Air Raid 36/46


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Review: Easy to learn, quick to play, awesome metal miniatures!

June 22, 2024 by zaxxon555

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Hi there,

well, where to start. The game was realsed 2023 via Kickstarter. It is created with the intention that people can learn it in a short time without having to study hours of hours. This makes it also very easy to get new players hooked up in no time. If you want to add some more detail to the rules, there come optional rules in the rule book of the core box that can be added.

With basic rules, 2-3 planes on each side, a game could be easily done in about 45-60 minutes. Even if more than one player on a side takes part and you increase the number of planes involved, it scales very well so that you don't become confused at all. The amount of time needed to play increases in this case of course but is still nothing to worry about.

The rule book has a very well design and is full of diagrams with good examples describing different situations. They are written so that even somebody with no to little experience in tabletop games can easily get into it. The book has some 60+ pages and even contains several scenarios. There is also a separate scenario book that adds even more.

Air Raid 36/46 is played on hex maps. Planes are moved subsequently by an order depending on who won the roll for initiative. Every plane can fly at normal or fast speed which does not only have an impact on how tight a turn can be made but also on skill rolls for special maneuvers etc. Every stat for one type of plane is on a single card so and damage is clipped with a chip to the base of the model. By this you have no administrative effort tracking damage, ammo etc. on a separate sheet for each plane. This is one of the reasons that speeds up the game play and gives it a good flow. Combination of movement, position and concentrating weapons fire bring a lot of tactical opportunities into the game and makes it very exciting and increases replayability a lot. Rolls are done with 2D6 and usually rolling greater or equal means that you succeeded. There is also a distinction between rookie, normal and veteran pilots that alters the stats for the plane. Additional rules are absolutely optional and include things like altitude, weather and things regarding pilot experience.

The miniatures are made of metal in scale 1/200. This adds some weight and stability to them on the table. They have excellent details which makes them painting using washes or dry brush very easy. Currently there are 40+ planes of different types and from nations & theatres. Also there is currently a second Kickstarter running that brings new rules for bombers and anti-aircraft guns. The range of models is expanded by 17 new planes which include medium bombers and heavy two-engined fighters. 2 new scenario packs for the pacific theatre as well as the eastern front are released too.

Even if you have no need for new rules, these miniatures are definitely worth a look at.

There is the official home page as well as a friendly Facebook community at
I will see if I can link some un-boxing and review videos here or if they are to be placed in a different way like on BGG.


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