Mighty Archons Fight Their Way Into Warmachine & Hordes

September 30, 2019 by brennon

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A band of three new models are coming to the world of Warmachine & Hordes from Privateer Press. Each of these new Archon models is an interesting development following the coming of the Infernals and their demonic ways.

Morrowan Archon - Privateer Press

Leading the way we have the Morrowan Archon for the Mercenaries in the realm of steam and gears that is Warmachine. Here's some of the background...

"The Host of Archons is accepted as the manifestation of Morrow’s will on Caen, and their appearances are always momentous. Awe-inspiring as they are, the sight of a Morrowan archon can chill the blood of even the most pious, as they herald events that are both terrifying and world-changing. While most historical examples of archon manifestations have involved prophecy, they have also proven willing to wield their power directly in battle. Morrow’s archons represent hope but also underscore the potential doom awaiting humanity should this war against the darkness be lost."

I do like the design of the model even if it doesn't feel particularly Warmachine to me at first glance. If you wanted to pick the model up for something else I think it would be a pretty awesome fit for a game like Kings Of War as a Basilean hero.

We also have a bit more firey addition to the mix for Warmachine with this Menite Archon which is doing what you'd imagine the warriors of Menoth to be doing...burning things.

Menite Archon - Privateer Press

That is some pretty fancy looking fire which contrasts quite nicely with the pale armour and burgundy trim.

"Menoth is known by many names—the Lawgiver, the Lawbringer, the Creator of Man, the Hunter of the Wurm, Wallmaker, the Masked Giant. In the last few decades, Menoth has returned in force to Immoren, revealing his anger over neglect and igniting the fires of zealotry. Now Menoth has sent incarnations of divine power to fight in his stead. These figures appear amid shrouds of fire and auras of light to inspire soldiers of the Great Crusade and reassure them that they will not be abandoned in their hour of need."

If you're feeling like you want to dive in with your own Archon but prefer the might and power of nature then how about the Primal Archon for Hordes?

Primal Archon - Privateer Press

Of the three, this one is my favourite. I love seeing models which show nature and the very essence of the planet coming to life to do battle.

"Embodying the chaos of the natural world, of storm and volcano, of lightning, thunder, and flood, the Devourer Wurm also embodies predation and hunger—the need to kill and consume to survive. Primal archons are thought to be each a minor manifestation of the Wurm, sent from the hellish wilds of Urcaen. Not creatures of words or prophecy but rather of action and violence, primal archons leap into the fray as soon as they manifest on Caen."

Because of their Mercenary and Minion nature these creatures can find themselves popping up alongside all sorts of different forces making them a frightening prospect to end up battling against on the tabletop.

I like the inventive twist we're seeing in the sculpting and design from Privateer Press at the moment with the advent of the Infernals and that unfolding story. With that in mind, what do you think?

Let me know below...

"I like the inventive twist we're seeing in the sculpting and design from Privateer Press at the moment..."

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