The Grymkin Of Hordes Get Spooky New Slaughterhouse!

May 12, 2021 by brennon

Hordes players, and especially those who follow the twisted ways of the Grymkin, will be happy to know that a big new Gargantuan is on the way for this twisted fairy tale force. The terrifying Slaughterhouse can be found deep in the woods of this 32mm Fantasy miniatures game by Privateer Press.

Slaughterhouse - Hordes

Slaughterhouse // Hordes

I don't think a kindly old granny lives here anymore. This is a seriously creepy looking resin and metal sculpt which is packed with interesting details. I love the portal maw and the broken wooden teeth, the mass of graves at the front and the gibbering creatures that are clambering all over it. It looks like a proper hell house.

"Grymkin are not attracted to just wicked souls, but sometimes wicked places as well. Homes and residences that have seen unspeakable acts of cruelty or violence can attract gremlins like moths to a flame. As more gremlins arrive to the growing celebration of debauchery, the residual malevolence of the acts performed within the house begins to solidify, coagulating within the walls.

Should the gremlin gala remain unchecked for too long, the house will finally spring to “life”, animated and sentient. A slaughterhouse uproots itself from its foundations, carried across the terrain by an ever flowing tide of grave dirt and corpses. Hungry and malicious, the slaughterhouse seeks out individuals who perform the same acts that took place within its walls, dragging these deserving souls into its hungry maw to meet their grisly demise."

Much like a lot of the Grymkin releases, the towering Slaughterhouse takes design cues and nods from fairy tales and folklore and I absolutely love it. The Grymkin do seem to be a bit of a marmite faction but I love that it lets the sculptors at Privateer Press experiment with new, twisted miniatures.

I bet you could have a lot of fun painting this and perhaps adding a few more accessories if you wanted to get into a bit of kitbashing.

Are you liking the look of the Slaughterhouse?

"...the towering Slaughterhouse takes design cues and nods from fairy tales and folklore and I absolutely love it"

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