Let’s Play: DragonStrike | Fighting Hedgehog

April 23, 2024 by avernos

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The clash of dragons arrives on the tabletop as Shay's Metallic sky lizards take on Gerry's Chromatic heroes in a prototype of Fighting Hedgehog's DragonStrike!  The game of aerial combat is based on the classic Dungeons & Dragons themes of servants of good and evil from the novels that shaped the realms we all know and love.


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DragonStrike uses a simple set of game mechanics but with plenty of depth for those dragon riders as you attempt to out think your opponent you have to also not be where they expect and this can lead to coming up with some fun manoeuvres. With the addition of different rider types and equipment and generations of dragons there is a ton of customisation in your list building as well.

The physical game will come with pre-painted miniatures for the dragons and their riders at 1:72 scale plus you'll get loads more scenarios to play. DragonStrike is quick and easy to pick up and play and should be great for those who wished Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing was better!

If you want to take to the skies DragonStrike is live on Kickstarter now!

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