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Let’s Play: Joan Of Arc – The Siege Of Calais

16 hours ago 6

Justin and Gerry are back for another round of Joan of Arc with Leo from Mythic Games.

Join Caesar & Co Creating Dungeons Live

17 hours ago 7

Our good friend Caesar is joined by Sarah and Jack as they create some Dungeons for your Dungeons & Dragons games.

Wargaming The Battle Of Hastings: A 1066 Anniversary

18 hours ago 10

Ben and Gerry combine their immense intellects to give you a clearly expert guide to 1066 and wargaming the Battle Of Hastings on the anniversary of the clash.

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Weekender XLBS: Your Biggest Hobby Regret

2 days ago 84

We're discussing something which you've been throwing around in the community, what is the point of points?

Deal: 30% OFF Warhammer Underworlds Beastgrave


Use the exclusive Cult of Games discount code save 30% and get Warhammer UnderWorlds Beastgrave for only £31.50 including a pack of Limited Edition Foil Cards!

Pointless Views: D6 Are Balls

4 days ago 62

It's time for Pointless Views: a show where we talk about what you talked about in response to our talking session last week.

Kings Of War 3rd Edition Preview With Mantic Games!

21 hours ago 13

Gerry is joined in the studio by Rob and Matt from Mantic Games to talk about the upcoming third edition of Kings of War.

Community Spotlight: Monstrous Gangs, Historic Libyans & Sci-Fi Metal


Come and join us for a peek at some more awesome painting from our lovely community from the past week or so.

Weekender: FoW Campaign Launching Soon & Anarchy Airbrushing Skills!

3 days ago 77

Come and take a trip with us into the tabletop world with another episode of The Weekender talking airbrushing stencils, Flames Of War campaigns and more!

Infinity Campaign Join The Battle For Asteroid Blues – Finishes Monday!

4 days ago 7

A new Infinity campaign launched in conjunction with Corvus Belli, Asteroid Blues and it is coming to a close on Monday, October 14th!

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Round Breakdown: Oak & Iron

5 days ago 9

Mike and Rufus from Firelock Games are in the studio to take Justin through a round or two of Oak & Iron.

Flames Of War & Tanks! D-Day Global Campaign Launching October 28th!

6 days ago 18

Watch out for our D-Day Campaign launching on October 28th alongside Battlefront Miniatures for Flames Of War!

Let’s Play: Joan Of Arc – Battle Of Crécy

6 days ago 8

Az from Mythic Games joins Gerry and Justin in the studio for another battle in Joan of Arc.

Unboxing Aristeia! – Advanced Tactics Decks & Gaming Mat

7 days ago 6

Carlos from Corvus Belli is here in the studio to unbox a couple of new items for Aristeia!

Let’s Play: Black Seas – Learning The Ropes

1 week ago 27

Gerry and Lance take to the high seas for some naval combat in Black Seas from Warlord Games.

Let’s Play: Oathsworn – Encounter With The Brood Mother


Jamie from Shadowborne Games is in the studio with Gerry and Justin to continue on their game of Oathsworn.

It’s Dungeon Time

6 days ago 16

Give @caesar a friendly welcome in the comments to his own channel here OnTableTop!


2 weeks ago 17

GeritoLingo Give @caesar a friendly welcome in the comments to his own channel here OnTableTop!

In Sync

3 weeks ago 23

In Sync Give @caesar a friendly welcome in the comments to his own channel here OnTableTop! Since we love this so much, here's a template for you to edit. What do you think Gerry and Lloyd are thinking about in […]

Community Spotlight: Pubs, Dark Demons & Devout Kill Teams


Come and check out a nice warm pub, terrifying demons from the deep and a host of holy warriors from the grimdark future,.

Let’s Play Joan Of Arc – Saint Michael VS The Dragon

1 week ago 22

Leo from Mythic Games joins Gerry and Justin in the studio to run through another scenario from Time of Legends: Joan of Arc.

Weekender: Win Infinity Operation Wildfire & A Star Wars Weekend!

1 week ago 301

Welcome to the Weekender, we've got a huge show for you this week, filled with Infinity news, Star Wars references and casual lightsaber duels to get you through your weekend.

Let’s Play: Joan Of Arc – The Sword Of Fierboís

2 weeks ago 12

Gerry and Justin meet with Leo from Mythic Games to play the starting scenario in Joan Of Arc, the Sword Of Fierboís.

Corvus Belli: Asteroid Blues Campaign Update


Carlos from Corvus Belli is in the studio to give us an update on the Asteroid Blues Campaign.

Q&A Time! Learning About Mecha Combat Game Obsidian Protocol!

2 weeks ago 13

We got a chance to talk to Ren Yi De who has taken to Kickstarter with the mecha combat game Obsidian Protocol which features some stunning looking models.

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