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Weekender: Duck Me, Those Are Some Nice Gauls!


We get the team together to delve into loads of awesomeness from as week in the tabletop world.

Let’s Play: The Edge – Dark Revelations


Pawel from Awaken Realms returns with Justin to play the final chapters of The Edge Dawnfall.

Let’s Play: Dragon Hunters By Signum Games


Ryan and Sam go head to tail in Signum Games newest Kickstarter, Dragon Hunters.

Plan Your Future In Blue Cocker’s Welcome To…New Las Vegas


Blue Cocker Games has announced that they are going to be expanding upon their successful Welcome To... series of games with the addition of New Las Vegas.

Needy Cat Games Host Second Set Of Game Design Courses


Needy Cat Games' Sophie Williams and James M. Hewitt are going to be hosting a second set of Game Design Courses throughout the tail end of this year

Ascending Conan: The Tower Of The Elephant With Room 17

5 days ago 3

Ricard and Anders from Room 17 join Sam in the studio to talk about their upcoming board game Conan: Tower of the Elephant.

Delve Deeper With Blackstone Fortress: Escalation Soon


Games Workshop is getting those who are still exploring Warhammer 40,000's Blackstone Fortress ready for more with the Escalation expansion coming up for pre-order this weekend.

Ravensburger Build Up New Castles Of Burgundy


The team at Ravensburger have taken their classic The Castles Of Burgundy and brought together a collected edition of the game which is due out this year.

Let’s Play: The Edge – Charred Heart


Justin is back with Pawel from Awaken Realms to continue the epic Campaign of The Edge: Dawnfall.

Watch Out For The Pentamind Championship At MSO 2019


Next week, Ryan is going to be heading to the Mind Sports Olympiad 2019 event held in London running from August 18th through till the 26th.

Keymaster Games’ PARKS Takes You On A Wild Ramble


Keymaster Games are now taking pre-orders for PARKS.

Get Swallowed Up In So, You’ve Been Eaten By LudiCreations


LudiCreations are possibly the only game company I've seen to put out a game with a player count that goes from zero to two.

Osprey Games Releasing Undaunted: Normandy Soon!


Osprey Games is going to be releasing their new game Undaunted: Normandy soon with 22nd August set as the date it lands.

SITREP PODCAST: Talking Wargaming! The Drill Sergeant Rant!


We are back and we have a ripping episide for you! Want to hear the Drill Sergeant go off? Sit back and grab a cuppa and let it roll!

Rio Grande Announce New Puerto Rico Deluxe Edition


Rio Grande Games has announced that they are bringing a new deluxe edition of the classic board game Puerto Rico to the tabletop later this year.

PlastCraft Games Announce Their New Project, Dark Flow!


PlastCraft Games has introduced their new board gaming project, Dark Flow. Watch out for the launch on Kickstarter coming on September 17th. 

Spellcrow Tease Their New Dyniaq Card Game For Halloween


A short quirky card game is in the works from the folks at Spellcrow, building on the Dyniaq from their Fantasy world.

Stonemaier Games’ Wingspan Takes Birdwatching Digital


Stonemaier Games is going to be taking the delightful Wingspan to digital formats with a release on Steam in the near future.

Delve Into A New Civilisation Game In Stonemaier’s Tapestry


Stonemaier Games has announced a new board game of civilisation building. One-to-five players can start weaving their own Tapestry.

The Charming Wayfinders Flies In From Pandasaurus Games


Pandasaurus Games has been showing off a charming looking game called Wayfinders. This is out towards the end of October so watch this space!

Discover Who Rules Eurogames At The Mind Sports Olympiad


This year's Mind Sports Olympiad plays host to loads of different tournaments and board games, including the unique meta-event that is the Eurogames World Championship.

Let’s Play: The Edge – Enemy Of My Enemy


Pawel from Awaken Realms must now join forces with Justin in the semi-cooperative Scenario Seven of the The Edge.

Gain Popularity As A Foodies In New CMON Board Game


One of the new releases for the start of August from the team at CMON is Foodies, a game where you are looking to be the most popular gastronomic manager in the business. 

Fight To The Last In Eric Lang & CMON’s Trilogy Ending Ankh


Eric Lang has now revealed the third of his strategic trilogy which was made up of Blood Rage, Rising Sun and now Ankh.

Archon Tease Their Work On Wolfenstein The Board Game


Archon Studio has been teasing that they are going to be working on Wolfenstein The Board Game.

Darksiders Fans Can Now Pre-Order A Massive Board Game


Darksiders Genesis is a new video game coming out where you take on the role of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Battle Against Eldritch Oddities In Arkham Horror: Final Hour


Fantasy Flight Games has shown off another game coming to their Arkham Horror collection. Played in under sixty minutes, Final Hour is a desperate cooperative experience where you're trying to hold off an eldritch invasion!

CMON & CD Projekt Red Team Up For Cyberpunk 2077 Card Game


CMON and CD PROJEKT RED have joined forces to work on a new Cyberpunk 2077 card game, Afterlife: The Card Game. 

The Lizardmen Return To Blood Bowl’s Gridiron Soon!


Games Workshop is bringing another classic team back to the Blood Bowl pitch soon with the Gwaka'Moli Crater Gators!

Enter The Wilds With Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave


A new chapter has been opened in the ongoing Warhammer Underworlds saga from Games Workshop which charts the adventures of warbands in Age Of Sigmar.

Two New Houses Join Fantasy Flight’s World Of KeyForge


Fantasy Flight Games has been showing off more from another of their card game worlds. This time around Worlds Collide as KeyForge welcomes two new Houses into the mix. 

Mythic Bring Joan Of Arc 1.5 Back To Kickstarter + New Expansion


Mythic Games are going to be bringing Time Of Legends: Joan Of Arc back to Kickstarter with the 1.5 version of the rules plus all of the goodness from the first time around.

Become Epic Superheroes In FFG’s Marvel Champions LCG


Fantasy Flight Games has been showcasing all of the awesome stuff that is coming your way over the next year or so.

Let’s Play: The Edge – Secret Of The Sowing

3 weeks ago 0

Justin is joined with Pawal from Awaken Realms once again for this epic conclusion of The Edge: Dawnfall.

Through The Ages Gets New Leaders & Wonders Expansion


Czech Games Edition (CGE) announced this week that the awesome civilisation building game Through The Ages is going to be getting an expansion pack with new cards for both Leaders And Wonders. 

Unboxing Hunger Games: Mockingjay The Board Game

3 weeks ago 12

Ryan and Gerry get their revolutionary hats on to unbox Hunger Games: Mockingjay the Board Game from River Horse.

Explore A Shattered Multiverse In Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter


Osprey Games has been teasing a few more bits and bobs about Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter which will be out in October this year, right in time for Halloween!

PSC Games’ Britannia Kickstarter Ending Soon


The classic Britannia from Lewis Pulsipher ended up back on Kickstarter thanks to PSC Games and the campaign is now closing in on the final hours of fundraising.

Horrible Games Face Terrible Choices In The King’s Dilemma


The King's Dilemma is coming out later this year from Horrible Games and promises to be an interactive narrative experience with legacy elements built into its play.

USAopoly Show Off Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition!


You are soon going to be able to adventure alongside your favourite Kingdom Hearts characters with Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition coming in Autumn of 2019 from USAopoly.

PWork Wargames Release New Board Gaming Mat Designs


With Gen Con just around the corner, there will be a lot of folks getting stuck into some board and card gaming.

Mythic Games & Lucky Duck Reveal Time Of Legends: Destinies


Time Of Legends: Destinies has been announced as their new collaborative project with more details popping up at Gen Con. 

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