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Weekender XLBS: Which Star Wars Scenario Did We Pick?

2 hours ago 10

We decide on which historical scenario is going to be turned into a Star Wars one! Find out which one we picked from our Cult Of Games community this morning.

COG DEAL: 10% Extra OFF Heresy Miniatures


Spend £10 or more on anything over on the Heresy Miniatures and get an extra 10% OFF which will allow you to save up to 30% in total off the RRP.

Pointless Views: Was Warren An Arse?


Ahoy there one and all and welcome to this week's Pointless Views!

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Railless Interceptor – Part Five


Tomas Mennes is back again to carry on converting the Railless Interceptor Battle Engine from Privateer Press but there is one tiny problem...

Weekender XLBS: Getting Out Of Your Hobby Funk!


We chat to some of you folks in the community and discuss your hobby as well as what we've been up to!



Any CoGs in the mood to pic up a new ancients war band? If so here's 30% off RRP on the SPQR range over on our store.

Pointless Views: Exclusivity In Gaming


Today on Pointless Views the guys ask our discord server what has been present in their minds in the industry.

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Railless Interceptor – Part Four


Tomas Mennes is back to carry on with the Railless Interceptor Conversion.

Warren’s RPG Storage Solutions


Warren gets in on the tutorial action today as he shows Gerry his RPG Storage Solution.

Weekender XLBS: Warren’s Giant Gaming Table Idea


We're looking at some car boot treasures, loads of work from the community and an idea for a BIG skeletal gaming table.

CoG Deal: 30% OFF Green Stuff World Pigments


Let's get Weathering!

Pointless Views: Metal Miniatures Are Superior In Every Way?


The guys are back at it again this week for Pointless Views but with a small twist...

Oil Washes: The Basics


Gerry is back for another tutorial video showing you the basics of oil washes. 

Let’s Adventure: Fighting Fantasy Deathtrap Dungeon


Today we're going to be foregoing the traditional chatter and instead venturing down into the horrors of Fighting Fantasy's Deathtrap Dungeon.

CoG DEAL: £10 OFF When you Spend over £100! This Weekend!!!!


A Juicy Deal for You All This Weekend CoG's! Save £10 when you spend over £100.

Pointless Views: Historic Hills To Die On


It's Friday! That means it's time for some Pointless Views led by your team of OTTers with more opinions than filters. 

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Railless Interceptor – Part Three


Tomas Mennes is in this tutorial series to turn a train into a tank/train hybrid? I mean, that just sounds cool right?!

Pigments: The Basics


Gerry is back with another tutorial. this time he's introducing you into the lovely world of pigments. 

Weekender XLBS: Reskinning Your Tabletop Battles


We're talking retooling Historical battles for Sci-Fi games and delving deeper into loads of hobby time from you and us!

CoG Deal: 30% OFF Green Stuff World Rolling Pins


Time to get creative with your bases CoGs! Save 30% across all Green Stuff World Rolling Pins using the exclusive Cult of Games discount code.

Pointless Views: Have You Heard Of Beta Max?


Come and join us for a delve into some random chatter and feedback on your comments as part of Pointless Views this week.

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Railless Interceptor – Part Two


Tomas Mennes is back to take us through his tutorial on converting the Railless interceptor Battle Engine for Warmachine.

Rolling Pins & Cutters: The Basics


Gerry returns to show us the basics of Green Stuff World's Rolling Pins and Cutters.

Weekender XLBS: Your Biggest Hobby Regret


We're discussing something which you've been throwing around in the community, what is the point of points?

Deal: 30% OFF Warhammer Underworlds Beastgrave


Use the exclusive Cult of Games discount code save 30% and get Warhammer UnderWorlds Beastgrave for only £31.50 including a pack of Limited Edition Foil Cards!

Pointless Views: D6 Are Balls


It's time for Pointless Views: a show where we talk about what you talked about in response to our talking session last week.

Mennes’ Mini Mashup: Railless Interceptor – Part One


Tomas Mennes returns to the studio to conjure something different from Warmachine's Railless Interceptor Battle Engine.

VLOG: Mantic Are In The House!!


It's Wednesday. And it's time to see what's been happening in the studio this week!

Portable Light Box: The Basics


Today Gerry takes to photography with Green Stuff World's interesting Portable Light Box for your miniatures.

Weekender XLBS: When Should Companies Maintain Rulesets?


This week the guys discuss at what point it's right for a company to go back and balance a game they have already released.

Deal: Conquest: Two Player Starter Set Only £50


Use the exclusive Cult of Games discount code to get the  Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings – Two Player Starter Set for only £50! - Ships World Wide (Terms and Conditions Apply)

Pointless Views: Puzzling Dungeon Crawls


Welcome to another week of Pointless Views, the show where we talk about what you talked about over an episode of us talking about random things on the internet. Let's dive in!

Mennes’ Mini Mash-Up: Dynamic Custom Behemoth – Part Four


Tomas returns from the burn ward to continue the fantastic, dynamic pose of the Khador Behemoth from Privateer Press.

VLOG: Star Wars On Friday 13th?


Ok so travel etc. seem to be problematic close to Christmas, how about December Friday 13th for the Star Wars Hobby Weekend?

VLOG: A Very Star Wars Christmas


What happens when the last Star Wars movie is set to launch at Christmas 2019 and Warren's left to his own thoughts and emotions...

Tentacle Rollers: The Basics


Gerry's back in the Hobby Hall to guide us through the Roll Maker from Green Stuff World

Weekender XLBS: Maybe Skulls Are Cool Again?


Howdy hi friends! Welcome to this weeks XLBS where the guys rekindle their love for skellies!

Deal: Save 25% On Our Green Stuff World Range


Save 25% on our range of Green Stuff World products with this exclusive Cult of Games discount code.

Pointless Views: Are You Playing With Yourself?


Today on Pointless Views we're looking at some fun topics taken from the last episode of XLBS as well as from the forums and beyond too. 

Mennes’ Mini Mash-Up: Dynamic Custom Behemoth – Part Three


Tomas is back to continue the amazing dynamic pose of the Khador Behemoth from Privateer Press.

VLOG: Preparing Bolt Action Korea Tables


Gerry and John have been googling furiously to prepare the upcoming Bolt Action Korea Tournament.

Blue Stuff: The Basics


Today, Gerry works with some Blue Stuff Thermoplastic from Green Stuff World to show you how to make your own moulds.

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