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New Previews For GF9’s Updated Dune Board Game Pop Up!


As previewed over on Dune News Net, Gale Force Nine is working away on a new version of the Dune board game. Dune: A Game Of Conquest And Diplomacy is going to be getting an update in September 2021 to mark the release of the new film. 

Grow Your Own Forest of Serenity in the Forests of Pangaia Kickstarter


Has it been a week since I last found a chilled and zen environmentally friendly board game that is up on Kickstarter? My word! It has! The game this week has caught my eye, has already been sealed with the approval of Sunday Board Game Fluffy Sock Sesh. Funded in 5 hours, Forests of Pangaia. A game of strategy where players must grow the magical, fictional forest within the lands of Pangaia. 

Zombicide: Green Horde Free Scenario Available Now


There is a new quest up and ready for us board gamers to dive into and embark on in Zombicide Green Horde. And this week, we are trying to help Berin Jenkins escape from his mental frenzy, and get him into safety. Entitled BERIIIN JENKINS, which out of honour you must say in a LEEROY JENKINS fashion. 

New Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Expansions Coming Soon To Kickstarter


Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid has been an absolute success on the tabletop. With over 10 expansions already released for the mighty morphing board game, continuously introducing new heroes and villains to the game. Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid still stands strong after the initial release in 2019.  Renegade Game Studios are returning to Kickstarter with four brand new expansions, coming next week on June 22nd 2021. 

Vagrant Characters Announced for Wyrd Games’ Vagrantsong


The recently announced board game from Wyrd Games, Vagrantsong was announced a few weeks back, and I and Ben were extremely keen on the new concept. Us board gamers have got to stick together! Inspired by American Folklore and things that go bump in the night, players will cooperatively make their way through scenarios to find their way and escape an eerie ghost train.  There are some new details announced from Wyrd Games, looking at some new characters that will be involved (spoiler alert: there is a dog), on the spooky antics aboard the fearsome ghost train. 

Unboxing: Riot Quest Wintertime Wasteland | Privateer Press

5 days ago 1

We unbox the Wintertime Wasteland one player Starter Set for Riot Quest from the folks at Privateer Press. 

Marc André’s Soul Raiders Heads To Kickstarter 7th July


Marc André, the man behind hit board game Splendor, is coming to Kickstarter on 7th July with an ambitious new project, Soul Raiders. One For All is going to be bringing this one-to-four player cooperative game to the tabletop alongside some amazing artists.

Lucky Duck Reveal Family Twist On Chronicles Board Game Series


Lucky Duck Games are going to be releasing a twist on their Chronicles game series which is suited for kids and families. Kids' Chronicles: Quest For The Moon Stones is set for release later this year.

Portal Games Announces Release Date For Dune: House Secrets


Dune seems to be absolutely everywhere at the moment. Whether it be the Dune board game from Gale Force Nine or Dune Adventures the RPG from Modipihus Entertainment. The sci-fi title is sure popular on the tabletop, and it doesn't stop there.  Portal Games have announced the release date for our new adventures into the Dune universe, with Dune: House Secrets. A 1-4 player cooperative, immersive board game experience. Harnessing skills, players must take on the role of rebels on the sand-covered planet in a hunt for resources and food for survival. 

Hike The National Parks Of The US In Keymaster’s Trails


As frustrating it has been in Lockdown, a new hobby that I have picked up is hiking. I never knew I was so close to so many beautiful places, and it really has made me aspire to find new hiking spots to see the beautiful things around this world we live in.  Coming on the 20th June, Trails by Keymaster Games takes players on a hike across breathtaking nature reserves, locations and national parks that are scattered across the USA. 

Death Roads: All Stars Bloody Racing Game Coming Soon


There is a new games studio that has reared its head, The Knights of Unity have approached the tabletop with a post-apocalyptic, chaotic car racing extravaganza. Entering the board game race track with their debut game Death Roads: All Stars, coming to Kickstarter on 15th July 2021. 

Let’s Play: Coalitions | PHALANX Games

7 days ago 4

Gerry and Justin and joined by the team from PHALANX Games for a Let's Play of their mighty new strategy board game, Coalitions which is coming to Kickstarter soon.

Challenge Friends In A Putrid Duel With Farts & Fairies


When toilet humour meets whimsy, you find a handful of fairies and a wild bunch of wacky characters in the middle who cannot control their backdoor breeze. Farts vs Faries takes players into a fart-fight to the end, by launching and dodging the smelliest of attacks to one another to win the game. The self-published game has landed on Kickstarter, with 17 days to go until it dilutes into the ether. 

Bask In Japan’s Finest Natural Landscapes In Momiji


A popular release from Japanime Games is getting an English translation, partnering up with Deer Games to celebrate the beauty of Autumn amongst the Imperial Garden Japan, Momiji will allow 1-4 players to peacefully collect victory points, whilst calmly creating a zen competitive environment. 

Unboxing: Wild Assent & Shadow Of The Silvestrem Expansion | Lazy Squire Games

7 days ago 2

We unbox Lazy Squire Games' Wild Assent board game and the new expansion for it, Shadow Of The Silvestrem.

Meet The Villains Of FFG’s Descent: Legends Of The Dark


Little teasers have been dropping towards us finding out a lot more about the anticipated release of The Descent: Legends of the Dark board game from Fantasy Flight Games . A few weeks back we got stuck into the heroes of the upcoming title, but this week, we are going to look at the villains who are going to be causing chaos in the upcoming title, set to be released this year. 

Time Travel To The 90s In Overstocked Board Game!


Furbys, Tamagotchis, Yoyos and Beanie Babies were in the pockets and/or shelves of every 90s kiddo. So when I saw that there was a new board game on Kickstarter that incorporates these iconic items in a board game format - I had to check it out!

Tackle Lovecraftian Traitors In FFG’s New Game, Unfathomable


Unfathomable is the new board game coming from Fantasy Flight Games later this year. Set in the Arkham universe, you'll be boarding the SS Atlantica and trying to make sure that it gets to its destination before it's dragged into the deep by Lovecraftian horrors.

Tabletop Drinking Game Heroes Of Barcadia Now On Kickstarter


What I was excited about is the brand new tabletop combination of drinking games and an outright campaign, where your health is determined by the drink that is in your glass. In the fantastical Kickstarter campaign, Heroes of Barcadia by Rollacrit. 

RGS Announces New Horror Card Game, The Hunger!


Looking for a new board game to sink your teeth into? The Hunger is one of the most recent titles to be added to the Renegade Game Studios wonderful hoard of board games. This time, established Magic the Gathering creator Richard Garfield has his fangs deep in the upcoming vampire-themed adventure available to pre-order now. 

Get Ready For Mythic’s 6: Siege – The Board Game This Summer!


Mythic Games are beginning to put together all manner of new previews for 6: Siege - The Board Game, based on the hit Rainbow Six video game by Ubisoft. 6: Siege is lined up for a Kickstarter campaign later this summer as a tense one-on-one shooter.

Imperium Review – Deck-Building An Empire | Osprey Games

2 weeks ago 3

Ben reviews Imperium, the newest deck-builder from Osprey Games which allows you to craft a mighty empire. There is a lot packed into a relatively small box!

Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos In Upcoming Title Die Of The Dead


The incredibly successful Kickstarter last year, Dice of the Dead encapsulated this theme and portrayed the process through carefully planned movements and dice-throwing mechanics. Now the day of release for those who missed out on the Kickstarter has arrived, and players can help and guide souls into our living land. 

Tackle A Hospital’s Front Line In The Grizzled: We Care By CMON


CMON has now released their newest board game as part of The Grizzled series. The Grizzled: We Care puts players in the role of medical doctors and nurses in an attempt to save the hospital whilst overwhelmed with a worldwide pandemic. 

Swap Your Icosahedron For A Perfect Sphere With Orbidice


Do you personalise your game with dice or use generic? My favourite set of dice were gifted to me by a friend. They are lilac (shocker!) with pastel numbers all around. They are what I would call my 'Lucky Dice'. 

Control The Ancient One’s Tentacles & Feed In Sticky Cthulhu


Sticky Chameleons has got a reskin, and this time it has Cthulhu has got its tentacles all wrapped up in the hoarding. Sticky Cthulhu by IELLO has awakened the Ancient One from his slumber and he's looking for a new taste to devour one tentacle at a time. 

Free New Zombicide 2nd Edition Scenario Available Now


It has simply been a short amount of time for players to get themselves immersed in the new release of Zombicide: 2nd Edition and CMON have not been quiet on the scenario front since release day. There has been an abundance of new content making its way over to Zombicide, with free scenarios popping up as quick as a zombie looking for some fresh brains. 

Create Immersive Story-Driven Worlds With Deck Of Worlds


Deck of Worlds is a standalone deck of prompts that is currently up on Kickstarter. And no, I am not writing about a brand new card game with twists and turns. I am writing about a new tool for us creative brains to help us immerse ourselves in our own new worlds at a quicker pace. No need to wait for inspiration to strike and Deck of Worlds has got us covered.

Organise Chaos In New Board Game, Savannah Park


Have you ever visited a wildlife park? Elephants, rhinos and giraffes roam free and the sun sets across the horizon as each animal lives in complete harmony. The upcoming title Savannah Park by Deep Print Games will require players to reorganise chaos in the wild. The animals have lost their way and need a little help and guidance being returned to their families.

Ticket To Ride: Track Switcher A New Solo 3D Train Adventure!


The trainyard is recruiting a manager within the Ticket to Ride universe, as Days of Wonder have collaborated with Mixlore announcing a brand new title for kids and adults alike: in Ticket to Tide: Train Switcher.

Check Out Love Letter: Princess Princess Happily After Edition!


Renegade Games have announced their collaboration with Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O'Neill, where two to six players can battle it out in honour to win the heart of Princess Isadora. In the upcoming title Love Letter: Princess Princess Ever After Edition. 

Wyrd Games Announces New Board Game, Vagrantsong


Wyrd Games has announced their new board game that will be popping up later this year. Vagrantsong is a board game heavily inspired by American folklore and ghost stories and looks a treat when it comes to its design.

Elathain’s Soulraid Comes To Warhammer Underworlds This Week


Elathain's Soulraid is one of the last warbands coming to Games Workshop's Warhammer Underworlds and the current wave of Direchasm releases. This time around you get to play as the Idoneth Deepkin as they seek to drag souls down into their watery domain.

Kittens And Beasts Join The Isle Of Cats On Kickstarter


Are you a cat person? Have a weakness to rescuing cats from peril? Well Isle of Cras will allow you to rescue all of the cats... well not all of the cats - just as many as you can but on a small island. The previous Kickstarter took cat lovers by storm, and now there is a brand new campaign adding new cats and new kittens to the mix with some all-new purrfect expansions on Kickstarter. 

Create Art & Collect Stones In New Game, Mandala Stones


Mandala Stones is set to be released next month, June 2021. This is going to be on my June board game haul, being added to my Sunday zen list for sure.

Climb In Silence With Tranquility: The Ascent Card Game


Fans of the calming and soothing board game Tranquility will be delighted to hear of the sequel coming later this year. Promising a new environment, switching the sea out for a mountain climbing experience. You can share in board-game serenity in a new setting - only to be played in soothing silence with the upcoming title Tranquillity: The Ascent. 

Catan: Treasures, Dragons & Adventures Coming July 2021


There is a new expansion making its way onto the tabletop in July 2021, promising to bring Dragons, Treasure and more adventures into the mix. 

Take Down Tai Lung In Kung Fu Panda: The Board Game


The Legends of Awesomeness are now keen to undergo their next Kung Fu adventure, as players can play as one of the Furious Five or the Dragon Warrior Po in the new board game from Modiphius Entertainment, Kung Fu Panda: The Board Game. 

Chip Theory Games Teases New Elder Scrolls Game For 2022


A very familiar yet obvious symbol appeared on the the Chip Theory Games Twitter page most recently... and it certainly caused a stir and spread like wildfire for all tabletop gamers. 

Netflix’s Army Of The Dead Combines With Zombicide Soon


CMON Games have excitedly announced Army of the Dead: A Zombiecide Game will incorporate the game mechanics and structure that we truly love from Zombiecide, but add a little spice with some Army of the Dead thematic changes. 

Investigate Cold War Stories In Vienna Connection


If you do consider yourself a mastermind, looking into the newly released board game, Vienna Connection by Portal Games would be a good call for you. 

Darrington Press Release Their First Board Game, Uk’otoa!


Darrington Press, the gaming wing of the Critical Role kingdom, has now released its first board game into the world. Uk'otoa, based on Fjord's terrifying deep-sea dwelling patron, is now available for you to snap up from the Critical Role store in the UK, US, Canada and Australia.

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