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GT EP86 Video Edition: Free Rules, Mystic Foxes & Boats


Warmachine’s New Edition Explodes Onto Tabletops! PLUS, Miniatures To Rival Warhammer? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Warmachine from Privateer Press is getting a new edition and the Beta Rules can be played on the tabletop right now! 

BIG Warmachine News: A New Edition Is Coming – MKIV!

2 years ago 26

Privateer Press has dropped a BIG bit of news recently. Warmachine is getting a brand new edition, MKIV, and that means a big new approach to the game, the miniatures and more. There is a lot to dive into here so stay with me!

Privateer Press Spring Clean With Mystery Boxes Available Now


It may be June, but it is for sure Springtime over at Privateer Press. If you are looking to expand your collection for Warmachine and Hordes, Privateer Press want to help.

The Grymkin Of Hordes Get Spooky New Slaughterhouse!


Hordes players, and especially those who follow the twisted ways of the Grymkin, will be happy to know that a big new Gargantuan is on the way for this twisted fairy tale force. The terrifying Slaughterhouse can be found deep in the woods of this 32mm Fantasy miniatures game by Privateer Press.

Unboxing: Farrow Sapper | Hordes


Gerry unboxes the Farrow Sapper for uses in Privateer Press' 28mm Fantasy wargame, Hordes. 

Unboxing: Trollkin Gunnery Sergeant | Hordes


Gerry unboxes the updated Trollkin Gunnery Sergeant, a great Trollblood Solo from Privateer Press' Hordes.

Unboxing: Trollkin Barrage Team | Hordes


Gerry takes a closer look at the Trollkin Barrage Team for Fantasy wargame Hordes by Privateer Press. 

Unboxing: Brigadier General Gunnbjorn | Hordes


It's time to unbox some Hordes as Gerry has a look at Warlock Brigadier General Gunnbjorn. You've got to love the Privateer Press Trollbloods!

Defiled Archons & Dread Harvesters For Hordes’ Grymkin


Privateer Press has recently released a few miniatures for those playing as the Grymkin in the game of Hordes.

Bring The Guns & The Mines To Privateer Press’ Hordes


Privateer Press has released a couple of new sets for those venturing into the Fantasy world of Hordes.

Blast Away Your Foes With New Trollbloods For Hordes


A select few new tweaked miniatures are popping up for Hordes from Privateer Press this month.

Bring Life & Nature To The Tabletop With Hordes’ Dhunian Archon


Privateer Press has been showing off a new model for the world of Hordes. Here we have the Dhunian Archon, a symbol of life, death, nature and more. 

New Model Options Pop Up For Privateer Press’ MiniCrate


Privateer Press has been showing off some new options for those who want something cool to pop up in their mailbox every month.

Mighty Archons Fight Their Way Into Warmachine & Hordes


A band of three new models are coming to the world of Warmachine & Hordes from Privateer Press.

Privateer Press Predict A Riot Quest At Gen Con


Privateer Press are at GenCon 2019 where there are showcasing two exciting pre-releases: their new game Riot Quest and the Warmachine: Oblivion Campaign.

3 Colours Up: Painting The Dreamer [Part Five]


Welcome to the big finale of our painting series for The Dreamer from Privateer Press.

3 Colours Up: Painting The Dreamer [Part Four]


We're back with Romain for Part Four of the painting series for The Dreamer from Privateer Press.

Privateer Press Reveal First Legendary 75mm Miniature


Privateer Press has revealed the first of their Legendary Line of miniatures. The Totem Huntress will be the first of many 75mm models for hobbyists and painters to get stuck into.

3 Colours Up: Painting The Dreamer [Part Three]


We're back with Romain for Part Three of the painting series for The Dreamer from Privateer Press.

3 Colours Up: Painting The Dreamer [Part Two]


Welcome back to Part Two of Romain's painting series on The Dreamer from Privateer Press.

3 Colours Up: Painting The Dreamer [Part One]


In this series Romain will take us through the steps to paint The Dreamer for Hordes by Privateer Press.

Defend The Well Of Orboro With Privateer Press


Privateer Press released a new terrain piece for Circle Orboros not long ago, the Well Of Orboros.

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Sculpting Raging Flames


Today we're joined by Tomas Mennes in the studio to work on some hot, hot flames on the Trollkin models from Privateer Press.

Privateer Releases Creepy Grunters & Ghastly Ghouls


Privateer Press has released two new miniatures for those that enjoy Hordes and the Grymkin in particular.

Privateer Press Take Us Through The Riot Quest Timeline


This year will see the launch of Privateer Press' new game Riot Quest, a hex-based arena skirmish game set in a possible, post-apocalyptic Iron Kingdoms. In a recent post, Privateer Press took a look back in time to exactly how this world got so messed up.

Community Spotlight: Old Witches, WWII Germans & Dragon Maidens


Crazy folklore legends, Dragon Maidens and a spot of the Historical caught our eye this week!

Baron Tonguelick Invites You To A Grymkin Carnival


A few new releases have popped up from Privateer Press recently for those delving into Hordes.

Asphyxious The Undamned Pops Up For MiniCrate In June


Asphyxious The Undamned has popped up as the newest miniature for the Mini-Crate service from Privateer Press.

Privateer Summon An Ancestral Guardian Angel For MiniCrate


Privateer Press have summoned forth an Ancestral Guardian Angel as the MiniCrate miniature for you to snap up in May. 

Privateer Press Announce Well of Orboros Preorder With Free Water Bottle!


A powerful elemental tool built by the blackclads of the Circle Oboros, the Well of Orboros comes with a free Black Anchor Industries Water Bottle when preordered through the Privateer Press website!

Shamans & Greylords Take Control In Warmachine & Hordes


Privateer Press has shown off two solos for both Warmachine & Hordes.

Privateer Press Launch Art Book Kickstarter Project


Privateer Press has taken to Kickstarter to fund their new artbook looking back at twenty years of Warmachine, Hordes and more.

Skorne Solos On The Warpath With New Hordes Releases


A new set of dangerous looking solos have been added into the mix for Skorne and the world of Hordes by Privateer Press.

Privateer Press Announces Kickstarter For Art Book


Privateer Press is going to Kickstarter in January to bring forth a book full of their wonderful art.

Band Together The Tharn In Privateer’s New Themed Force Set


Privateer Press has been keeping tabs on you folks buying all those new Tharn characters clearly with their new Tharn Theme Force Box which is available now. 

New Tharn Warriors Gather To Support Hordes’ Circle Orboros


The Tharn are leading the way for Hordes releases this time around from Privateer Press.

Privateer Press Preview What Lies Ahead For 2019


Privateer Press has been previewing what lies ahead for 2019 and we wanted to focus in on what they have planned for the world of Immoren and both Warmachine & Hordes.

Snag Your November Miniature For Privateer’s MiniCrate


You've still got time to get yourself registered so you can pick up the Lady Of The Feast in November, the new model for Privateer Press' MiniCrate.

3 Colours Up: Paul Bonner Inspired Skintone


Today we're taking the Privateer Press Hordes piggies in a sickly humanish direction inspired by the fantastic paintings by fantasy artist Paul Bonner.

Hobby Hangout Livestream [Catch Up Now!]


What have you been up to this week?

3 Colours Up: Painting Green Ogre Flesh


Today I'm back with some Privateer Press Hordes piggies to create some wonderfully grotesque green flesh tones for similar models in fantasy such as Ogres, Trolls, Goblins etc.