D-Day Anniversary VLOG! Painting 15mm WW2 British Infantry | Part 3

May 30, 2024 by johnlyons

John and Gerry dive into the third part of their Villers-Bocage Flames Of War VLOG which is celebrating the 80th Anniversary Of D-Day. In this next part of the series, John and Gerry discuss the painting of their 15mm British Infantry for use in the battle.


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The 15mm miniatures that we're using here come from a mix of both Battlefront Miniatures and The Plastic Soldier Company and give us a good mix of different troops for use during the battle that we're planning.

We dive into a chat about the British Infantry that were there at Villers-Bocage which takes the form of the 4th County Of London Yeomanry. We dive into a bit of their history and their role in the fighting as well as the painting of these infantry figures that we'll be using in the battle.

What do you make of this scheme for the British Infantry?

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