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Let’s Play: The Edge – Fields Of Death

3 hours ago 0

Check out Scenario Five of our campaign from The Edge by Awaken Realms.

Expressing Emotions In Holding On With Hub Games

8 hours ago 1

Ryan and Cass sit down with Rory and Michael from Hub Games to talk about how they made something so important hit the spot in Holding On.

Let’s Play: The Edge – Into The Maw Of The Earth

1 day ago 0

Pawel from Awaken Realms joins Justin in the studio to continue their campaign in The Edge.

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VLOG: Space Hulk Table #5

5 hours ago 4

The build is finished! Come on in and see what the example layout looks like and let's discuss where to go next.

VLOG: Pulling Wires & Fighting Over Anzacs

6 hours ago 3

Before Justin and the gang head off to Essen, we've got roughly a mile of cable to feed through the roof.

Weekender XLBS: What Makes The Perfect Hobby Store?

2 days ago 93

We're trying to figure out what makes for the perfect hobby store. Blue sky thinking mode engaged!

Let’s Play: Warhammer 40,000 Speed Freeks

2 days ago 54

Games Workshop celebrate Orktober with Speed Freeks - available for pre-order now!

Weekender: Speed Freeks; The Next Big Winner For Games Workshop?


We're talking Orkish nonsense today discussing Speed Freeks AND talking with Sally 4th about the world of Albedo Combat Patrol.

Let’s Play: The Edge – Harbinger Rises


Pawel from Awaken Realms is back in the studio for scenario three of our campaign in The Edge.

Community Spotlight: Dwarf Throngs, Crimson Fists & Oldhammer Heroes


We're taking a trip down memory lane with all sorts of Oldhammer miniatures today in Community Spotlight!

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Let’s Play – 300 Point Sea Battle [Blood & Plunder Week]

2 weeks ago 64

Enough with these landlubbers - we're taking to the high seas for an all-out ship-to-ship sea battle!

Blood & Plunder Week: Let’s Play – French Vs Dutch

3 weeks ago 45

Sit back as the Firelock Games guys get down and dirty in this game of French Vs Dutch. It's two veterans of the game head to head so anything could happen and maybe we'll get to see some advanced tactics during their play.

After Action Report: French vs Dutch [Blood & Plunder Week]

3 weeks ago 42

Mike and Rufus from Firelock Games join Justin in the studio to reminisce about their close battle in Blood & Plunder.

Valhalla The Card Game On Kickstarter


Sam sits down with the Creator of Valhalla: The Card Game from Go On Board that's on Kickstarter now!

SITREP PODCAST EPISODE 9: Talking Skirmish Sangin & Upcoming Kickstarter.

3 days ago 10

SITREP the podcast about modern miniature wargaming is back for our next exciting episode and this time we are talking Skirmish Sangin.

Let’s Play – Holding On: The Troubled Life Of Billy Kerr

4 days ago 13

Rory and Michael from Hub Games bring a very special game to the office with Holding On: The Troubled Life Of Billy Kerr.

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]

5 days ago 0

Join John and Ben as they go through your community projects on the forums and in our projects system.

Roleplaying The 80s With Tales From The Loop – Part Four

5 days ago 3

It's time for the Annual 32nd Dad's Grass, Lawnmower Races as Lance comes up with another exciting Tales From The Loop scenario.

The Drowned Earth: Organised Play & Becoming A Wayfarer

5 days ago 3

Today James from The Drowned Earth talks about what's been going on with Organised play and how you can help out the community by becoming a Wayfarer.

Work & Play


Work & Play Give @caesar a friendly welcome in the comments to his own channel here OnTableTop!

Horizontal Vertical Horizontal


Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Give @caesar a friendly welcome in the comments to his own channel here OnTableTop!

Self Doubt


Self Doubt Give @caesar a friendly welcome in the comments to his own channel here OnTableTop!

Let’s Play – Wild Assent


Today Sam and Cass join Ryan to play a game of Wild Assent by Lazy Squire Games.

Ten Games To Watch Out For At Essen SPIEL ’18

6 days ago 22

Ben takes a look at ten games and expansions that he's interested in checking out at Essen SPIEL '18.

Albedo Combat Patrol ACP164 With Sally 4th


Today Sally 4th have joined the studio to talk about their new kickstarter game Albedo Combat Patrol.

Let’s Play – The Edge: Betrayal In The Motherforest

1 week ago 3

Pawel from Awaken Realms joins Justin in the studio to continue their campaign in The Edge.

Weekender: 40K KillTeam Commanders; Marvel Or Mistake?

1 week ago 245

Win Kill Team Commanders expansion sets and let us know if this is a step in the right (or wrong!) direction for Games Workshop.

Community Spotlight: Homemade Burrows, Stunning Conversions & Kitbashes + A Deep Sea Collection!


Converted armies, scratch built terrain and deep sea creatures come to life this week in our Community Spotlight.

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