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Let’s Play: Damnation – The Gothic Game | Blackletter Games

10 hours ago 3

The team dive into a Let's Play of Horror Board Game, Damnation: The Gothic Game, from Blackletter Games, a modern interpretation of a classic board game from 1966! 

Manage A Conservation-Centric Zoo In Ark Nova


Capstone Games have announced their pre-order for Ark Nova, a zoo management board game that puts conservation first.

The Thing Is Prepping To Infect The Tabletop For February 2022


Fans of the 1982 cult movie The Thing, will be intrigued to know that after a successful Kickstarter, The Thing: The Board Game will be headed to retail in February 2022.

Head Down The Corridor Of Doom In Sci-Fi Zombicide Scenario


We are headed down the Corridor of Doom by Hannah Sjösted and players will need a copy of Zombicide Dark Side and Zombicide Invader to play.

Return To Red Dragon Inn For New Kickstarter Dungeon Crawler


1-4 players flock to the tavern to enlist themselves into adventure after adventure, with a new dungeon-crawling experience on Kickstarter with Tales from the Red Dragon Inn.

Snap Pictures Of Rare Birds Of Paradise In Birdwatcher


In Birdwatcher, 2-4 players take the role of wildlife photographers ready to lure and take some incredible pictures of an array of birds of paradise. 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Adventure Game Info Drops!


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Adventure Game is lining up for a fundraiser over on Gamefound at the start of November. Taking on the role of the faction known as the Blades, you'll be looking to thwart a plot that looks to threaten the entire of Skyrim. 

Monsterpocalyse Board Game Landing Soon On Kickstarter


Mythic Games and Privateer Press' collaboration is coming to Kickstarter soon! The Monsterpocalypse Board Game is arriving in the next few weeks and will give you a one-box option for diving into a world of monstrous combat.

Possess Trick Or Treaters For Sweeties In Ghosts Love Candy Too


Coming in 2022 - right in time for next year's spooky season, 25th Century Games are releasing a brand new edition with, Ghosts Love Candy Too.

Pet All Of The Doggos To Win In Hair Of The Dog Kickstarter


The upcoming board game, Hair of the Dog, encourages players to take the helm of a dog-friendly pub, with the hope to reward the best doggos that pass through.

Full Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum Contents Revealed


Knight Games are closing in on the launch of their newest Kickstarter which allows you to take on the role of villains from the Batman universe. Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum features a vast rogue's gallery and the full contents of the core game have now been revealed.

Call To Adventure: Epic Origins Kickstarter Expands Into Backstory


A brand new Call to Adventure has been announced by Brotherwise Games. As players can expand their fantasy universe into more lore and backstory.

Rack Up The Most Candy This Halloween In Trick Or Treat


Looking for a lightweight card game this Spooky Season? Leder Games are highlighting a fun-filled trick-or-treat experience where characters outsource hoards Halloween candy on the night of All Hallows' Eve.

Take A Single-Player Path With CATAN Logic Puzzle


CATAN Logic Puzzle is newly announced from CATAN Studios, as must grow their island into affluence and opulence by using logic and strategy to thrive. 

Traipse Through The Dangers Of 1967 Vietnam In Purple Haze


Phalanx Games has now announced the title Purple Haze, as players take the role of marines traipsing through danger after danger during the Vietnam War. 

Needy Cat Games & Zatu Join Forces For Steel Colosseum!


Needy Cat Games had some news over the last few days as Robot Fight Club has taken on a new life alongside their partnership with Zatu Games. Steel Colosseum is coming to Kickstarter next year alongside their new publisher. 

Pathfinder Arena Headed To Kickstarter This November!


Pathfinder: Arena is heading on to Kickstarter on November 23rd at 10AM (EST), for a brand new fantasy Pathfinder experience. 

What’s Next For Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep?


Prior to the official release date of the Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep this weekend, Games Workshop has released its roadmap for the game going forward, until the middle of the way 2022. 

Mah Jong Gets A Card Game Update With Not Your Ma’s Jong!


Hasbro has an updated cultural classic in their grasp. As Mah Jong gets a modernized retake with Not Your Ma's Jong, ready to hit retail before the Christmas season. 

23 ‘Best Of Asmodee’ Titles Available On Humble Bundle Now!


Humble Bundle is teaming up with Asmodee Digital and Breast Cancer Research Foundation to bring Play Pink and many other popular tabletop titles to digital for a fraction of the price.

The Combined & Steindrage Drop Into Infinity’s TAG Raid


Corvus Belli has been sharing more of the contents of their upcoming Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid game that will be popping up as a Kickstarter Exclusive soon.

Heroes Of Might And Magic Comes To The Tabletop In 2022


Archon Studio has announced that Heroes Of Might And Magic III: The Board Game is going to be coming to the tabletop next year via Kickstarter. Their November 2022 campaign is a ways off but they have already been sharing details about this new adaptation of the classic PC game.

Asmodee & Space Cowboys Return With New Edition of Jamaica


Providing a new edition for the 2007 title Jamaica, Asmodee Publishing and Space Cowboys has announced a Second Edition.

Second ZombiMadness Month Scenario Available For Zombicide


Checking in at the second week of October with a brand new community-designed Zombicide scenario, as part of ZombiMadness month at CMON. 

Arkham Nights Return As FFG Announce Week Of Arkham


The leaves are turning orange, the evenings come sooner and Arkham Nights is returning, bringing players a whole calendar of Arkham Horror content to dive into this spooky season. 

Steamforged Are Giving Away Rare & Coveted Dark Souls Expansion!


If you have Dark Souls: The Board Game and have been on the hunt for the Four Kings Expansion, you are in luck! Given the anniversary of the game - Steamforged Games will be giving away two copies of the expansion.

Santa & His Reindeer Zord Join The Power Rangers This Christmas!


The Santa vs Heximas Holiday Pack is ready to pre-order as the new Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid expansion pits The Power Rangers, Santa and his reindeer Zord against the mighty Heximas. 

Climb To The Top Of An Underwater Business In Squid Inc.


Squid Inc has been announced by WizKids, and it takes office politics under the deep blue, in the ocean's biggest business. 

Osprey Games Announce Crescent Moon Board Game For 2022


Osprey Games has another lavish-looking board game on the cards for 2022. Set against the backdrop of the 10th-Century Middle East, Crescent Moon is a tense game of negotiations and political intrigue.

Ankh: Pantheon Brings 5 More Egyptian Gods To The Table


And alongside the core box of Ankh: Gods of Egypt, the expansion Pantheon will be sitting right next to it from October 29th.

Yu-Gi-Oh’s Battle Of Chaos First Core Set Coming 2022


Coming February 2022, the newest core booster set brings 100 new cards into the mix with some game-changing standings with new monsters, forms and summons. 

Reap In Fame & Glory In Goldenstar: Galactic Tournament


Goldenstar: The Galactic Tournament pits 2-4 players into a combat arena fighting tooth and nail (or claw!) for fame and glory.

Unboxing: Assassin’s Creed Board Game Expansions | Triton Noir

2 weeks ago 2

Gerry and Free get to unboxing some of the expansions for the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Of Venice board game by Triton Noir. 

Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep Pre-Orders Hit Soon!


Warhammer Underworlds returns to the tabletop this weekend from the folks at Games Workshop with Harrowdeep. A new season, new rules, new ways of playing and of course some brand new Warhammer Age Of Sigmar miniatures.

Cooperatively Explore and Grow A Fantasy Community In Mythwind


Mythwind is up on Kickstarter from OOMM Games, and players work closely with time building and establishing a whimsical fantasy community.

Call Of Cthulhu’s Upcoming Title Terror Paths Coming Soon


Announced this week, Sandy Petersen is returning to bring Call of Cthulhu to a different medium on the tabletop. As a new board game: Call of Cthulhu Terror Paths brings players into a new tabletop setting. 

‘The Verminator’ Prepares To Bring Brutality And Ferocity to Blood Bowl


It is Blood Bowl season, and a new star player is making some moves for the pitch, with a tanky Skaven who is not afraid to take some names on the open field. 

Weave Creepy & Spooky Quilts In Patchwork: Halloween Edition


Looking to get in theme with the Halloween season on your tabletop? I find board games incredibly therapeutic, and one of my most favourite board games is getting a Halloween edition. Patchwork: Halloween Edtion by Lookout Games is making its […]

Get Your Wyrd Halloween Minis Ready For The Rotten Harvest Painting Competition!


It is not just black and orange paint and cobwebs, the Wyrd Rotten Harvest painting competition, where players can paint their Wyrd miniatures for a chance to win some Wyrd and wonderful goodies. 

Combine Rummy And Storytelling In WizKids’ Detective Rummy


WizKids are at it again, with Detective Rummy now available to pre-order. As 2-4  players take on a new rummy-style story-telling experience, set in the theme of noir mystery. 

Marvel Heroes and Villains Head to Kickstarter for New A Dice Throne


Heading over to Kickstarter, Roxley - who have been known to produce titles surrounding big-title licences have now announced the Marvel version of Dice Throne. 

Star Fighters: Rapid Fire Combines Real-Time & Dice-Throwing for A Frenzy!


Available to playtest at UKGE in the prototype stage, Star Fighters: Rapid Fire is ready to be released on Kickstarter and join the rest of the Alley Cat catalogue on the shelves.

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