the one HQ and two Troop set-up then you will find some familiar DNA here. It also feels like it locks in that idea of the game being more of an infantry-based game which has always been the bugbear for a lot of players who find themselves facing too much armour in higher points games!

Make sure to let us know what you think of the Intelligence Report information in the comments down below and come back to see more updates in the near future!

Are you excited about Bolt Action Third Edition?

"You'll be able to check back throughout the pre-order period to find out what's new as part of their Intelligence Reports!"

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