Privateer Press Preview What Lies Ahead For 2019

December 10, 2018 by brennon

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Privateer Press has been previewing what lies ahead for 2019 and we wanted to focus in on what they have planned for the world of Immoren and both Warmachine & Hordes. Leading the way from the announcement was the reveal of Stormbreak.

Stormbreak - Privateer Press

There will be a further focus from Privateer Press on letting the community decide the path of Warmachine & Hordes. A new Winter Rampage event will begin in January 2019 and as you play games you'll be helping to build the story of their world and see the waxing and waning future of your faction played out on the tabletop.

A World Of Art

Privateer Press will also be coming to Kickstarter next year with another small project, The Art Of Privateer Press.

The Art Of Privateer Press - Privateer Press

This hefty book is going to be showcasing some of the amazing work by the art team behind the game and give you something to adorn the coffee table with for a while. I always like looking at the artwork for a game as inspiration for building armies and telling new stories within the world.

The Kickstarter will also bring to life a range of miniatures like the Iron Maiden pictured above. She will feature in Privateer Press' new game, Riot Quest.

Riot Quest

This new game is for two-to-four players and you can play out an adventure on the tabletop in between thirty and forty minutes.

Riot Quest Character - Privateer Press

"Players assemble a small crew of up to 10 trigger-happy, fortune-hunting mercenary characters along with an arsenal of insane gear that can be equipped during the course of a battle. Fielding just four models at a time, players scramble across a hex map in pursuit of treasure while racking up bounty payments by completing tasks from an ever-changing menu of objectives."

Riot Quest will be set in a possible future for the world of Immoren and so whilst many of the characters and places will be familiar, the game also allows Privateer Press to try something new within the universe.

We can see this being one of those games which gets brought out between games of Warmachine & Hordes, set up on tabletops when you're waiting for your opponent to pop by.

An Infernal Faction

As well as this possible future for the world of Immoren, the current state of the world is also in flux. A new faction is on the way for Hordes known as the Infernals.

Infernals Artwork - Privateer Press

The mix of creatures we've seen so far as looking awesome and we're getting a good DOOM vibe from some of the designs they've been working on.

"While staved off by the Wicked Harvest, the Infernals have not been deterred, and this summer they’ll invade the Iron Kingdoms in full force, bent on reaping the souls of two-thirds of humanity." 

As well as boasting new miniatures the range will also feature entirely new rules which will give them a unique feel on the tabletop.

Infermal Combat Master - Privateer Press

The Combat Master above is looking suitably awesome. I think you'd have plenty of fun with the painting of this creature, getting in plenty of dark metallics and a lot of fire and brimstone to match.

Infernal Art - Privateer Press

The monsters and other creatures of the Infernals will be represented in a new book called Oblivion which will also help to begin telling the story of their invasion as a campaign too.

"In addition to background and stats for Infernals, Oblivion will also detail new models, including the Order of Illumination—Morrowan demon hunters determined to strike back at the heart of the Infernals—and Archons, supernatural champions sent into battle by the gods themselves. Every Faction in WARMACHINE and HORDES, whether a human nation, an ally of humans, an enemy of mankind, or just opportunists ready to rake in the chips where they fall, will be able to incorporate something from the pages of Oblivion into their armies."

Are you tempted to delve into this new faction when they arrive next year? Also, where would you love to see them take the story of Immoren next?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Are you tempted to delve into this new faction when they arrive next year?"

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