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Flames Of War Unboxing: Fury


Fury is a tank based two player starter-set to get you and your friends into a game of Flames of War from Battlefront Miniatures.

Para Bellum’s Conquest: Building The Abomination

22 hours ago 2

Today John's hobbying with Leo from Para Bellum Wargames to see just how simple it is to build Conquest's Abomination.

Harry Potter Unboxing: Crimes Of Grindelwald

1 day ago 8

Justin and Ryan take a look at more miniatures from Knight Models for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game.

Infinity Wildfire Spreads Through Gen Con In New Two-Player Battle Pack


Corvus Belli has made the exciting announcement that they will be releasing an all-new Infinity Two-Player Battle Pack, featuring a whole new faction!

Inside The Core Box & Beyond For Games Workshop’s Warcry!


Games Workshop has dropped a bloomin' massive update on what is coming for Warcry, the skirmish game set within the world of Age Of Sigmar.

Unboxing: The Other Side – Abyssinia Allegiance Box

4 days ago 10

The Dames of Games return with another unboxing of Wyrd's The Other Side, this time opening up the Abyssinia Allegiance Box.

Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Unboxing

5 days ago 10

Ryan and Sam get all nostalgic as they get to unbox Harry Potter Miniature Adventure Game from Knight Models.

Massive 40K Apocalypse Gaming Table Build [Part One]

5 days ago 28

Preparations for the epic 40K Hobby Weekend are well underway as Lloyd and John explain the plan for constructing the MASSIVE 20ft Warhammer Apocalypse table the attendees will be waging war on!

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Galleon – Part Two

5 days ago 6

Mr Mennes is back with a super build encouraged by John himself, challenged to make something far superior to anything he's ever made in the office, he's ready for the challenge.

Unboxing: The Other Side – Lord Of Steel

5 days ago 8

The Dames of Games are back with a new unboxing for Wyrd's The Other Side newest commander, the Lord of Steel.

Get A Peek At Gameplay For Digital Version Of Gloomhaven


Flaming Fowl Studios, Asmodee Digital and Cephalofair this week shared a new gameplay trailer for those diving into Gloomhaven when it hits Steam in Early Access on July 17th. 

Hobby Hangout LiveStream [Catch Up Now!]

6 days ago 9

Join Lance, Ben and perhaps John on another weekly Hobby Hangout.

Quick Look: Dungeon Academy

6 days ago 10

In today's Quick Look Ryan delves into Dungeon Academy: a roll & write game from USAopoly.

Unboxing: Middara – Unintentional Malum Act One

6 days ago 7

Justin and Ryan are taking a look at Middara, Unintentional Malum Act One from Succubus Publishing.

Crusader Kings’ Soap Opera Strategy Hits The Tabletop Soon


Fria Ligan (Free League Publishing) has announced that Crusader Kings: The Board Game, created in partnership with Paradox Interactive, is going to be released on August 1st 2019!

Flames Of War Unboxing: Hit The Beach


Justin is joined by Chris from Battlefront Miniatures to talk about their new Late War two player starter-set Hit The Beach for Flames Of War.

Become Iconic Crooks In Talisman: Batman Super Villain Edition


USAopoly has now released their new take on Talisman with the Talisman: Batman - Super Villain Edition!

Dropfleet Commander Unboxing: Resistance Starter Fleet

1 week ago 22

Check out the mind-boggling amount of customisation in the Resistance Starter Fleet for Dropzone Commander from TT Combat.

Weekender XLBS: Korean War-Gaming with Bolt Action – Yes Please!

1 week ago 91

Ben, Justin and Lloyd dive into their hobby and then discuss how you'd go about delving into The Korean War on the tabletop.

Weekender: Justin The Viking & Join The Flames Of War Hobby League


We're gearing up for the Flames Of War Hobby League, looking at some neat gifts from YOU and Justin goes off to be a Viking!

Unboxing: A Song Of Ice & Fire – Savage Giants

2 weeks ago 10

The Dames of Games have returned once more to check out the Savage Giants for A Song of Fire & Ice from CMON.

Grab The Last UK Only 40K Hobby Weekend Digital Tickets!

2 weeks ago 9

We have a very limited selection of UK ONLY Digital Tickets available for those that want to get stuck in with us during the 40K Hobby Weekend in August.

Watch Out For Vector Wars, Launching On Kickstarter Soon!


Vector Wars is an awesome card game coming to Kickstarter soon from Eli Mamane.

Mennes’ Mini Mash-Up: Galleon – Part One

2 weeks ago 26

Mr Mennes is back with a super build encouraged by John himself, challenged to make something far superior to anything he's ever made in the office, he's ready for the challenge.

Unboxing: Tomb Raider Legends – The Board Game

2 weeks ago 6

Classic video game series Tomb Raider has come to the tabletop in the form of Tomb Raider: Legends The Board Game from Square Enix.

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]

2 weeks ago 7

Showcase your projects by linking them into the comments within!

Flames Of War Unboxing: British Starter Force

2 weeks ago 20

Justin is joined by Chris from Battlefront Miniatures to talk about their new British Starter Force for Flames of War.

Let’s Play: Super Fantasy Brawl – Az VS Justin

2 weeks ago 3

With only a few hours left on the Kickstarter the warriors of Fabulosa return to battle in Super Fantasy Brawl.

The History & Lore Of Para Bellum’s Conquest

2 weeks ago 6

Justin joins the guys from Para Bellum Wargames to talk in depth about the history and lore of Conquest.

Kings Of War Third Edition Coming October 2019


Mantic Games has announced that this October sees the return of Kings Of War in a new guise with Third Edition. 

Weekender XLBS: Ready, Steady, Puke!


The team try all of your homeland's 'delicacies' in a very special Weekender XLBS challenge!

Privateer Press Dive Into A Riot Quest Showdown


Privateer Press spent some time this week diving into one of their new games, Riot Quest.

Weekender: Battle Systems’ Fantastic Fantasy Terrain & WIN Conquest Two-Player Set!

2 weeks ago 108

Come and join us and Battle Systems as we talk about their new project and much more.

Let’s Play: Super Fantasy Brawl – Leo Vs Justin

3 weeks ago 1

It's time to return to the Arena of Super Fantasy Brawl from Mythic Games with Leo and Justin head to head to see which will come out the victor.

Digital Take On Gloomhaven Coming To Steam This July


Cephalofair Games, Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studios have been working hard on a digital version of Gloomhaven

The Mighty Lords Of Room 17 Chat About Their New Kickstarter

3 weeks ago 2

Ricard and Anders from Room 17 join Sam in the studio to talk about the Kickstarter for the Mighty Lords miniature range.

3 Colours Up: Painting The Dreamer [Part Five]


Welcome to the big finale of our painting series for The Dreamer from Privateer Press.

Battle Systems’ Fantasy Wargames Terrain Kickstarter Launches

3 weeks ago 11

Battle Systems has now launched their Kickstarter to fund a range of new Fantasy Wargames Terrain.

Mantic’s Blog Dives Into Walking Dead: Call To Arms Week


Mantic Games has been delving into a week dedicated to the new expansion to The Walking Dead called Call To Arms.

Quick Look: Chocobo Party Up!

3 weeks ago 3

Cass takes a Kweh Look at Chocobo Party Up!, a fun family movement game about guiding new Chocobo pals back to your nest!

Super Fantasy Brawl Smashes Funding Goal On Kickstarter


Super Fantasy Brawl from Mythic Games has taken to Kickstarter this week and already smashed through their funding goal.

Arkham Horror Card Game Unboxing: The Circle Undone Expansion

3 weeks ago 7

The Cthulhu-two crack open the ancient texts and unveil the latest expansion for the Arkham Horror co-operative card game from Fantasy Flight Games.

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