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Cult Of Games XLBS: A Mega Bolt Action Campaign & Battling Bugs Helldivers Style!

2 days ago 24

Let's dive into a new Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's show, we're joined by Michael from the community to talk big Bolt Action campaigns in World War II plus Lloyd gets to dive into another delivery and show off his very, very wrong gloves.

Clash Of Steel & Achtung Panzer! Badass Tank Battles Take Over The Tabletop #OTTWeekender

3 days ago 62

It's OTTWeekender time! We're doing John a favour and getting very excited about all the tank-based wargaming in both 15mm and 28mm that you can currently explore on the tabletop. We'll be talking Gale Force Nine's Clash Of Steel and Achtung Panzer! from Warlord Games. However you like your tank battles, they have you sorted.

Pre-Order Tank Battle Game, Achtung Panzer! From Warlord


Warlord Games is now taking pre-orders for their new tank battle miniatures game, Achtung Panzer! There is a new starter set for the 28mm World War II wargame alongside additional sets allowing you to expand your tank force to match the major nations in conflict during the period.

GF9 Unveils Operation Unthinkable & Launches Clash Of Steel


Following on from the Christmas teaser video Gale Force Nine is finally introducing the world to "Operation Unthinkable" through their latest tabletop miniatures game, Clash of Steel, set to hit shelves in April 2024.

Community Spotlight: Myconid Mysteries, Godtear Warbands & WW2 Winter Germans

2 weeks ago 3

We dive into an awesome diorama project, some immense painting on the characters of Godtear and an ace set of Winter Germans for World War II wargaming.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Grimdark Glory Days – Was Classic Warhammer 40K Really Better?


Let's dive into a new Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's episode, the guys have been playing a lot of games and painting a lot of miniatures. It's almost like we're proper wargamers. We also get drawn into a discussion on which edition of Warhammer 40,000 Shay and John should be playing!

Empress Preview New Arnhem Heroes For 2nd Kickstarter


Empress Miniatures are starting to showcase previews for their second Arnhem Heroes Kickstarter which will start to fill in some of the gaps in their 28mm World War II range. 

Warlord Games Tease New 28mm Tank Game, Achtung Panzer!


Warlord Games are full of new game ideas for 2024 it seems. We've got their new game, Vanguard, coming in the near future but they also announced that Achtung Panzer! is going to be up for pre-order very soon! Next week soon!

Halo Back On The Tabletop! The Iconic Video Game Gets Another Chance With Mantic! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's show, we explore the exciting news that Mantic has teamed up with 343 Industries to bring Halo to the tabletop. The new 40mm miniatures game is going to be focused on the multiplayer side of the Halo video games and that has us very intrigued as to where it will go!

Explore What If Scenarios With Wargames Atlantic’s New Sets


Wargames Atlantic have added a whole host of new releases to their Atlantic Digital range. If you're looking to dive into some fun What If scenarios and explore different periods of history as well as other genres, you've come to the right place!

New Year, Old World! What Classic Warhammer Miniatures Will You Be Digging Out? #OTTWeekender


Warhammer: The Old World is coming sooner rather than later! Two big new armies for Bretonnia and Khemri are going to be launching this look back at classic Warhammer Fantasy Battles on the tabletop from Games Workshop.

Choo-Choo! Snap Up 1st Corps Steam Engine Crew


If you've recently picked up some MDF train sets from the likes of Sarissa Precision then perhaps this new(ish) release from 1st Corps might be handy! They have produced a Steam Engine Crew that you can use to enhance your terrain and make it feel a bit more engaging on the tabletop.

Victrix Show Off Their Historical Miniatures Coming In 2024


Victrix Miniatures previewed a whole host of new figures for all periods of history that will arrive in plastic throughout 2024. Their team have been producing some amazing miniatures in 28mm and 12mm and that trend looks to continue. 

Let’s Play: Undaunted Stalingrad [One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall – The Final Scenario] | Osprey Games


We dive into the last Let's Play episode of our Undaunted: Stalingrad Campaign. We've played through the full campaign of this awesome Osprey Games board game and now both armies clash in a massive battle for control of Stalingrad.

Flames Of War Heads To The Pacific & New Team Yankee Plastics!


Battlefront Miniatures had even more information for those wanting to dive into some 15mm Historical warfare on the tabletop in Flames Of War. 2024 is going to be pretty big and a large feature of it is going to be a move to the Pacific theatre and a clash between the Americans and the Japanese.

Battlefront Announce New 15mm Tank Game – Clash Of Steel!


In their Christmas video for this year, Battlefront Miniatures and Gale Force Nine revealed a new game coming out in April 2024. Clash Of Steel will see tank battles on the tabletop in an alternative history where World War II ended in 1944 and restarted in 1948!

Let’s Play: Undaunted Stalingrad [The Stronghold – Scenario 14] | Osprey Games


We dive into a new Let's Play episode of our Undaunted: Stalingrad Campaign. We're playing through a full campaign of this awesome Osprey Games board game with the fourteenth scenario, The Stronghold.

Turning Sands: Osprey & Para Bellum’s Christmas Glimpse Into Wargaming In 2024 #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time, and as Christmas nears, we're still bustling with the latest in miniature gaming. Get ready for 2024's exciting lineup from Osprey Games, featuring new additions to Frostgrave and Stargrave, and Para Bellum Games' latest for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings. Big surprises are just around the corner!

Community Spotlight: The Umbrella Academy, Frostgreen & Mighty Ships For Cruel Seas


In this week's Community Spotlight, we have a look at The Umbrella Academy, some greenskins in Frostgrave and a mighty ship inspired by the Cruel Seas.

Pummel Your Foes With Victrix’s 12mm German Artillery


Victrix has released a new 12mm plastic set for you to use with your World War II wargaming. You could use the new German 88mm Gun And Sd.Kfz.7 for Victrix's own game, Company Commander or whatever Historical game of the period suits you.

Plan A Great Escape With 02 Hundred Hours’ New Set!


Grey For Now Games are planning a great escape with their new expansion set for 02 Hundred Hours, their 28mm World War II skirmish game. This time around, plan your Escape From Stalag Luft III and see if your plucky POW airmen can evade the Germans!

Cult Of Games XLBS: How Was Your Hobby In 2023?


Let's dive into a new Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's show, we're exploring Lloyd's new location for all of his hobbying activities and some disappointing deliveries. Plus, we dive into a retrospective on our hobby journey throughout 2023. What were some of the tabletop gaming highlights for you this year?

Sci-Fi Highlanders & Skeletons For All From Wargames Atlantic


Wargames Atlantic has been putting together a bunch of new 3D Printable 28mm kits for you to use in your Historical, Sci-Fi and Fantasy wargames. We start with a pretty awesome Sci-Fi offering in the form of these Highlanders!

Let’s Play: Undaunted: Stalingrad [Breakthrough – Scenario #13] | Osprey Games


We dive into a new Let's Play episode of our Undaunted: Stalingrad Campaign. We're playing through a full campaign of this awesome Osprey Games board game with the thirteenth scenario, Breakthrough.

Grab Plastic Soldier’s Deluxe Edition Of Battlegroup: Bagration


The Plastic Soldier Company are offering up a short pre-order period for the new Deluxe Edition of Battlegroup: Bagration. You have until 15th December to pick up the Deluxe Edition for this 20mm World War II wargame. 

One Of Our Favourite Games Is Back! The Walking Dead: All Out War Returns In 2024! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! We get very excited about the news that Mantic Games has reached an agreement with Skybound to bring The Walking Dead: All Out War back to the tabletop in 2024. Yes, that means new expansions and more for this awesome miniatures game.

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Does The Future Hold For 3D Printing & Wargaming?


Let's dive into a new Cult Of Games XLBS! This week, we're rejoined by Jack from The Lazy Forger as we dive into a discussion on the past, present and future of 3D Printing and delve into its pitfalls and benefits. We look at this from the perspective of wargamers and the designers behind these games and ranges looking to break into the space.

Unboxing: Early War 28mm Germans – May ’40 Miniatures


Join Gerry for another unboxing looking at the 28mm World War 2 miniatures from May '40 Miniatures. In this one, Gerry has a look at the German Fallschirmjägers and the SS who were part of the invasion of the low countries during the Early War period.

Defend Empires At War’s 28mm Spanish Monastery


If you're looking to get into a bit of a scrap down in Italy or Spain then you might fancy your chances more when defending a nice 28mm Monastery from the folks at Empires At War. See what you make of this set which can come unpainted or painted depending on what you prefer!

A 2000 AD World You Might Have Missed! ABC Warriors Gets New Tabletop Miniatures Game! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this episode, we're diving into the awesomeness that is the new ABC Warriors miniatures range from Warlord Games for their newest entry in the 2000 AD collection.

Let’s Play: Undaunted: Stalingrad [Rattenkrieg – Scenario #12] | Osprey Games


We dive into a new Let's Play episode of our Undaunted: Stalingrad Campaign. We're playing through a full campaign of this awesome Osprey Games board game with the twelfth scenario, Rattenkrieg.

Send In The 12mm WW2 British Airborne From Victrix Miniatures!


Victrix Miniatures has released a new set of 12mm plastic miniatures for you to use in your World War II wargames! You can now get your hands on the British Airborne as part of a big pack featuring 184 miniatures for use in games like Company Commander and beyond.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Has Kickstarter Forgotten Its Roots?


As part of this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we chat about our plans as TerrainFest 2023 comes to a close. Gerry talks Babylon 5, Shay talks 40K, and Warren talks Starship Troopers as the guys go full-on Sci-Fi this week and they love it. We take a look at some terrific community work before Gerry needs to get something off his chest about crowdfunding and how it is now perceived.

28mm WW2 Home Guard Go Out On The Town With 1st Corps


1st Corps have even more Home Guard for you to check out which could be used in your World War II games or perhaps something a bit more Pulpy! Sometimes the Home Guard get a little tipsy when they go out on the town and they might need a bit of help getting home!

Unboxing: WWII Royal Dutch East Indies Army | May ’40 Miniatures


Gerry takes a look at some previews from May '40 Miniatures current Kickstarter for the Royal Dutch East Indies Army 1936 - 1942. Alongside these tropical troopers, he also gets a chance to take a first look at some upcoming European Dutch Army figures from a planned refresh of their oldest range!

Dive, Dive, Dive Into U-BOOT: The Board Game’s Return To Kickstarter!


U-BOOT: The Board Game has returned to Kickstarter from the team at PHALANX and it's bigger and better than ever. If you missed out on this excellent World War II board game the first time, this is your chance to dive in and pick up the Collector's Edition complete with awesome plastic submarine!

Let’s Play: Undaunted: Stalingrad [Find A Way In – Scenario #11] | Osprey Games

4 months ago 0

We dive into a new Let's Play episode of our Undaunted: Stalingrad Campaign. We're playing through a full campaign of this awesome Osprey Games board game with the eleventh scenario, Find A Way In.

Why Everyone Is Obsessed with Moonstone’s Latest Miniatures (And You Will Be, Too!) #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We get stuck into a discussion on the amazing new Moonstone Kickstarter from Goblin King Games and why everyone is obsessed with their latest miniatures. By the end of the show, you're going to be just as hooked on their wonderful 32mm Fantasy miniatures for their whimsical wargame.

Wargames Atlantic Update The BEF & Home Guard Set Coming Soon


Wargames Atlantic are closing in on getting the final few orders in to turn their British Expeditionary Force and Home Guard plastic set out there into the wild. As the first finalist from the Vox Populi system that they've set up, they are looking to get these 28mm miniatures into tooling soon for some World War II wargaming.

Roll Out Plastic Panzer IV For Warlord Games’ Bolt Action


Warlord Games have released a new set for the Panzer IV which comes with options for three 28mm plastic miniatures to use with the Germans in World War II wargames like Bolt Action.

PHALANX Bringing U-BOOT Board Game Back To Kickstarter!


PHALANX Games have announced that they are going to be returning to Kickstarter with one of their biggest board games, U-BOOT: The Board Game is going to be coming back with a second printing! Prepare to command your submarine and dive, dive, dive into this game of World War II naval warfare.

Grab Free North Africa Mission For 02 Hundred Hours


You can now scoop up a free North Africa Campaign from Grey For Now Games for use with their World War II skirmish game, 02 Hundred Hours. Head out into the desert and see if you can stick it to the Axis!

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