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Monopoly: Warhammer 40,000 Is Now A Thing…Grimdark Banking At Its Finest


We didn’t need it, and I’m fairly sure no one asked for it, but Monopoly: Warhammer 40,000 is now a thing. 

Weekender XLBS: Crafting Our Own Tabletop Games! What Would You Create?

2 days ago 69

If you were going to create your own tabletop game, what would it be? We share our ideas and want to know yours!

Weekender: What’s New For Drowned Earth & UKGE Prize Winners Announced!


UKGE Prize Winners to announce, a great delve into Vanguard Of War and Drowned Earth and much more today on the show!

Let’s Play: The Dark Crystal

5 days ago 2

Based on the Jim Henson film of the same name, this is River Horse’s board game adaptation of the 1982 fantasy adventure film.

CMONs Cthulhu: Death May Die Funded & Bringing Forth The Elder Gods


Cthulhu: Death May Die is live and funded on Kickstarter and crushing through stretch goals! Players will have at least a dozen additional Investigators added to their pledge, along with some incredible Elder Gods.

Penny Arcade’s Thornwatch & Expansion Now Available To Pre-Order


Penny Arcade’s successful Kickstarter is now available on their webstore for you to pre-order. You will be able to delve into their graphic novel adventure game, Thornwatch, for two to five players.

Ninja Division Delve Deeper Into Doomseeker Card Game


We take a closer look at the new Dwarf Slayer Card Game coming out from Ninja Division, Doomseeker.

Exclusive Lightseekers Kindred Card Reveal!


The guys at Play Fusion have kindly given us a new card to reveal for the next wave of Lightseekers cards launching next month.

Weekender: Epic ELITE: Dangerous Battle Card Dogfights & Kurage Crisis Infinity Update!

1 week ago 45

We’re discussing ELITE Dangerous: Battle Cards, the ongoing Kurage Crisis Infinity Campaign and Warren falls in love with loads of mats at once!

Archon Studio Bringing Back Vanguard Of War With Added Zombies


Archon Studio are bringing Vanguard Of War back with a new printing of the game and additional expansion content.

PSC Games Tell The Story Of Quartermaster General: The Cold War


PSC Games are on Kickstarter once more with another of their Historical board games. This one is Ian Brody’s Quartermaster General: The Cold War. 

Head On Horrific Journeys In New Mansions of Madness Expansion


Fantasy Flight Games have a new expansion for Mansions of Madness up for pre-order, taking your investigators out into the terrors plaguing the greater world; Horrific Journeys. 

Room 17 Games’ Miremarsh Kickstarter Launches!


Room 17 Games are on Kickstarter now with the rather awesome looking Miremarsh. This is a board game for one to five players as you take on the role of Bog Goblin each trying to stake their claim on the swamp they call home and come out on top as Goblin King!

Mythic Play Through Solomon Kane With Latest Rule Tweaks!


Join Az, Babis and Dale as they sit down to play through more of Solomon Kane from Mythic Games. The Kickstarter has just over two days left on its campaign at the time of writing and this could be your final chance to get stuck in…

Let’s Play – Kingdom Death: Monster [Lantern Year Twelve]


It’s Lantern Year Twelve in our second series of Kingdom Death: Monster and the survivors are hunting the infamous Dung Beetle Knight.

CMON’s Death May Die Heads To Kickstarter July 10th


Next week CMON will be heading back to Kickstarter with the latest creation by Eric Lang. Death May Die will make some of the most unlikely characters work together to kill the Great Cthulhu himself!

Weekender XLBS: Your Thoughts; Choosing Models For Games & A Challenge Put Forth!


We take a look at your feedback from last week and get tasked with an interesting challenge!

Battlefront Open Day Live Blog! [Comment To Win!]

Come and join John, Justin and Colin as they get stuck into the Battlefront Open Day!

New Mat Designed For FFG’s Star Wars: Imperial Assault


A new Star Wars: Imperial Assault Mat has been designed, perfect for tournament organisers to get people stuck into the Fantasy Flight game. Here we have the Tarkin Initiative Skirmish Map.

Weekender: Exploring Legends Of Signum & A Week Of Tabletop Gaming Goodness


Getting stuck into Legends Of Signum’s amazing Fantasy world and more!

Plaid Hat Games’ Starship Samurai Board Game Now Available


Plaid Hat Games’ new board game, Starship Samurai, is now available for you to snap up from them and at retailers.