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Let’s Play: Spirit Island


Play a powerful spirit in this co-op board game from Greater Than Games!

Insider Chat: Upcoming Games From Devir


David Esbri of Devir Games is in for a quick chat about their upcoming games.

Search Ancient Ruins In Lost Cities: Rivals


Another version of Lost Cities is on the way from Thames & Kosmos. The new game subtitled Rivals will see you delving into ancient cities in search of treasure but a few more mechanics take the challenge up a notch. 

Gloomhaven Review


Ben sets out to review the massive Gloomhaven. What adventure awaits within this mammoth box?

Paradox & Fria Ligan Join Forces For Crusader Kings: The Board Game


Paradox Interactive and Fria Ligan (Free League Publishing) are joining forces for Crusader Kings: The Board Game, which is currently on Kickstarter right now. 

A Spooky Good Time On Kickstarter With 7 Ghosts


Buddypal Games is sending players on a quest to collect 7 Ghosts. If you enjoy card and dice games, with a dash of “take that,” then check out 7 Ghosts on Kickstarter for a spooky good time!

Z-Man’s Lowlands Floods Out For Pre-Order


Z-Man announced that Lowlands, a new board game where you must tend your farm in the face of floods, is now up for pre-order.

Human Metal Detectors & Demons Of Hell Join Hellboy Kickstarter


Mantic Games’ Kickstarter for Hellboy: The Board Game is entering its final few days, and as it does more characters join the team.

Weekender XLBS: Tabletop Gaming; What Grinds Your Gears?


Today we’re settling in for a little
bit of a moan and asking what
grinds your gears?

IDW Games Bring Nickelodeon’s Splat Attack To Kickstarter


Featuring some of your favourite cartoon characters from the Nickelodeon channel, Splat Attack is a new fast-paced board game on Kickstarter right now from IDW Games.

Weekender: Wild West Exodus Game Design Philosophy & Salute Winners Announced!


We sit down with Roberto from Warcradle about
the design philosophy for Wild West Exodus.

Let’s Play: Sentinels Of The Multiverse


Check out this co-operative card game
from Greater Than Games.

Destruction & Chaos Decks Also Lined Up For Age Of Sigmar Champions


PlayFusion is going to be making sure that there are plenty of options open to you with Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Champions as they showed off a glimpse at the Destruction and Chaos Campaign Decks

Go Delving With WizKids’ Upcoming Fungeon Party


WizKids announced new game putting a twist on the dungeon delving experience. Look out for Fungeon Party…

Grimlord Games Talk New Game Project, The Everrain


Building on the success of Endure The Stars and Village Attacks, Grimlord Games are looking to their next project, The Everrain. This new board game by Adam Smith has quite the evocative cover!

Command & Colours: Ancients // Armies Of Momentum – Part One


Akaisamurai explores what makes Command & Colours: Ancients a fantastic representation of Ancient Warfare on the tabletop…

UK Games Expo Announces Shortlist For 2018 Awards


The UK Games Expo team has announced the shortlist of games and accessories that will be making up the 2018 Awards.

Days Of Wonder Streamlines Ticket To Ride: New York


It’s time to be groovy in the 1960’s with the latest addition to the Ticket To Ride series from Days of Wonder. Ticket To Ride: New York has been streamlined to be a easy to learn, faster to play version of the board game classic.

Garphill Games Preview RPG Set In The North Sea World


Garphill Games has revealed that they are going to be doing a Roleplaying Game set in their game world of The North Sea which has spawned a huge range of games.

Let’s Play: Onitama – The Game Of Martial Tactics


Will you choose the path of the bald eagle or furry bear?

First Glimpse Of PlayFusion’s Age Of Sigmar Champions At WarhammerFest


PlayFusion were at WarhammerFest this weekend and shared on Twitter a few new morsels of information Age Of Sigmar Champions, their new card game in conjunction with Games Workshop.