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Be’lakor Swoops Into Warhammer Age Of Sigmar This Weekend


Games Workshop is firing up pre-orders for the next stage of the Broken Realms storyline this weekend. Broken Realms: Be'lakor is coming to Warhammer Age Of Sigmar bringing with it the impressive new miniature for The Dark Master.

Polar Dwarves Arrive In Summoner Wars From Plaid Hat Games


As if the new previews for what is coming up for Summoner Wars by Plaid Hat Games could get any cooler! If you'd have told me that there would be Polar Dwarves joining the fray - that'd bring up enough excitement. But it is not just Polar Dwarves, as these rough riders come axe-wielding and mounted upon the back of polar bears. Calling in the Bear Cavalry!

Pixar’s Onward Gets Big RPG; Quests Of Yore: Barley’s Edition!


Inspired by the events of the film, Onward, this role-playing adventure for ages 8+ will allow 2-5 players to embark on a new and fully immersive quest.

Adventure Builder; A Roleplaying Fantasy Adventure For Families


Don't worry, you will not need a game master and complex rules in this role-playing adventure. As instructed by the guide, players will find many an encounter through the use of turning over cards. This will determine what path you all take in your adventures. 

Lucid Eye Unleash New Death Dealer & Sci-Fi Simian Grunts


Lucid Eye has a number of new releases which cross the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres.

More Greek Gods Descend On Raging Heroes’ Patreon This April


Raging Heroes is delving back into the world of Greek Gods & Heroes this April as part of their Heroes Infinite Patreon. This time around, the team has descended down into the underworld to meet the cunning Hades.

Rawr ‘n Write; New Roll & Write Spin-Off In Dinosaur World Series!


I love building my own theme parks. Ever since Theme Park World on Ps1, along with recently enjoying board games like Meeple Land and Imagineers. The whole construction of a park and management process is something that seems pretty cool in my eyes, and now we can do just that in Dinosaur Island: Rawr 'n Write. To create the best dinosaur theme park to ever exist.

Stormsunder Painting Tutorial – Capac Roca


John shows us how to paint the character Capac Roca from their board game Stormsunder by Lazy Squire Games.

Icarus Games Announce New RPG Magazine, SIDEQUEST


Icarus Games announced this week that they are working on a new monthly RPG magazine for Patreon backers and then later on down the line via DriveThruRPG.

Deep-Cut Complete Realm Range With Shadows Gaming Mat


Deep-Cut Studio has added another gaming mat to their Realm collection. If you're looking to venture into the different realms of Warhammer Age Of Sigmar then you now have a complete selection to choose from! This time around we have the Realm Of Shadow.

Check Out PWork Wargames’ New MDF RPG Fantasy Tiles!


PWork Wargames has put together some new RPG Fantasy Tiles for you to use when heading off on your tabletop roleplaying adventures. Three iconic locations have been released this week which would be perfect for a Dungeons & Dragons delve. 

Community Spotlight: Silver Tower, Miremarsh Goblins & Infamy, Infamy!


Join us for a peek at Silver Tower heroes, Miremarsh Goblins and the start of some epic Infamy, Infamy! armies for Ancient wargaming.

Avatars Of War Raise A New Army Of The Undead


Avatars Of War are getting necromantic this week with the addition of new Undead miniatures to their Fantasy collection. Wights, Wraiths and rattling Skeletons have been summoned from their graves to threaten the mortal world.

Spartan Kryptes Sneak Into Crocodile’s WarGods Of Olympus


Crocodile Games has released a new miniature for their game, WarGods Of Olympus. Here we have one of the sneaky Spartan Kryptes who is going to be stealing their way behind enemy lines to cut down guards and assassinate important figures in the opposing army.

Hunt Vampires In Age Of Sigmar With The Ven Denst Family


So, we've seen plenty of vampires today but what about those who hunt them? The Order Of Azyr has sent two of its finest as part of an upcoming Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Broken Realms book, the Ven Densts! 

A Crimson Court & New Starter Game For Warhammer Underworlds


More bloodsuckers are going up for pre-order this week from Games Workshop in the wake of Warhammer Quest: Cursed City. Warhammer Underworlds will be getting a new gang of Vampires led by Prince Duvalle for this board game skirmishers and deck-builder. 

Mythic Battles: Ragnarok Kickstarter Now Live! [Updated]


Mythic Battles: Ragnarok from Monolith Edition is now LIVE on Kickstarter. Get stuck in, choose your God and play out epic battles from Norse Mythology on the tabletop with some stunning 32mm Fantasy miniatures.

Unboxing: Mythic Battles – Ragnarok Kickstarter Prototype | Monolith


We unbox the prototype version of Mythic Battles: Ragnarok board game by Monolith Edition which is coming to Kickstarter today!

Craft Your Own Brewery Empire In Rise Of The Gnomes Kickstarter


Rise of the Gnomes allows you to do just that! You will enter a world named 'Brumancia', with the goals of kickstarting your brewery empire, alongside all of your favourite fantasy races - elves, dwarves, sasquatches, you name it! 

Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games – April 2021


Kickstarter this April is once again jam-packed with lots of new board games that are highly anticipated and are creating quite the stir. So let's have a look at what we have coming up this April 2021 from the crowdfunding platform.

New Edition; Ashes Reborn By Plaid Hat Games Now Available


Ashes Reborn has indeed risen from the ashes, with the brand new edition from Plaid Hat Games which is available right now! The expandable card game has got an upgrade, so not only the starter set has had a refresh, but all products including the expansion decks have been added to the mix.

Inventive Assassins & Alien Hives From OnePageRules This April


OnePageRules have more goodies for you to 3D print at home this April via Patreon. A new month brings the core of a new Fantasy army and some specialists for a Sci-Fi one.

Warploque Miniatures Take To Patreon With A 10mm Halfling Army!


In a move that seems to point to the entire wargaming industry pushing me towards 10mm, Warploque Miniatures has taken to Patreon this month with a 10mm Halfling Fantasy Army!

Write Your Fate With Tarot Cards In Board Game Sefirot


I am more than often finding hybrid board games which are combining two hobbies together, and it was a surprise to find Sefirot by Causa Creations live on Kickstarter.

New Playable Friends In Stuffed Fables Oh Brother! Expansion


Not long ago, we took a look at the new Oh Brother! expansion coming to Stuffed Fables, adding a new adventure bringing new whimsical characters along with. 

Oathmark Painting Tutorial – Heavy Dwarf Infantry


John breaks out the brushes and starts work on a Heavy Dwarf Infantry miniatures for 28mm Fantasy wargame, Oathmark: Battles Of The Lost Age by Osprey Games.

Otherworld Unleash Magic, Elves & Giant Slugs On Fantasy Adventurers


Otherworld Miniatures has been showing off a few new releases for those looking to expand their collection of models for use in Fantasy tabletop adventures. If you're into roleplaying games then the folks at Otherworld (usually) have something for everyone.

4Ground & Uncertain Scenery Working On Epic Castle Set


The team at 4Ground are working together with those from Uncertain Scenery on a new project. Well, there are a few projects in the works. The first of these to be previewed though is the mighty Castle that was shown off this week.

Kromlech’s Webstore Birthday Sale Kicks Off Today!


Kromlech has now launched its big birthday sale allowing you to dive into their webstore and get your hands on discount miniatures from today 1st April, through to 6th April. 

Lasting Tales; DM-Less D&D-Style Fantasy Adventures! Interview With Mark Latham


We interview game designer Mark Latham, the man behind Blacklist Games' newest co-op Fantasy miniature adventure tabletop game, Lasting Tales. 

Unboxing: Brigadier General Gunnbjorn | Hordes


It's time to unbox some Hordes as Gerry has a look at Warlock Brigadier General Gunnbjorn. You've got to love the Privateer Press Trollbloods!

Community Spotlight: Aliens, Sleepy Hollow & A Trip Under The Sea


We get a look at some speed painted Aliens miniatures, a trip to Sleepy Hollow and a dive under the sea to meet an eldritch master!

Blacklist Games Launch New Lasting Tales Kickstarter


Inspired by the likes of Dungeons & Dragons, Lasting Tales puts you and your friends in the boots of epic heroes as you slay monsters together in an entirely solo or cooperative miniatures-based adventure experience. 

Shieldmaidens & Kings Previewed For Mythic Battles: Ragnarok!


Monolith Edition is getting ready for 5th April and the launch of Mythic Battles: Ragnarok. This means more heroes getting previewed over the last few days starting with the mighty Shieldmaiden, Lagertha. 

Warchief Gaming Announce New Fantasy Game World For 5th Edition


Warchief Gaming, run by ex-Blizzard's Chris Metzen and Mike Gilmartin have announced that they are bringing the world of Lawbrand to the tabletop as part of a new 5th Edition campaign setting supplement. Auroboros: Coils Of The Serpent will be an introduction to this brand new Fantasy realm.

Evil Beasts Stir As Part Of New Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter


Oathsworn Miniatures has now launched their Kickstarter for The Dark, The Devout And The Heroic. New beasts and undead spirits are ranging the lands of Northymbra as the fundraiser looks to bring a mass of new metal and resin Fantasy miniatures to Burrows & Badgers.

Dáin Ironfoot & Son Battle The Dark Lord In Middle-earth SBG


Games Workshop continues to explore the Fantasy realm of Middle-earth with a couple of new previews this week. Dáin Ironfoot and Thorin III Stonehelm, his son, were shown off in an article new miniatures joining the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. 

Wizards, Dragons & Dwarves Unite In New Release Fantasy Fluxx


Looney Labs have recently released their newest version of Fluxx and although there seems like there is a Fluxx for everything nowadays, Fantasy Fluxx certainly raised my eyebrows.

Meet The Fluffy & Fiendish Inhabitants Of Gullet Cove!


There are whimsical animals aplenty in the Secrets of Gullet Cove campaign, but RPG players who want to tackle Gullet Cove with the miniatures will be in for a real treat. As dogs, cats and rats are now available for purchase to incorporate into your next campaign.

Unboxing: Frostgrave Demons | North Star Military Figures


Gerry takes a look at the 28mm plastic Demons set from North Star Military Figures for Osprey Games' Fantasy skirmish wargame Frostgrave. 

Sci-Fi, Fantasy AND Historical! New Kits From Wargames Atlantic


Wargames Atlantic have got quite the roadmap laid out before them for 2021 and beyond. They are working on plastic kits that cover Sci-Fi, Fantasy and many Historical periods; plugging the gaps in other ranges.

Goichi Uniti & Paizo Team Up For Pathfinder Arena Board Game


Goichi Uniti and Paizo have teamed up for a new two-to-four player Fantasy board game set in the Pathfinder universe. Pathfinder Arena will let you loose on a labyrinth to slay monsters and level up!

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