Band Together The Tharn In Privateer’s New Themed Force Set

December 17, 2018 by brennon

Privateer Press has been keeping tabs on you folks buying all those new Tharn characters clearly with their new Tharn Theme Force Box which is available now.

Tharn Theme Force Box - Privateer Press

Inside this particular set, you get...

  • Tharn Bloodweavers
  • Tharn Ravager Chieftain Command Attachment
  • Tharn Ravagers
  • Tharn Bloodweaver Haruspex Command Attachment
  • Brighid & Caul

...which gives you enough to bulk up an existing force. There are thirty-five points worth of goodies in there which when used alongside a Circle Orboros Starter Set would give you a meaty way to deal with the enemy.

Themed forces come with their own unique rules too so it's worth checking out the particulars of how that would work for the Tharn to learn the benefits before diving in.

Are you a Tharn fan?

"Themed forces come with their own unique rules too..."

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