Monolith Announce Gaining Rackham Company’s IP!

April 16, 2024 by brennon

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Monolith announced last week that the Paris Commercial Court has assigned all of the property rights of Rackham to themselves, allowing them to start exploring bringing those old games and miniature ranges back to life.

Rackham Announcement - Monolith

Rackham Announcement // Monolith

The Rackham games have had a rocky time of it over the last couple of decades and despite reemerging as Rackham Entertainment in 2008, they were dissolved and liquidated in 2010. There have been many attempts to bring back the likes of Confrontation over the years but it now seems like this game and more have found a home with Monolith.

This means that hopefully, we'll see Confrontation come back although I sense that it might end up getting turned into a miniatures board game to match what Monolith do best. There is already a board game in Rackham's library called Hybrid and their Sci-Fi game, AT-43 that I know a lot of folks would love to see returning to the tabletop. Maybe we'll even see Cadwallon come back to the tabletop too on the roleplaying game side of things.

What do you make of the news from Monolith regarding Rackham?

"What do you make of the news from Monolith regarding Rackham?"

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