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Kratos Needs You! God of War: The Card Game Now Available


Kratos needs your help! And you are needed to prevent Ragnarök from causing chaos to the world before it is too late. God of War: The Card Game is now available to be picked up online and at FLGS Stores, and you can join Kratos, Atreus and many other iconic Norse characters that you have met in God of War on Playstation, in a battle of the cards from CMON. 

5e Faewild Adventure Coming To D&D September 2021


The newest Dungeons & Dragons adventure is available to pre-order in two different shapes and sizes, and the creatures that lurk within the new escapade are certainly out of the ordinary. Promising dark and twisted meets sugarplum fairies, this new adventure is right up my street, and I cannot wait to see what seemingly whimsical creatures are lurking amongst the woodland, and throughout the pages of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. 

Eevie Evolutions Take Centre In Upcoming Pokemon TCG Expansion Evolving Skies


It is the 25th Anniversary of Pokemon, and The Pokemon Company are celebrating across all different games systems. Whether you play on mobile, console or through the card game, all new expansions are underway causing crossovers for all different platforms.  The Pokemon Company have recently revealed their newest expansion which will make way into FLGS stores this August. Giving your favourite adaptable Pokemon, Eevie and evolutions some time in the limelight with the Sword & Shield - Evolving Skies Expansion. 

Grow Your Own Forest of Serenity in the Forests of Pangaia Kickstarter


Has it been a week since I last found a chilled and zen environmentally friendly board game that is up on Kickstarter? My word! It has! The game this week has caught my eye, has already been sealed with the approval of Sunday Board Game Fluffy Sock Sesh. Funded in 5 hours, Forests of Pangaia. A game of strategy where players must grow the magical, fictional forest within the lands of Pangaia. 

The Spire’s Incarnate Sentinels Cleave Their Way Into Pre-Order for Conquest.


Para-Bellum Wargames latest creation for the Spires is now available for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings, and it's a brute, actually, its three Heavy Brutes as the Incarnate Sentinels are now available to order.

First Look at Sonic: The Card Game from Steamforged Games


A few months back, Sonic: The Card Game was announced by Steamforged Games and this was one particular title I was thrilled to see the transition over from the console to the deck.  Fortunately for me and all the other Sonic the Hedgehog fans out there, more information has been released surrounding gameplay, heroes, villains, and so much more. So get your running shoes on and prepare to collect some gold rings, and we are about to go fast. 

Black Library Alum To Write Zombicide: Last Resort Novel


CMON has recently announced their collaboration with Aconyte Books in some story-heavy content to get under your skin. Welcoming the first of a set of novels that fans of the Zombicide series will find familiar, and they will be lurking their way into our libraries just before Halloween 2021, with Zombicide: Last Resort. 

Nebula Hero Pack Slashes It’s Way Into Marvel Champions


There is another hero on the way for Marvel champions, as Fantasy Flight Games has been previewed another character to join in on the battle later this year, and Thanos is certainly going to want something to do with this opponent. Nebula is getting her own Hero Pack, and it has been designed to work closely with her sister Gamora and certainly match up well with the recently confirmed campaign expansion, The Mad Titan’s Shadow.

Pokemon 25th Anniversary Mini Set Coming October 2021


If you grew up in the 90s and play card games, chances are you have collected or played Pokemon TCG at some point. This year, it happens to be the 25th Anniversary of the whole franchise, and Pokemon TGC has some special items in-store for collectors and players to covet amongst their Dragonite hoard. 

Zombicide: Green Horde Free Scenario Available Now


There is a new quest up and ready for us board gamers to dive into and embark on in Zombicide Green Horde. And this week, we are trying to help Berin Jenkins escape from his mental frenzy, and get him into safety. Entitled BERIIIN JENKINS, which out of honour you must say in a LEEROY JENKINS fashion. 

Vagrant Characters Announced for Wyrd Games’ Vagrantsong


The recently announced board game from Wyrd Games, Vagrantsong was announced a few weeks back, and I and Ben were extremely keen on the new concept. Us board gamers have got to stick together! Inspired by American Folklore and things that go bump in the night, players will cooperatively make their way through scenarios to find their way and escape an eerie ghost train.  There are some new details announced from Wyrd Games, looking at some new characters that will be involved (spoiler alert: there is a dog), on the spooky antics aboard the fearsome ghost train. 

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game First Expansion Adds Five New Machines


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game by Steamforged Games is expanding, with their first expansion coming to retail. Adding more mighty machines making their way into the game, as players head out to the Nora territories in the upcoming expansion The Sacred Land.

Learn Vampire Linage in The Book Of Nod in Vampire: The Masquerade


There have been some fantastic announcements recently for Vampire: The Masquerade, however, there is a new book on its way focussing on the lore and backstory of vampire linage. The Book of Nod is coming to the game by Renegade Games Studios and looking to share in the history of the haunted fiends. 

New House Targaryen and House Lannister Reinforcements Inbound


The fight for the Iron Throne is still in high tensions, and the fierce competition between House Lannister and House Targaryen is certainly not dwindling.  House Targaryen has seen some incredible releases most recently, with the Mother of Dragons herself riding into the battlefield with Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion out quicker than you can say Dracarys. The throne now belongs to Joffrey and House Lannister is up in arms. However both Lannister and Targaryen are getting some fresh reinforcements, and the lions are joining the battle. Surprisingly, not on the side of the Lannisters. 

Unboxing: Riot Quest Wintertime Wasteland | Privateer Press

3 days ago 1

We unbox the Wintertime Wasteland one player Starter Set for Riot Quest from the folks at Privateer Press. 

Community Spotlight: Dunkeldorf, Space Wolves & Warcry Warbands


We check out some fun new characters for Dunkeldorf, kit-bashed Space Wolves and some stunning Warcry warbands.

Pre-Orders For Crooked Dice’s 7TV Fantasy Still Available!


You can still pre-order Crooked Dice's new game, 7TV Fantasy, until 19th June! There is a special pre-order bundle that you can snap up which gives you a free miniature!

New Lions & Red Cloaks For CMON’s A Song Of Ice & Fire


CMON has expanded upon its offerings for A Song Of Ice & Fire with new units for both the Targaryens and the Lannisters.

Marc André’s Soul Raiders Heads To Kickstarter 7th July


Marc André, the man behind hit board game Splendor, is coming to Kickstarter on 7th July with an ambitious new project, Soul Raiders. One For All is going to be bringing this one-to-four player cooperative game to the tabletop alongside some amazing artists.

Lucky Duck Reveal Family Twist On Chronicles Board Game Series


Lucky Duck Games are going to be releasing a twist on their Chronicles game series which is suited for kids and families. Kids' Chronicles: Quest For The Moon Stones is set for release later this year.

D&D Translates Into Different Languages From September 2021!


The folks over at Wizards of the Coast have started to put wheels in motion, as in September this year, there are going to be some big changes worldwide for RPG players.

Eldfall Chronicles Moves Towards Final 48 Hours On Kickstarter!

4 days ago 3

Eldfall Chronicles from FreeCompany is moving towards its final 48 hours on Kickstarter. With that, we wanted to take a peek at what they've been doing recently as they look to bring their brand new Fantasy skirmish game to life.

Steam And Steel Coming To Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound Soon


Cubicle 7 has a few new releases lined up soon for their roleplaying games and Steam And Steel is not far off for Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound. 

New Flamecasters & Campaigns For Para Bellum’s Conquest


Some sneaky pre-orders are now available for those who want to dive into the Fantasy world of Conquest by Para Bellum Wargames. We start with a new miniature, the Dweghom Flamecaster, who is looking very pleased with himself.

The Shiho Clan Return To GCT’s Bushido This Weekend!


This weekend sees pre-orders going live for the new Shiho Clan for the Fantasy world of Bushido by GCT Studios. This is an absolutely badass looking set of 35mm miniatures for this great little skirmish game. 

New Kings Of War Global Campaign Coming August 2021


Mantic Games has given an overview of the new Global Campaign coming to their Fantasy world of Pannithor and Kings Of War in August 2021. In a couple of month's time, you'll be able to Fight For The Rift and change the fate of the realm.

Warhammer Age Of Sigmar’s New Core Rules Free To Download


The new Core Rules for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar's latest edition are now free to download. All you have to do is offer up an email address to Games Workshop and they'll send you your PDF in the electronic post!

Unboxing: Wild Assent & Shadow Of The Silvestrem Expansion | Lazy Squire Games

5 days ago 2

We unbox Lazy Squire Games' Wild Assent board game and the new expansion for it, Shadow Of The Silvestrem.

Moonstone Closes In On Final Hours For The Arising Kickstarter


Goblin King Games are closing in on the final day or so of The Arising Kickstarter for their whimsical Fantasy skirmish game, Moonstone. 

Age Of Sigmar: Dominion Pre-Orders Live This Weekend


Games Workshop are going to be firing up pre-orders for the new Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Dominion Boxed Set this weekend. This will be your first chance to pick up the new miniatures for both the Stormcast Eternals and Kruleboyz for their Fantasy wargame.

New Items And Features Added To Hero Forge


We all love a bit of Hero Forge® here at OnTableTop to build our characters, never been able to forget Speedo Goblin and his mischievous antics with a perfect belly-button jewel and Fuschia-pink pants. Speedo Goblin does and will always live rent-free in my head.

Meet The Villains Of FFG’s Descent: Legends Of The Dark


Little teasers have been dropping towards us finding out a lot more about the anticipated release of The Descent: Legends of the Dark board game from Fantasy Flight Games . A few weeks back we got stuck into the heroes of the upcoming title, but this week, we are going to look at the villains who are going to be causing chaos in the upcoming title, set to be released this year. 

Andrew Navaro Brings Earthborne Rangers To Kickstarter


For those who are clued up on their card games, you will know of the magical works that have come from Andrew Navaro. Whether your Fantasy Flight poison is Marvel Champions or Arkham Horror: TCG - you can bet your bottom dollar that Andrew Navaro was intertwined being the previous studio head of Fantasy Flight Games.

Magic: The Gathering D&D Crossover Now Available To Playtest


Don't you love crossovers in our tabletop universe? Even those who are not immersed in tabletop gaming are sure to know exactly what Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons exactly are, held at the reigns of Wizards of the Coast. Whether they know the mechanics of either two or not, these two tabletop giants are known across all of pop culture for popularity alone.

Build A Dwarven Tabletop With New Kromlech Fantasy Terrain!


Kromlech has expanded upon its Hospodars collection with a new set of Fantasy terrain for you to tinker with. You can now build a full table packed with Dwarven Terrain. They have covered pretty much all of the bases with this HDF range.

Tabletop Drinking Game Heroes Of Barcadia Now On Kickstarter


What I was excited about is the brand new tabletop combination of drinking games and an outright campaign, where your health is determined by the drink that is in your glass. In the fantastical Kickstarter campaign, Heroes of Barcadia by Rollacrit. 

Underground Goblins Awaken In New Epic Encounters Warband Box


For those who are looking for their next horde of Goblins to embark in their next 5E Epic Encounter, Steamforged Games has a pre-order available. With a new roleplaying campaign in an upcoming Warband box that is sure to boost up your mischievous Goblin ranks with Labyrinth of the Goblin Tsar.

WizKids Bring Us Zombie Princess And The Enchanted Maze!


In the upcoming title from WizKids, the Princess has got other incentives on her mind... brains! No, not the brains of a strapping young Prince and Knight of honour and glory. The physical brains of noble knights are on the menu and the Princess is certainly not patient. In the upcoming title, Zombie Princess and the Enchanted Maze. 

Check Out The New Kingpin Of Dunkeldorf Kickstarter!


King Games are now back on Kickstarter with their new project, The Kingpin Of Dunkeldorf. Much like their previous campaigns, these Fantasy miniatures are perfect for those wanting to tell Old World stories in a realm that is perhaps a little grimdark.

Pre-Order Loke’s New Box Of Adventure For Fantasy RPGs


Loke BattleMats has fired up pre-orders for their new Box Of Adventure! This set, subtitled the Valley Of Peril, is a system-agnostic kit that is perfect for those wanting to dive into a Fantasy epic on the tabletop.

Adventure With Dad Of Boi & Signum Games’ New Miniatures


Signum Games has now released their newest set of Fantasy miniatures for you to snap up! If you're ready for a Norse adventure and fancy taking the kid along then you might like Erlend and Lief!

Unboxing: Dunkeldorf Miniatures Collection | King Games

1 week ago 4

We unbox some of the Fantasy miniatures from King Games for the world of Dunkeldorf! Some of these are part of the new Kickstarter, The Kingpin Of Dunkeldorf which is live right now.

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